How To Cancel iOS 12 Update

Apple’s policy regarding operating system updates is clear and simple. For security reasons, any update, regardless of the number of innovations, must be installed on all compatible devices. Only in this way, according to developers, it will be possible to avoid fragmentation and protect users from all sorts of vulnerabilities. But there are times when you want to avoid the update. This is possible even if the process has already begun.

How To Cancel iOS 12 Update

You can cancel the update process at any time during the download phase. If the download has already been completed, and the installation status indicator appears on the screen, it will not be possible to prevent it.

How to prevent iOS update downloads

To stop the download of the update and thereby prevent its unintentional installation in the future, you need to check at what stage the update process is.

  • To do this, go to “Settings”. “General”. “Software Update“. There you will see the characteristic inscription “Loading.”;
  • Now return to the “Basic” and go to the “Storage” section;
  • Scroll down the list of installed applications until you find the update tab;
  • Open it, and then click Uninstall Update.

Now, when you return to the section with updates, you will see that the current build of iOS is not yet loaded.

How to permanently disable iOS update

If necessary, you can permanently block operating system updates.

  • To do this, download the active tvOS 12.1.2 beta profile from here to the device (yes, it’s tvOS!);
  • Confirm installation;
  • Wait for reboot;

And then go to the “Software Update” section and make sure that the system no longer offers you updates, saying that you have the most current version installed. Of course, to understand that the trick worked, you can only if your device is running one of the previous OS builds.

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