How to cancel payment for an iPhone subscription

Via iTunes

Let’s start with the most common way. It’s about working with “iTunes”. This application allows you to manage Apple devices and work with their software.

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How do I turn off my iPhone subscription? You can do it something like this:

  • Download and install iTunes on your computer. It is important that version 12.2.0 is installed.
  • Launch the application.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Pass authorization using “Apple ID”.
  • In the window that appears, scroll through the information almost to the very end. You need to stop at the “Settings” section.
  • Select “Manage” next to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the image of the desired subscription.
  • Read the parameters. Here you need to set the “Off” parameter. opposite “Auto-renewal”. Or click on the “Unsubscribe” button.
  • Click on “Finish”.

That’s all. From now on, it is clear how to disable the subscription to the “iPhone”. This trick works 100% with all Apple devices. This instruction works on both Windows and MacOS. It’s just that in the second case, it is possible that the latest version of iTunes will already be installed on the computer.

Instagram and iPhone

Now it is clear how to turn off the subscription to “iPhone” in one case or another. The main thing is to have an internet connection and an AppleID. Without the latter, a person has no chance of using paid services.

Modern users work with Instagram quite often. How can you exclude a lot of followers from a social network via iPhone? It is proposed to do this using the FollowMeter program. To some extent, this task is also unsubscribing.

  • Download and Install FollowMeter for iPhone.
  • Run the program.
  • Pass authorization in it using the login and password from the social network “Instagram”.
  • Press the Following button.
  • Remove each unnecessary subscriber using the corresponding button.

Done! Just a few minutes. and the Instagram profile has been cleared of unnecessary subscriptions. precisely, from subscribers. There is nothing incomprehensible or difficult about this!

How to cancel an app subscription on iPhone to avoid automatic billing

Apple Music

Often, the owners of “apple” devices are interested in disabling Apple Music. This is a service that is somewhat reminiscent of Yandex.Music. You will have to pay to use the subscription.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone or iPad (2018)

How to turn off subscriptions on “iPhone 5” or any other? Disconnecting Apple Music is best done through a mobile phone. This will require:

  • Open the “Music” section in the main menu of the gadget.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi.
  • In the upper left corner of the application, click on your profile picture.
  • Find and click on the line “View AppleID”.
  • Select “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Mark the position of the pointer as “Off” in the item “Auto-renewal”.
  • Click on the “Turn off” button.

Everything is extremely simple and straightforward. From now on, it is clear how to disable the Yandex. Music subscription on the iPhone. And how can you refuse most other paid services too? But that’s not all.

Refusal from news

There is a paid service like Apple News. Sometimes you also want to give it up. To do this, you will have to act differently. How exactly? How to turn off an “iPhone” subscription called Apple News?

  • Go to the main menu of the device and click on “Settings”.
  • Visit the “General” section, go to “Content Updates”.
  • Find the application you want.
  • Move the slider to the “Off” position. At the same time, a red light should light up next to.

Usually nothing else is needed. The steps listed will help you turn off Apple News. If desired, in the “Content update” section, you can stop the auto-update of some programs. But, as practice shows, this step is usually not needed.

How to turn off your iPhone subscription: top tips

Paid services on mobile devices are often a hassle. The user may not have used them for a long time, but the money will still be debited from the phone account. This is not the best thing. Especially when it comes to the so-called subscription services. Some of them are free for the first time (a month or longer). And then they suddenly demand payment. over. write off funds for use on their own. That is why many are wondering how to turn off the subscription to the “iPhone“. What secrets will help bring your idea to life?

AppStore Subscriptions

Now a little about how to act if you only have a phone at hand. You can unsubscribe from paid iPhone subscriptions without additional software. It’s enough just to have an internet connection.

How do I turn off iPhone 6 subscriptions? For example, in the AppStore. Actions are reduced to the following steps:

  • Launch Smartphone.
  • Open the main menu and go to “Settings”.
  • Go to the “iTunes and AppStore” section.
  • Click on your profile. If necessary, go through authorization in it.
  • Connect to the internet. Better to do it in advance.
  • Find and go to “Subscriptions”.
  • Click on the “Manage” button.
  • Move the switch to the “Off” position in the “Auto-renewal” section.
  • Save changes.

As a rule, this is how paid subscriptions in the AppStore are disabled. Select a specific item, a person can refuse one or another paid service. But such an operation is best done using a computer.

How to view / disable paid subscriptions on iPhone?

The title sounds exactly like this, because both actions will be available to you when the required instruction is executed.

There are two ways to unsubscribe from an app in the App Store. Both lead to the same point, just slightly different from each other.

How to cancel paid iPhone subscriptions?

If earlier, using paid services was a little unusual, now it is becoming the norm and many people subscribe to music, films, books and other things. For example, you can name Apple Music, Netflix, etc.

In general, the subscription goes to the application and for a certain fee per month, you get content or a set of functions. But it happens that you want to cancel a paid subscription and given the logic of the iPhone, it is not always possible to find the desired item the first time.

The process of deactivating any paid subscription is quite simple and doesn’t take much of your time. An example of a solution to this problem will be made on iOS 11.3. I think in future versions everything will be the same.

Removing Paid iPhone Subscriptions via Settings

  • go to Settings and click on your name;
  • select the iTunes Store and App Store;
  • the first line will contain your Apple ID, and press it;
  • from the menu that appears, click on View Apple ID;
  • find the Subscriptions item below;
  • select the desired subscription that you want to disable (for example, I took Apple Music);
  • at the bottom, click Unsubscribe.

As it is written below, the already paid period, the service will still work, but then it will simply no longer automatically withdraw money from your account.


Unsubscribe from a paid iPhone subscription via the App Store

Well, the second method, which also has a right to exist:

  • go to the App Store application;
  • in the upper right corner we find the account icon;
  • click on the name;
  • again we are looking for the Subscriptions item;
  • choose a subscription you want to unsubscribe from;
  • Unsubscribe.

Based on the number of steps, the second method for deleting a subscription via the App Store will be a little faster. The most important thing is that you can achieve the desired result, but choose the method at your discretion.

Canceling a paid app subscription

The main difficulty for iPhone owners arises with the search for the function to delete unnecessary subscriptions, since it is not in sight: the creators of the smartphone clearly wanted to confuse the unlucky user so that he changes his mind and keeps the application on the smartphone as long as possible. But there is nothing complicated here. To find out iPhone subscriptions, follow the algorithm:

  • Go to settings, click on your account and go to the iTunes Store and App Store.
  • Go to your Apple ID at the top of the menu.
  • Select View. Enter your Apple ID and password or use Touch ID to log in.
  • Click on the link “Subscriptions”.
  • Select the subscription you want to unsubscribe from.

You can either completely cancel a paid iPhone subscription or make changes to the current mode of using a particular application or service. If canceled, the paid subscription will expire at the end of the free trial or paid period.

What is a “paid subscription

There are certain applications and services in the App Store that provide access to their content or its hidden parts by subscription. Unlike the one-time purchase of various electronic products, the subscription is renewed automatically after certain periods. usually once a month. These renewable subscriptions include:

  • Apple News.
  • e-books, movie services;
  • Apple Music and Yandex.Music;
  • entertainment Internet services (Netflix, Spotify and others);
  • photo editors, etc.

Such products remain free for one month and then automatically renew for the same period. In addition, various applications, especially games, offer users useful services and opportunities, for example, purchase in-game currency, expand the list of available functions, remove pop-up ads, etc. If you do not cancel your paid iPhone subscription in time, you will not be able to avoid the next financial costs.

Canceling your iTunes subscription

Termination of further use of certain services is also available in iTunes. Try this alternative solution to the problem with paid subscriptions:

  • Launch iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your password or tap Touch ID for identification.
  • Find the “Settings” section on the account information page.
  • Click on the Manage link next to Subscriptions.
  • Find the subscription you want to remove and select “Change” next to it.

As with the previous method, you can change the terms of service or unsubscribe entirely. And again, in the latter case, the service will expire at the end of the paid period.

Remove iCloud and iTunes Match subscription

Paid subscriptions to iCloud services and iTunes Match do not follow the standard algorithm, although these services are provided by Apple. Often, users accidentally activate a paid subscription that provides additional storage space for photos or other files on a cloud service online. If you want to opt out of providing additional storage space in iCloud:

  • Go to settings.
  • Open the “iCloud” section.
  • Specify the path to the iCloud storage.
  • Click Change Current Plan.
  • Choose the appropriate service setting.

The operation to cancel a paid subscription on a personal computer is performed in a similar way, with a noticeable difference only in some of the settings. On a Mac, launch System Preferences and click the iCloud icon, and on a Windows operating system, launch iCloud and configure the Storage option.

Termination of your iTunes Match subscription is as follows:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Expand the “Account” menu and select “View”.
  • Enter your Apple ID.
  • Find the iTunes section in the cloud.
  • Specify “Disable Automatic Updates”.

Removing other paid subscriptions

If the money for the subscription continues to be withdrawn from your account, but it is not displayed in the settings, this means that you have issued it directly with the mobile operator. In this case, in order to cancel a paid subscription for iPhone, you need to contact Support or use your personal account via an Internet browser on a computer or smartphone.

Carefully study the list of connected services and subscriptions and find out if there are paid ones among them. Check the available options and, if necessary, disable unnecessary services. Usually, each operator also provides the ability to disable subscriptions and services through special USSD or SMS commands. In addition, you can always visit the nearest operator’s office to solve any problems.

If you suspect that you have become a victim of scammers, for example, you have accidentally installed a suspicious application or connected an unwanted SPAM subscription, you can try to return the debited money. To do this, write a letter to Support Apple (in English) on the company’s official website or submit a similar request to your mobile provider.

What to do if you are unable to view your subscription

If, for some reason, you cannot view the subscription on your iPhone, then the following factors may be to blame:

  • When you use Family Sharing, the Sharing Organizer does not manage the subscriptions of other family members;
  • You signed in with a different Apple ID when you signed up.

If you still cannot access the problematic subscription, it is recommended to contact Apple support https://support.Apple.com/ru-ru/contact, for help in this matter.

Remove paid iPhone subscription

Follow these steps to remove a paid iPhone subscription:

  • Go to the gadget settings;
  • There select your name and then tap on “iTunes Store and App Store”;
  • Click on your “Apple ID”.identifier at the top of the screen;
  • In the appeared me click on “View Apple ID”;
  • Then select “Subscriptions”;
  • In the list of subscriptions, select the required paid subscription;
  • Tap on “Unsubscribe”, or decide on its alternative (if available) option.
  • At the same time, remember that if you cancel a subscription to a paid program, its validity period will end at the end of the period you paid for earlier, and the money debited for the previous subscription periods will not be refunded.

    If you are charged for a subscription, and at the same time you did not find it in the list of existing subscriptions, then it is quite possible that the money is withdrawn from you not by Apple, but by an intermediary. This often happens in a situation where you subscribed to the specified non-free program from your provider, and not through “iTunes”. In this case, you should contact the developers or publishers of this program for help, for example, log in to the program developer’s website using the ID and password you created earlier to work with the specified program (they may differ from the Apple ID you are using)

    Also, to view your existing subscriptions, you can use the link provided https://buy.iTunes.Apple.com/WebObjects/MZFinance.woa/wa/DirectAction/manageSubscriptions.

    Features of Paid iPhone Subscription

    In quite a few cases, a person uses a paid subscription in the iPhone by accident, without reading the corresponding notification when installing (launching) any program. Usually, this notification informs about the initially free period of using the product, with the subsequent automatic activation of the already paid functionality.

    Having found a withdrawal from his account, the user rushes to delete the paid program, which just should not be done. Mechanical removal of the program does not in any way affect the continuation of the paid subscription, and at the end of the next calendar period, the next payment will be debited from the user account again.

    Among the auto-renewing paid subscriptions for iPhone, the following are worth highlighting:

    How do you get rid of these and similar subscriptions to a paid program? Let’s figure it out.

    How to cancel your iPhone subscription to a paid program

    Some users of Apple smartphones may find that funds are being withdrawn from their account for a paid subscription to any program that was launched by this user earlier. At the same time, the user himself does not know what are the conditions for canceling this subscription, and what needs to be done for this. This material is intended to help such users, below I will tell you in detail how to unsubscribe from a paid application on an iPhone, and what are the features of such cancellation.

    To cancel a paid subscription to any software on the iPhone, you must use the step-by-step algorithm described by me just above. If you can’t opt ​​out of a paid subscription, and the tips listed in this article are not effective, we recommend that you contact Apple technical support for assistance and assistance in this matter.

    App Store

    Mac owners can find iTunes-like functionality in the App Store.

    • On the main page, under the icons of the most popular programs, there is a “Quick Links” area. Click on the item “Account”.
    • The menu that opens has a slightly different structure than in iTunes. The link we need to paid services is in the “Management” block.

    How to cancel your iPhone subscription

    Paid access to advanced features is one of the most popular monetization principles in the App Store. There is no need for developers to maintain two versions at the same time. The basic functionality of the program is available to users free of charge, and the advanced functions are available by subscription. Since new apps are constantly being released, over time, a previously made purchase can become irrelevant. The user can choose another, better suited to his tasks, or a cheaper option. In order not to uselessly spend money, you need to know how to cancel a subscription to a paid program on an iPhone.

    Cancellation of subscription

    App Store policies allow the user to unsubscribe from any previously purchased subscription. At the same time, unlike a one-time purchase, no refunds are made for the paid period. For example, you purchased monthly access on the 1st, and on the 15th you decided that there was no need to use the advanced functionality of the installed software. By canceling it, you will still use the full version until the end of the month.


    You can order or cancel a purchased subscription right on your smartphone.

    • At the top of the screen is a hyperlink with your Apple ID. Click on it to access the parameters. On iPhone 4 and 5, you’ll need to enter a passcode to do this. On newer models such as the SE, 6, 7, or 8, you can use the Touch ID fingerprint reader instead. The most advanced iPhone X uses Face ID to gain access to basic settings. According to the leaks, it can be assumed that all Apple smartphones of 2018 will be equipped with it, including the CE 2 expected by many.
    • After confirming the right to access the protected section on iOS 10 or 11, we will see a pop-up menu. The top item is for changing the settings for your Apple ID account.
    • We are looking for the section indicated by the frame in the screenshot.
    • Here are collected all the paid services that are used with this account. Select the one from which we want to unsubscribe from the list.
    • In the extended control menu, we see the validity period and the cost of services. To disable them, click on the highlighted item. The date of which the prepaid period ends is indicated under it. Until it occurs, you can continue to use the full version of the program.
    • The boxed item will open the iOS protected area in which the subscription management is located.

    Apple Music

    Many iPhone owners listen to music using Apple Music’s proprietary streaming service. The company provides its users with a trial period of three months, after which it is expected to switch to one of the paid options.

    • You can check the current state of the service directly in the application of the same name. We open the personalized area “For you”. Click on the stylized user icon.
    • Once in the parameter block, we go down to the bottom of the screen. The item marked in the screenshot will take us to the advanced access control menu discussed above.

    As you can see, it is quite easy to opt out of paid use of advanced software features on the iPhone. This can be done in any program from which the transition to managing account settings opens.


    Cancellation of the use of the service paid for in the App Store can be done from any computer on which iTunes is installed.

    • We open the program in the control area by selecting the “Store” tab. In the right part of the window, we find the item “Account”.
    • We enter your Apple ID confirming the right to use it with a password.
    • We go down to the very end of the parameter list. In the “Settings” block, we see an item marked with a frame with the number of paid services used in the accounting. Opposite it, an arrow indicates a hyperlink to the control section.
    • The menu is almost identical to the one discussed on iOS. Opposite each application there is a link labeled “Change”.
    • Having chosen a program that is no longer relevant for us, we press the button indicated in the screenshot.

    How to cancel a subscription from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

    When a bank card is suddenly charged for paying for a subscription to an application in the App Store, many people often frantically start looking for where they can cancel their subscription in order to avoid this in the future (usually the user simply forgets to do it in time). Viewing and canceling subscriptions made in the App Store on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch takes place in the Settings application. Click on the “gear” icon on the screen of your iPhone and follow our instructions.

    First go to the device settings, scroll to the “iTunes & App Store” section, open it, click on your Apple ID. “View Apple ID”.

    After entering your password, fingerprint or Face ID, you will have access to the “Subscriptions” menu. You just need to open it to see all your active subscriptions made through the App Store, including Apple Music. To cancel a subscription (or, conversely, to subscribe), just select the desired.

    If you know how to do this, it takes less than one minute to cancel your subscription. But this action can save several hundred .

    Longreads for you

    Spotify works in Russia not so long ago, but this did not prevent him from getting ahead of Apple Music in popularity. Last but not least, this was influenced by the availability of a free plan.

    It is generally accepted that iOS does not have a built-in counter of the charging cycles that the iPhone has gone through. But this is not the case. You just need to look better

    pisses you off too; clutter on your computer desktop? All these endless shortcuts and folders. On Mac, there is a very simple way to deal with this problem. here’s how.

    If you sign up for a trial (free) subscription for a week with subsequent automatic renewal (paid), but do not plan to use the service for money, you do not have to wait for the end of the week to cancel it!

    Cancel immediately. there will be no automatic paid renewal, but the free week will remain.

    This way you don’t risk forgetting about the cancellation. And if you like the service. no one forbids subscribing at any time.

    Canceling an iPhone subscription

    Application settings

    All apps offer an unsubscribe feature in their settings. Sometimes this section is very difficult to find and not all users succeed. Let’s see how to solve our problem using YouTube Music on iPhone as an example. Usually, the sequence of actions in different programs is almost the same. In addition, on the iPhone, after going to the user settings, it will still be transferred to the standard App Store settings, which are described in Method 1.

      Open the app and go to your account settings.

    Click Subscribe to Music Premium.

    Find the YouTube Music section in the list of services and click on “Manage”.

    In the menu that opens, select “Set up subscriptions on Apple devices.” The user will be transferred to the iTunes and App Store settings.

  • Then repeat steps 5-6 from Method 1, choosing now the application you need (YouTube Music).
  • ITunes Store and App Store settings

    Find the line “iTunes Store and App Store” and click on it.

    Select your “Apple ID”. “View Apple ID”. Confirm the action by entering a password or fingerprint.

    See what active subscriptions this account has. Select the one you want to cancel and click on it. In our case, this is Apple Music.

    In the window that opens, click on “Unsubscribe” and confirm your choice. Please note that if you delete a subscription before the end of its validity (for example, before 02/28/2019), then the remaining time until this date, the user can use the application with a full range of functions.

    Canceling an iPhone subscription

    The App Store today offers its customers a lot of different content for downloading: music, films, books, applications. Sometimes, some of the latter have an extended set of features for an additional fee, a subscription to which is often purchased by a person. But how can you refuse this later if the user stopped using the application or does not want to pay further?

    How To Cancel UNWANTED iPhone and iPad App Subscriptions. STOP PAYING Every Month.


    You can deactivate a subscription to any application using a PC and iTunes. This program can be downloaded from the official Apple website. It is easy to learn and will help you check and change the number of invoices from applications on your account. The following article describes exactly how to do this by steps.

    Subscribing in an iPhone application gives you more tools and opportunities to work with it. However, some users may not like the design or interface, or just want to unsubscribe, which can be done from both smartphone and PC.

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