How to Block Incoming Number On iPhone

If you do not want to answer calls from specific subscribers, a black list comes to the rescue. But how to block calls on the iPhone, if you can’t determine the number, or the phone is not in the contact list? This feature is present, and it will be useful for all iPhone owners to know about it.

Block incoming calls

As a rule, calls with the status “No Subscriber ID” and “Unknown” are received on the iPhone from robots and various marketing departments. They can be blocked, like all incoming calls with an unknown number. The operation carries a certain risk: if friends or relatives call you from a number that is not among the contacts, they will not be able to establish a connection. If there is no such danger, follow these steps:

  1. Open the standard Settings app and go to the Do Not Disturb section.
  2. Turn on the “Manual” option.

After activating the option, a crescent icon will appear in the status bar near the clock. This means that the device will not make any sounds: you will not hear any notifications or calls. To overcome this block, it is necessary to give individual subscribers special permission.

  1. In the “Do Not Disturb” section, click on “Call Admission”.
  2. Select “From Favorites” if you have previously added all the necessary numbers to the Favorites list.
  3. Select the "All contacts" mode or create a special group of contacts, calls from which should be made.

Those numbers that will not be added to the allowed list will not be able to reach you. Please note that the function mutes the sound of calls and notifications. Therefore, it is recommended not to keep it constantly on, but to set a clear time.

For example, let the Do Not Disturb mode be turned on in the evenings, from 22:00 to 07:00 the next day. During the specified period, only those whom you have allowed will be able to reach you, the iPhone will block all other calls.


If a specific subscriber gets you, it’s easier to block him by sending to the black list.

  1. Open your contact list.
  2. Find the person you don’t want to contact anymore. Press the i button to open the information menu.
  3. Scroll down the menu and press "Block".

How to Block Incoming Number On iPhone

This is perhaps the most convenient way to block calls on iPhone. At least you do not run the risk of missing an important call. Messages from the subscriber from the black list will also not come. You can see the black list in the settings in the "Phone" section. there will be a "Blocked" list. If you want to remove the subscriber from the list, click "Edit" and select "Unblock".

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