How To Care For A Red-Eared Freshwater Turtle

It is actually not at all difficult to take care of the red-eared freshwater turtle, given the fact that they are quite hardy and unpretentious. Special skills and knowledge will not be required from you.

The main thing is not to forget to take into account its natural needs, as, however, when caring for any other pet.

Observing the following recommendations for caring for a red-eared freshwater turtle, your pet will be able to live up to forty years!

Containment conditions for red-eared freshwater turtles

For the normal maintenance of a red-eared freshwater turtle at home, you will need:

How To Care For A Red-Eared Freshwater Turtle
  1. Aquaterrarium.
  2. Artificial island.
  3. UV lamp.
  4. Water filter.
  5. Heater.


Trachemis freshwater turtles need both water, where they spend most of the time, and land, where they warm themselves, taking ultraviolet baths and drying the shell. Accordingly, the aquaterrarium should contain both. In addition, the aquaterrarium for the red-eared freshwater turtles should be quite large, as they like space, with a volume of at least one hundred liters.

The amount of water in the aquaterrarium should exceed the width of the tortoise’s shell, so that in which case it could easily roll over.

How To Care For A Red-Eared Freshwater Turtle

Artificial island.

An artificial island must be present without fail and have a rather gentle and non-slippery rise, you can use a flat stone so that the turtle can easily climb on it.

UV lamp.

A lamp should be located directly above the island so that the turtles can warm up, dry the carapace and get the dose of ultraviolet radiation they need for the normal functioning of the animal’s body.

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Water filter.

The water in the aquaterrarium should be clean constantly and periodically change. Turtles quickly pollute the water, so it is advisable to use a filter. Dirty water can serve as a source of pathogenic bacteria not only for turtles, but also for their owners.

And remember: tap water, before pouring into the aquaterrarium, must be defended for at least 24 hours.


Water, red-eared freshwater turtles, prefer warm. About twenty-five degrees. Therefore, if you think that it is not warm enough, it is recommended to install a heater.

Feeding Red-eared Freshwater Turtles

In food, red-eared freshwater turtles are unpretentious. They eat almost everything: fish, meat, snails, earthworms, dry fish food, plant foods (lettuce, cabbage), and so on.

Feeding young individuals of red-eared freshwater turtles should be done no more than once a day, and adults (from three years). 2-3 times a week, in the amount of food that turtles can eat at a time. Residues of feed must be removed to avoid rapid water contamination.

How to determine the sex of a red-eared freshwater turtle

The sex of the turtle, with confidence, can be determined only in individuals under the age of one year. In the future, it is quite difficult, in fact. at random.

The only difference is that in females of the red-eared freshwater turtle, the cloaca is located further from the tip of the tail than in the male. And one more thing, females are usually larger.

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