How to block calls on your iPhone

How to turn off calls but leave the internet on your iPhone?

To stop receiving calls and messages to other devices, open FaceTime settings and disable the “iPhone Cellular Calls” switch.

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Select the “Sound” section.
  • Find the row with “Do Not Disturb” mode and click on it.
  • Select “Calls” in the mode settings.
  • In the window that appears, select “Do not allow calls”.

REKK. Call Blocking

REKK. Call Blocking is a multifunctional application designed to identify calls from unknown callers with the ability to block them.

An advantage of REKK is that the app not only alerts the user to a spam call, but also provides information on the organization to which the unknown number belongs: its name, location, web site and e-mail address.

Additionally, the program provides the ability to check any unidentified phone number. If you missed a call from unknown caller, with REKK you can find out which company it belongs to by pasting the phone number into the application.

Calls and SMS messages from all undesirable subscribers in the application can be blocked, and it is possible to block SMS by a keyword (e.g. “sale”, “discounts”, “survey”, etc.). Number of blocked phone numbers is unlimited.

REKK unquestionable advantages are permanent updating and replenishment of spam numbers, user-friendly interface and confidentiality. the application works anonymously and doesn’t collect personal user data.

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The program is completely free and works in Russian and English. REKK requires iOS 13.0 or newer.

Link to App Store: REKK- Call Blocking.

How to block calls from unknown numbers on iPhone with iOS 13

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

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Select the Phone section.

Tap the switch next to Silence unknown callers so that it turns green.

Now you will not be bothered by calls from unknown numbers. Later, you can listen to the message via voicemail.

How to block messages in messenger

Any current messenger allows you to block callers or disable notifications for chat or personal correspondence.

◎ To do this, most often you should make a side swipe on the correspondence and select the desired item to disable notifications. Sometimes mute notifications are in the dialog settings.

Locking with apps

You can install special apps on your iPhone to identify and block unwanted calls. Such programs regularly update databases of numbers that thousands of users consider to be spam. When you call, the app checks the number against those already in the lists. If a match is found, the user is warned about it. It is also possible to block a call automatically, you will not even see it.

There are hundreds of similar apps on the App Store. I’ve chosen three of the best in my opinion.

Once installed, go to “Phone” and get down to the “Call Blocking and Identification” tab:

Click on the slider to turn it green:


Number identifier in Yandex has been around for more than a year. But their blocking has only recently been added to the app.

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We’ll get rid of annoying spammers this way:

Blocked calls don’t stay in the missed calls list. You won’t even know that someone was trying very furiously to offer you a lucrative microloan at 3596% APR.

Who Calls

The application was made by Kaspersky Lab. It has the same functions as the previous two. The premium version has an option to disable ads. The number database will also be updated automatically. You will have to do it manually for free. Finally, in the paid version, you will be able to block certain categories of spammers. For example, only bank ads, collectors, or survey calls. Initial call blocking is set up the same way as in 2GIS.

If you choose apps, remember. they all collect personal data. Worried about someone finding out your call list and phonebook numbers? Then it makes sense to use the blocker for unknown calls. But in this case there is a chance of missing something very important.

How to block spam calls from unknown contacts in iOS 13

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Select the Phone section.

Press the switch next to Silence unknown callers so that it turns green.

You won’t be bothered by incoming calls from unknown numbers. Later you can listen to the message via voicemail.

How to block these calls forever

There are as many as 3 ways to block spammers.

This is the easiest way to get rid of annoying callers. And it works as long as you already have the caller’s number.

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Open the Phone app.

In Contacts, look for the number you need (create it if you don’t have it).

At the bottom of the screen, click on the Block Caller button.

There is 1 more option. Block the number you want to block right away in the “Recent” tab. Just choose the number you want to block and at the very bottom you’ll see “Block caller”.

Call blocking apps

The AppStore also has a number of applications that will be a great help in how to block incoming unknown numbers on your iPhone. One of these, for example, is Truecaller.

This app allows you to block unwanted numbers, all unknown or anonymous. What will be a great help.

Additional settings

To hide all incoming calls, in the Allow Calls section, select None From Anyone.

If you only want to receive calls from certain people, you can select From Favorites. This way you will only receive notifications of calls from contacts in this group.

If you want to receive important calls, check the option to redial. If the person calls you a second time within three minutes, you’ll get a call notification. In some situations, these calls can be extremely important.

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