How to Block Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Blacklist on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and similar androids Samsung. Do you want to add the number to the blacklist? There is such a useful feature on Samsung Galaxy, you can add a contact to the black list so that he could not call you or bother you.

If you are constantly called from a specific number and you do not want to answer it, you can enter this blacklisted contact. After you block the number on the Samsung Galaxy, they will no longer be able to reach you, but the call will be missed in the journal. You can also make it so that you cannot be called from numbers that you do not have on your smartphone, that is, it turns out that only those in your contacts can call you.

Here we will see how to add a contact to the blacklist on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and block calls from unwanted numbers, perhaps this method will work with other Samsung androids. Information on rejecting calls from blocked numbers is taken from the official instructions for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. You can add a comment whether the article helped you or not and indicate the model of your phone, you can also add useful tips on the topic how to blacklist a number on samsung galaxy.

How to Block Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Here is the official instruction for rejecting calls from specific numbers added to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge block list:

1 On the Apps screen, select Telephone. OPTIONS. Settings Call blocking. Black list.

2 Select JOURNAL or CONTACTS to select contacts and tap (a plus).
To enter the number manually, select Enter phone number, and then enter the number.

If the blocked numbers try to contact you, notifications of such calls will not be received. Calls will be recorded in the call log.

You can also reject a call from any number that is not saved as a contact.
Touch switch Block. anonymous calls, to enable the corresponding function.