How to Broadcast From Phone To Smart TV

How to Broadcast From Phone To Smart TV

I decided to write instructions for setting up DLNA technology between a smartphone (tablet) and a TV in a separate article. In this article # 128578;

What are we going to do? We will view photos ands stored on your smartphone on the TV screen. Agree, it is very convenient! You took some cool photos, or shot a, came home and without any cables, with a few buttons, watch these photos on your TV. Here they are, the technology!

What do we need?

  • Well, first of all, a TV that supports DLNA technology. If the TV has the ability to connect to the network via cable, or via WI-Fi, then most likely it supports this technology. I will show on the example of the TV LG 32LN575U with smart tv.
  • A phone, smartphone, tablet that also supports DLNA. Almost all modern devices support it. For example, I will have HTC One V on Android 4.0.
  • Android App. Bubbleupnp. It’s not obligatory. It will be possible to broadcast and standard means.

It is necessary that the TV and smartphone are connected to the same network (to the same router).

The TV can be connected both via Wi-Fi and a network cable.

If you don’t have a network at home, you can establish a direct connection using Wi-Fi Direct technology. But in this case, the TV must have Wi-Fi.

If your TV supports Intel WiDi / Miracast technology, then you can display the image through the air from your smartphone or tablet according to this instruction /. Provided that the device supports the “Wireless Screen.”

We transmit photos ands from a smartphone to a TV

The TV must be turned on and connected to the network.

There are many programs that help broadcast media content using DLNA technology. But the standard gallery in HTC also does not cope badly with this.

In the list of programs on the smartphone, launch the gallery.

For example, open the first photo, click on the button “Yet” and “Select a player”.

Our TV should appear in the list. We select it.

At this point, a photo should appear on the TV (you do not need to include anything). You can flip a photo on the phone and it will automatically be displayed on the TV. Like this (sorry for the quality of the photo):

The photo above conveys the essence of what we do.

To stop the broadcast, just click the close button (in the upper right corner of the screen). Understand :).

Configuring DLNA with the BubbleUPnP App

This could finish the article, but not all have smartphones from HTC. But I think that other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Sony, LG on smartphones also have a standard function that allows you to broadcast media content via DLNA. If I’m not mistaken, then in LG this is the Smart Share application.

I will also show an example application Bubbleupnp, by setting which, you can do everything that I already wrote about above.

We launch the application and immediately select the tab from the bottom DeviceS and put a mark near our TV.

Now go to the tab LIBRARY. We open the corresponding folder (video, music, photo), then we tear off the folder in which our photos (or other content) are stored and just open any photo or.

The picture will immediately appear on the TV. This program has many different settings and functions, I showed only the main thing. The only thing I didn’t like was the speed of the appearance of the photograph on the TV. When I opened through the standard gallery, everything worked somehow faster.

That’s all! If you have problems, then write, we will try to solve them together. Good luck!