How To Care For A Land Tortoise A Little Attention And Care

How To Care For A Land Tortoise A Little Attention And Care

Turtles as pets possess a huge number of pluses. For example, they absolutely do not create noise, as well as smell. Turtles are not carriers of dangerous diseases, undemanding to attention, etc. Caring for a land turtle is simple and does not require daily attention. Below we will talk about how to care for a land tortoise at home.

Tortoise selection

In most cases, newbies start steppe (Central Asian) turtles, since caring for a land tortoise does not require special knowledge, they are the most simple and undemanding in maintenance. The size of an adult turtle reaches 20 cm. From other relatives, it is distinguished by a small rounded shell of yellow-brown color with brown spots.

Before you think about caring for a land tortoise, you should find out to which mind she belongs. For example, Central Asian turtles are active in the morning and evening hours, and prefer to sleep day and night, hiding under stones, snags of trees or in burrows that they dig themselves or take from rodents. This means that in captivity the turtles must have exactly the same living conditions as in nature.

The Central Asian tortoise runs into hibernation: winter and summer. In the summer, the animal prefers to sleep in order to save itself from overheating and lack of food, and in winter from the latter and from the cold. Do not worry right away if the animal does not hibernate at home: in the terrarium, it has enough food, and the cold does not threaten it at all.

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Land tortoise in the terrarium

One and the most serious mistake in the maintenance and care of a land tortoise is that some owners allow their turtle live on the floor. This cannot be done! Such actions can bring the following to the turtle:

The turtle must live strictly in the terrarium!

How To Care For A Land Tortoise A Little Attention And Care

Dimensions and arrangement of the terrarium

Terrarium for one or two individuals must be horizontal, approximate dimensions – 50 x 40 x 30 cm. Most people are mistaken when they think that these reptiles are very slow. In fact, the terrarium of turtles should be quite free, so that the animal can easily move in it. Do not clutter the terrarium with extra sticks and branches.

A mixture of sand with clay 4-5 cm thick is poured at the bottom of the terrarium. In no case should you take sand from the nearest construction site or sandbox, so you can probably bring any infection into the terrarium.

Temperature and lighting

An important role in the care of a land tortoise temperature in the terrarium. Support it with an incandescent lamp of 75 watts. It is installed at a height of 20-30 cm from the bottom. Lighted with a fluorescent lamp. During the day, the temperature in the terrarium should be 28-30 ° C in the shade, under the lamp – 36-38 ° C.

Once a week you can arrange a turtle bath day putting in a terrarium a bowl of water (water temperature 21-25 ° C), the level of which should be on the neck of the reptile.

Feeding a tortoise

In the warm season, 2/3 of the diet of the turtle should be greenery:

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1/3 are fruits and vegetables, they are given alternating after 2-3 feeding. In winter, 2/3 of the diet should be steamed hay, and the rest should be fresh vegetables and fruits.

Turtles should be fed once a day, and despite the fact that reptiles get a huge amount of moisture, a drinking bowl with fresh water should always be present in the terrarium.

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