How to broadcast from phone to iPhone TV

“Repeat of the screen” on the iPhone: what is it, how to turn on and duplicate the screen on the TV and computer

Hello! Today we will disassemble duplication or repeat iPhone screen on TV, PC and Apple TV. Immediately let’s note the two possibilities to use the content of the smartphone:

  • DLNA is a specialized technology that allows you to watch any content recorded on your smartphone through a local network. This can be done using special applications. But at the same time there is not complete duplication. In fact you will open photos, videos or music on the second device from the phone. That is, such a thing works only with media content.
  • Airplay. A technology that belongs to Apple purely. With its help, you can quickly start the broadcast from the mobile phone screen to your TV. Something similar is Miracast, but it works most often only with apple products. In this case, there is a full project by the mobile phone screen on the second device. For example, on a TV or computer.

I will analyze both of these methods in the article. If you have any questions, then write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Types of connection

The possibilities of modern technology are limitless. Technologies do not stand still. A few years ago, it was problematic to even look at the edge of the eye a photo before its manifestation, but today this is not enough. When buying expensive electrical engineering or gadgets, a person wants to use it to the whole coil. Often viewing on the big screen leaves a stronger impressions.

To begin with, it is worth noting that not the entire technique is compatible. For normal functioning, the smartphone should be older than 2 generation, that is, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, Se, 7, 8, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro, 11 Pro. Max. Accordingly, the television device should not be Soviet production. That is, must support HDMI, Wi-Fi, and T. D.

There are two main types of iPhone binding to TV, in which the contents of the screen are broadcast to the monitor:

The first refers to the connection using the HDMI cable, analog cord, “tulips” or the Lightning wire from Apple.

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The second type includes the unification through the Wi-Fi network, as well as through the AirPlay wireless application.

Using the prefix

Apple TV is a full-fledged home media server that allows you to combine all the “apple” products. The modern gadget in the priority supports work with a wireless connection.

To convey a video from the iPhone to the TV you need:

  • Turn on TV and prefix.
  • Connect all the necessary devices to one wireless network. Connection with one Wi-Fi is a prerequisite without which nothing will work out. You can organize an access point using a TP-Link router or an analogue from another manufacturer.
  • On the iPhone, activate the AirPlay function (by default it is in the “drawer” on the main screen). Now you can duplicate any content.

The downside of this method is the high cost of equipment and the inaccessibility of many services in the CIS countries.

Connection to the TV for playback

In order for the described in the instructions it is possible, the TV must be connected to the same wireless network (in addition to the router) as your iPhone (TV can also be connected by Lan wire).

If the router is absent, the iPhone can be connected to the Wi-Fi Direct TV (most TV with support for the wireless network support Wi-Fi Direct). To connect, it is usually enough to go to the iPhone in the settings-Wi-Fi, find a network with your TV name and connect to it (the TV should be turned on). The network password can be viewed in the Wi-Fi Direct connection settings (where there are other connections settings, sometimes you need to select a manual settings of the function) on TV itself.

How to connect iPhone to LG TV

You can connect the iPhone to the LG TV in several ways. It depends on the model of your TV and on what purposes you connect a smartphone.

All LG Smart TV are equipped with a Wi-Fi module-this is how the iPhone is easiest to connect.

  • Install the LG Smart the TV free.
  • Install the Twonky Beam application on the device with iOS.
  • Mark in the application the item “Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen”.
  • Select a video file that you want to display from a smartphone to a large screen of the LG TV.
  • Reproduction will begin after the inscription “Beaming”

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The IMediaShare application can be an alternative.

It is not difficult to connect the iPhone to the USB input of the LG TV-you will need only the iPhone cable on the USB. In this case, the device will also be charged from the TV! But with such a connection, IPhone can only be used as a drive. You can view videos and photos saved in your memory, but do not transmit a live broadcast of a football match or video call from Skype.

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If you have a special adapter for a smartphone, you can connect it to the LG TV directly HDMI cable. The adapter for the iPhone with an old connector is called Digital AV Adapter, for the iPhone 5 and new need AV Adapter Lightning. Connect the HDMI cable devices-after that the connection must occur automatically. If this does not happen, activate HDMI as a signal source on the TV.

Connection through another standard

If you use the outdated LG TV model, which is not equipped with an HDMI input, you can still transmit videos from the iPhone-to the composite input. To do this, you need a USB AV cable (iPhone 4 and older) or VGA Lightning adapter (for iPhone 5).

In addition, you can connect the iPhone to the LG TV through special consoles. Google Chromecast or Apple TV.

Apple TV

The most functional way of pairing TVs, Samsung, LG and other brands with an apple phone, will be the use of the Apple TV SMART setup. It will allow you to connect any TV (even without Smart TV) with all Apple devices via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. With its help you can go online, watch movies, get access to Apple TV.

  • Connect the Apple TV console with the TV using HDMI cable.
  • Turn on both devices, draw pictures from the HDMI source on the TV.
  • Connect Apple TV Connection to a wireless home wi-fi network.
  • You also connect your iPhone to home Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the iPhone control point (a swing down from the right upper edge of the screen or a swing up from the lower edge of the screen) and click the “repeat of the screen”.

The proportions of the screen at the first mating will be preserved. For deployment for the entire screen, it is necessary to change the scale or ratio of the parties in the TV settings.

broadcast, phone, iphone

Connection using HDMI cable

The main advantage of the HDMI-intense is the ability to broadcast from a smartphone to a television screen, a selected image of high quality (from Full HD to Ultra HD 8K). In the case of old gadgets under the control of iOS, only photos and video files can be displayed on a large display.

broadcast, phone, iphone

To connect the smartphone and Samsung TV, you will need an HDMI cable and a special adapter of Apple Digital AV Adaptor. If the first accessory can be found in every store, then with the second everything is not so simple. The corporate adapter costs a lot of money and is not sold for every retailer. At the same time, cheap analogues from China can give hardware failures or not at all supported by an apple device.

Having bought an adapter for a couple of hundred, the user at any time risks receiving a notification from the operating system that “this accessory is not supported by your device”, after which the broadcast of the media file will be interrupted.

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How to Mirror iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

The procedure for connecting devices to each other will not take much time: you need to connect the iPhone and TV using an HDMI cable and select the corresponding signal source in the Smart-TV settings. After a few seconds, duplication of the screen of the mobile gadget will begin.

The capabilities of Chromecast

This is a gadget from the Google search giant, which also provides the possibility of transmitting streaming videos and other information from mobile devices on the TV screen TV. In some plan, he can compete with Apple TV. Has support for popular Internet services. This is a small device, the size of no more than an ordinary flash drive, which is inserted into the HDMI connector and provides information through the wireless connection of Wi-Fi. Connection is carried out similarly to the previously considered method of transmitting multimedia content via DLNA.

Ways how to display the video and other multimedia content from iPhone to TV, several. They differ among themselves by the need for different additional equipment and certain characteristics of the devices used. Depending on these criteria, the most optimal option for synchronization of a mobile phone and TV is selected for transmitting data between them.

broadcast, phone, iphone

Additional broadcast opportunities

In addition to the methods described above, you can:

  • Use the Lightning adapter. HDMI to transmit the image using HDMI.
  • Connect the iPhone on the USB to the TV (and allow access to the media on the phone) to watch photos and videos from the phone on TV.
  • Use iPhone applications such as TV Assist (available in the App Store) to transmit media (video, photo, auido) from phone to DLNA TV (and this standard supports almost all Smart TV TVs, enough that the phone and TV are connected To one Wi-Fi network).
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