How to Bypass Phone Telegram Lock

How to bypass Telegram lock on phone and computer? Most likely you are aware that Roskomnadzor intends to block access to one of the most popular instant messengers Telegram. The situation is critical so far only for Russia, in other countries problems with the application should not arise. In this article, we will consider some of the simplest ways to circumvent such prohibitions.

How to Bypass Phone Telegram Lock

Special bot

A bot was created by enthusiasts who will do all the work for you. It is enough to find it through the search bar, indicating the name:

Next, click on the “Start” button or send the appropriate command:

Then you will receive a link in the message, clicking on which you can automatically apply changes to the program settings. It is advisable to perform a similar procedure on each of the devices with Telegram installed.

Helper site

The resource was created with the support of a business coach who teaches people how to make money on Telegram channels. He is not interested in losing the audience, so he offers to follow the link and click on the big blue button of the logo.

Or, make manual changes to the PC version:

  • Go to settings;
  • We are looking for advanced options where there is an option “Connection Type”;
  • You must select the option “TCP with non-standard proxy.” and write the values ​​below, as shown in the following screenshot:

On mobile devices, the interface and layout of elements is different. You should open the “Data and disk” section, then go to the “Proxy” at the very bottom, where the necessary data is indicated. The algorithm is relevant for both Android devices and iPhone / iPad.

Useful content:

VPN services

The disadvantage of the previous solution (via Proxy) is not only the limitation of the Internet connection speed, but also the lack of user anonymity. If this moment is extremely important for you, then you should give preference to the method. VPN.

There are many applications for both PC and mobile gadgets. I talked about them in detail in an article about unlocking by provider.

How to bypass Telegram lock on Android and on iPhone? We use the following applications (officially download from Google Play, and in parentheses is a link to the application in iTunes):

  • Opera VPN (iOS);
  • Onavo Protect (for iPhone);
  • Turbo VPN;
  • VPN Master
  • CyberGhost (for Apple phones).

With what we will bypass telegram blocking on the computer?

Here are a few options:

  • If you use the Web version of the program for communication, it will be enough to install any browser extension of the VPN. For Google Chrome, I recommend Frigate:

Opera is already equipped with a built-in VPN client, which turns on in seconds (that’s just the speed “cuts” strongly. almost 10 times).

You can also use prohibited resources through the Tor browser. It contains all the necessary modules.

  • If you use the desktop version of the utility, then it is best to resort to the first two methods described in the article. Or install free VPNs to choose from: Hola, TunnelBear, OpenVPN.

Telegram removed from Google Play / AppStore. how to install?

Suddenly the software will be permanently deleted (which is unlikely), then you will have to download the APK file for Android from the Telegram website or other resources, like Trashbox, When these pages do not open for you due to the ban of Roskomnadzor, it’s enough to use anonymizer /VPN.

How will it end, what will happen after the lock?

In April 2018, a similar fate overtook Zello walkie-talkie and a few other utilities for secure communication. But people continue to use them using the methods described in this publication. In addition, the programs remained in Google Play and AppStore. We are sure that with the messenger Pavel Durov will be the same.

So we figured out how to get around Telegram blocking on the computer and phone. Everything is extremely simple. If you find out a new solution, please share it in the comments.