How To Change Battery On Huawei P9

The reasons why you need to flash the tablet, Huawei model x1 smartphone on the Android 4.2 operating system with a capacitive screen, multi-touch. 1920×1200 dpi, are very diverse: when the device completely refuses to turn on, if it spontaneously starts to reboot, you need to restore the software after an unsuccessful installation or just wanted to install the latest firmware version.

Firmware Flashing of smartphones Huawei TALKBAND B2 GOLD, u00 wifi, p10 and other models.

In addition to the topic of firmware on smartphones for android, there is an article review: android phone firmware. It is described in detail, there is a instruction on how to reflash a mobile device on the Android kit kat.

In which cases you should update the firmware of smartphones, tablets, smartphones Huawei model x1 on the operating system Android 4.2 with a capacitive screen, multi-touch. 1920×1200 dpi and for other models:

Download Huawei firmwares, programs, flash drivers and firmware.

The following is a list of required programs and firmware.

Download free firmware for your Huawei phone from your computer.

Searching for software, first of all, you always need to do it on the official website of the electronics manufacturer, there are always the latest and latest firmwares on the phone of the Huawei g7 phone with a color screen, 16.78 million colors, a touch dpi and other models with other characteristics.

Huawei firmware instruction.

How to flash a smartphone correctly. Instrumentation on firmware using the example of the Huawei p9, g7 phone.

How To Change Battery On Huawei P9

Using the links above, we download and unpack all the archives to the local computer disk.

In the smartphone, go to Settings-For the developer and enable debugging via USB.

We connect the USB cable from the phone to the computer and install firmwares.

We disconnect the phone from the computer, turn it off and remove the battery.

We launch the SP Flash Tool program on the computer, it is needed to upload new firmware to the phone.

In the program window, click the Scatter-loading button and in the window that opens, select the file MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt (you can find it in the folder with other files of the new firmware). After opening, the program will spell out all the paths to the files necessary for updating.

Be sure to uncheck the first item. PRELOADER (otherwise the phone will not boot).

Now click on the Download button. We respond to any pop-up messages “Yes”.

We connect the smartphone (using a USB cable) to the computer, the new firmware will begin to fill in our device automatically.

At the end of the process, a window with a green circle will appear. You can disconnect the phone from the PC and turn it on.

For more information on how to do this, see the instruction:

To search for firmware on the Internet, you need to know the model of your phone that you will be flashing. You can quickly find out the phone model and its firmware version by typing the code in the phone # 0000 #.

Instructions for flashing Huawei p9, g7

One more example. Instructions for flashing a mobile phone Huawei p9, g7.

Firmware for Huawei p9, g7 phone: download firmware for

Firmware Huawei p9, g7

1. To update the firmware on Huawei p9, g7 you need to download the firmware from the link above, the bootloader Smart Phone Flash Tool and USB firmware.

2. Turn on the phone, connect the USB cable and install firmware.

3. After installing the firmware, turn off the device.

4. Run the bootloader program “Flash tool.exe”.

5. Click “Download Agent” and select a file “MTK AlllnOne DA.bin” (in the folder with the bootloader).

6. Click “Scatter-loading” and select a file. “MT6573 Android scatter.txt” (in the folder with the firmware).

7. Uncheck “PRELOADER”, click on “Download” and connect the USB cable.

8. After downloading the firmware, the bootloader will show the status of the software installation.

Note: When connecting the phone, the program should see it and start the firmware. If the phone is not detected, disconnect it from the computer, remove and insert the battery and reconnect to the computer

Instructions for flashing Huawei from the mobile version of the site.

And one more example of the firmware of the smartphone Huawei p9, g7. Other phone models are flashed similarly. The main thing is to find the right firmware for your phone model. You can find them on the Internet via Yandex. I can also recommend a good site with firmware

So, the firmware Huawei p9, g7 is taken as an example.

The first thing to do is download the firmware itself. It is presented as an archive in zip format. You do not need to unpack it, since there is a reset to an external storage medium, that is, an SD card.

The next thing to do is turn off the phone and fully charge its battery. After the battery is fully charged, you need to remove the charger and remove the battery, and somewhere in 30-40 seconds put it back into the phone.

Next, press the power button and hold it for 1-2 seconds, while holding down the key, which decreases the volume. These two buttons must be held until the manufacturer’s logo appears on the phone screen. Huawei p9, g7. After that, you need to release the on / off key, but the volume reduction must be held until the Android logo appears. After its appearance, you need to release the volume button and press up once, that is, increase the volume. We use the same button when moving through the menu items, and select the required option by selecting the power key. Select the menu item “apply update from external storage”, then select the archive that was saved to the external storage medium.

Next, we just wait until the installation process is completed. After that, select the menu item “reboot system now”, the phone should reboot.

On this, the firmware of Huawei p9, g7 is completed. As you can see, in the process of installing the operating system on the phone there is nothing difficult and you can do it on your own without resorting to paid services of service centers or self-taught handicraftsmen.

But it should be noted that in case of improper actions when flashing the phone, it can be irreversibly ruined, turned into “brick”. a useless and worthless piece of plastic and iron. Therefore, if you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to entrust the flashing of a mobile phone or tablet to experienced programmers from the electronics repair service.

It is best to download firmware for modern Huawei models from the official website of the phone manufacturer, you can do this by clicking on the link: download

In order to download proprietary software, use the link: official website firmwares. Here is a description of how to find a driver for your phone.

Using the link located above in the text, you can download and read a description of how to make firmware for the android phone Huawei p9, g7 and other models for free. This page contains a review and instructions on how to reflash a smartphone yourself, there is firmware on your phone for free, through the official website.

How to flash Android on a model Huawei P9 phone on an Android 5 platform on a screen with a resolution of 1920×1080, type TFT color, 16.78 million colors, program on a computer Instructions for flashing, download and change the firmware on a phone Huawei watch usb, Mate7 Premium, x1, megaphone U8180, MOBILE BAND B0, p9, g7, Mate S, TALKBAND B2 GOLD, u00 wifi, p10, honor 9, nova 2i 5t, honor 8 lite, mediapad t3, p smart z, m3 lite, ii, honor 3, honor 6a, 6, honor 4, honor 7x, honor 6x, honor 6c, y7, p11 x, 5, t2, v10, l09, vs, 5c, e3372, e8372, gr3, 5a, cun u29, lua l21, hg8245h, p20 , e3372h, 701u, l21, g750 dual sim, play u10, shotx, y5, y330, y550, g620s, 6 black, 5x, y5c u02, 4x, 3c, ascend p7 4g, mediapad t1 1, p6, t1 8.0, g8 , g700, 2 x2, g6, g610, u20, pay, y511, g630, nexus 6p 32gb white, y6, p8 max , plus gold, u8950 16gb, x1, g7, y3, mate 8 30, p6s freebuds 3, u06, 4c, m2 10.0 lte, y541, y300, y600, y625, mini, g600, u8860, g330, w1, u8850, ascend g510, ascend g300, u8815, g500, p1, d1, y200, honor pro, u8230, u8655, u8650 y6, ascend y201 pro, u8110, 10 fhd, mediapad 3g, 7 lite, media pad 10 link, s7, 8gb 3g, ideos s7, y511 u30 wifi, prime y, silver, y360 free through the official website.