How to block incoming unknown contacts on your Android

How to stop calls from unknown numbers

The contact book in the phone is a list of numbers that a person trusts. Such calls do not arouse suspicion. Calls from unknown contacts are almost always unwanted. Phone spam is a very common thing nowadays. I will tell you how to make sure that your phone no longer receives calls from unknown numbers.

Just a few years ago, a call from an unknown number did not raise any suspicions. People were answering in the hope that an acquaintance or even a friend who had purchased a new SIM card was calling them.

The time has come when phone scammers and advertisers of different products and services call a lot more often. Too many spam calls to get rid of. Sometimes there are so many of them that they take up our personal time and lead to stress and anxiety.

Calls from unknown numbers do come in:

    From acquaintances who want to contact us whose contact has not yet been added to the phonebook;

If the subscriber’s phone is not protected, all unwanted calls will come to his device. To avoid this, you need to create filters in your phone that will help you sift them out and use your phone without fear. Such tools will be described below. They can be applied not only on your phone, but also on the smartphone of your children and parents, who are much more likely to become victims of phone scams.

How to block calls with antivirus

Call blocking is included in the well-known anti-virus product “Kaspersky Antivirus Security”. The option is only available in the paid version. It will block calls and messages from annoying callers. At the same time it blocks obvious spam.

There are also free antivirus programs with many features. This is “Security Master. Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster”. Its features:

  • Establishes a secure connection via VPN.
  • Smart diagnostics with deletion of garbage and viruses.
  • Block applications with code to protect from unauthorized persons.
  • Call blocking and call identification.

Install the application, go to “Tools. Call Identification and Blocking”, allow access to contacts and call list. Blacklist” will open on the right side of the screen. add the intrusive subscribers here.

How to block a call with an antivirus

The app knows how to detect calls from spammers, plastic window installers, dubious financial and law firms. the notification highlights unwanted calls.

How to block a hidden number on your iPhone

You will not be able to bar calls from unknown numbers on your iPhone. So we’ll have to do some tricks here. To do this, turn on the “Do Not Disturb” mode, and in the “Call Acceptance” menu, select the “All Contacts” item. Now when someone calls from a hidden number, the iPhone will be silent. But it will be silent even if someone calls from a phone that is not in the phonebook.

These devices are becoming increasingly rare, as they have not received much demand from the consumer audience. People prefer Android or iOS phones. Nevertheless you can disable receiving calls from unknown numbers on Windows Phone handsets. To do this, go to the call settings, where we need the “Spam filter” function. Activate it and press the “Advanced” button. here you need to move the “Block hidden numbers” switch. But it is better to disable notifications about the presence of blocked calls.

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How to block calls from unknown numbers on your Android phone

Every day there are more and more companies that advertise their services through phone calls. Constant calls with obsessive offers are annoying, so users wonder how to block calls from unknown numbers on the Android phone. The answer to this and a number of similar questions you will find below.

Almost every Android smartphone has the ability to block calls from unknown numbers. The whole problem just lies in finding the right section and activating the option. Depending on the version of the operating system and the installed firmware, the principle of action may differ markedly. For example, on the Xiaomi phone blocking is as follows:

  • Open phonebook.
  • Press the three vertical bars in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Go to the “Anti-spam” section.
  • Check the box near “Enable antispam.
  • Enter the “Call blocking” menu and check the corresponding item. A window appears on the screen, in which you should select “OK”.
  • You may also block SMS from unknown subscribers by visiting the “Block messages” section.

If you have an Honor or Huawei phone, blocking calls from unknown numbers requires a slightly different action. For clarity, we recommend that you use the following instruction:

  • Open the application through which you make calls.
  • Click on the three dots located in the lower right corner of the screen. In the menu that appears, select “Threat filter”.
  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Go to the “Interception rules” section.
  • Tick the “Block all unknown numbers” checkbox.

Now calls will come only from subscribers listed in the phone book of the device. As for Samsung smartphones, to block calls from unknown numbers you need to do the following:

  • Open settings.
  • Go to “Notifications” section.
  • Activate “Do Not Disturb” mode, and then go into the “Allow Exceptions” subcategory.
  • Under “Calls from” select “Contacts only”. You can also limit receiving messages from unknown senders.
  • Go back and activate the option by pressing “Enable now” button.

If you use a phone from another manufacturer, the principle of action is often similar. The ability to block calls from unknown numbers is present on every modern smartphone by default.

How to block unknown numbers on Android

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From this article you will learn how to block calls from unknown numbers on your Android phone, as well as all unknown numbers on Android. Since most Android phones do not have a built-in number lock feature, you will have to use the “Don’t pick up the phone” app.

Open recent calls. Their location depends on your phone model. If the Phone app doesn’t open in the recent calls tab, look for the clock icon or the word “Recent.

Tap Lock. To confirm the blocking. The person who owns the number can no longer reach you.

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Launch the Phone app. This handset-like app can be found on your desktop. Or swipe up/down to open the app menu and find it here. [1] X Source of information

Tap Settings. This is one of the options in the drop-down menu. This takes you to the Call Settings page.

  • If you want to block one number, enter it in the “Add phone number” box at the top of the page, and then tap “Done” on the console.
  • You’ll still receive calls from people who aren’t in your contact list, as long as they call you from real phone numbers. If you want to restrict incoming calls to only those people in your contact list, use the Don’t Hang Up app.

Download the “Don’t pick up the phone” app. This app checks incoming calls and rejects calls to all unknown numbers (including phone numbers that aren’t in your contact list). To download it, open

  • tap the search bar;
  • Enter Do Not Hang Up ;
  • Tap the Don’t pick up the phone app;
  • tap Set;
  • tap Accept.

Launch the app. Tap “Open” in Google Play Market or tap the octopus icon in the app bar.

How to block spam calls on your Android phone

Google’s standard Phone app already has built-in spam protection that allows you to get rid of a significant portion of unwanted calls.

If you have another Phone app installed on your phone, such as a manufacturer’s app, you can switch to use the default Phone app from Google by simply installing it from the Play Market store.

How to remove a number from the black list

Done! You’ve just looked at numbers that were previously on the ignore list. Here, in the same menu, you can remove them. If you added the subscriber not with the help of the phone itself, but with the help of your operator’s service, then the actions will be slightly different.

You need to use the phone command (most often it starts with 130), then enter the last four digits of the locked number. Option to clear the blacklist is different, as mentioned above, so for more information you should contact directly to the provider.

Top 10 best call blocking apps for 2022 according to KP

“Yandex with Alice

Very simple multifunctional application, which does not require complex settings. All you need to do is to install it, turn on AON and the number detection and blocking function. Yandex uses its own database of spam numbers and a database of 5 million organization numbers. Main advantage. constantly updating base numbers. Supports iOS, Android platforms. Russian language is supported. No SMS blocking. Application is free, no paid version.

Pros and cons

Categorization of callers by organization, indication of suspicious fraudulent numbers, ease of use

Updating the base is not automatic, to download the base you must log in to the application, no SMS lock


Popular Android app with simple settings. Complementary to the built-in service of almost any modern gadget. Russian language is supported. SMS blocking is available, it should be enabled after installing the app. Calls from unknown or hidden numbers are blocked silently and without vibration. The trial period is 1 month, then there is a paid version with the same features.

Pros and cons

High speed, can schedule calls to block incoming calls (e.g. for holidays), SMS filter, save list of blocked contacts to a file


Supported platforms: iOS and Android. Anispam base is supported by a community of 250 million users, and unwanted calls and SMS are blocked automatically, there is selective blocking by name and series of numbers. The call history logs information about the caller, even if he or she is not in the phonebook. Talk recording is possible. You can send your friends geolocation data, icons and other personal information. Supports the Russian language. There are no ads in the paid version. Contacts, settings and call logs are stored in Google Drive.

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Pros and cons

Can block numbers and send SMS to blocked numbers by template, for example “busy”, very few ads in free version, provides full information about the called person, it is possible to make a backup of user database, has Google disk integration

Doesn’t save database of spam numbers to the phone’s file storage, so it identifies scammers only when Internet is connected

Call Blocker Free

Easy and handy program, but works only on Android. Consume low CPU and battery power, blacklists numbers, blocks their calls and SMS, plus calls from unknown numbers and spam calls. Detects suspected cheaters, backs up contacts.

Pros and cons

Possibility to create black and white lists, block SMS, send notification about blocked numbers


Calls and SMS from unwanted subscribers are blocked. Keywords are recognised in the messages, e.g. “sale”, “discounts”, “survey”. Number of blocked subscribers is unlimited, and the user receives information about the owner of the unknown number. If it is an organization, its address, website and email. The base of numbers is constantly replenished. Russian language is supported.

Pros and cons

Simple and elegant interface, locks SMS by keywords, respects user privacy

“Call Blocker

Program is supported only on Android platform. Has the fastest algorithm for blocking unwanted calls, the reaction of the gadget is configurable: the call can be made silent, just reject it or send the caller a message about the wrong number dialing, lack of connection or stopping service to the owner. Minimal consumption of telephone resources. All information is stored in a separate program with its own log and settings. Can be password protected, which is also encrypted. Numbers are added to the blacklist from the call log or manually. They can be grouped and locked schedules can be assigned. Hidden and spoofed license plates are also detected.

Pros and cons

Speed, minimal resource consumption, identification of hidden numbers, the ability to export the log and settings

Call Blocker Free. Blacklist

App for Android platform only. SMS blocking, can be blocked by keywords or phrases. Blocked calls from the blacklist and the numbers of spammers and scammers in the database. True numbers are recorded, not spoofed numbers. Both free and paid versions of the app. Russian language is supported.

Pros and cons

Blocking of messages, calls by keywords or phrases, the possibility to make your own black and white list, fixing the true number of a blocked subscriber


Works on iOS and Android platforms. AON detects numbers in 107 countries, integrates with social networks. Contacts are automatically supplemented with photos and information from. Instagram, and Automatically recognizes spammers and scammers based on its own database. Supports the Russian language, SMS lock. The app is free, there is no paid version.

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