How To Bathe Red-Eared Turtles In A Camomile

How To Bathe Red-Eared Turtles In A Camomile

Trachemys – creatures quite resistant to various diseases, if they live in natural conditions. However, in captivity, in a city apartment, they can get some inflammatory diseases.

Of course, they do not suffer from such human diseases as, for example, prostate adenoma, simply because they do not have the prostate itself or other organs characteristic of mammals. But, one way or another, inflammatory diseases in rubella eared turtles also happen, and any lover of this type of reptile should know the symptoms and plan of action when they occur.

One of the most serious and life-threatening turtle diseases is pneumonia, or pneumonia.

How To Bathe Red-Eared Turtles In A Camomile

With this disease, the turtle becomes inactive, lethargic, practically does not swim, often sits in a dry place, on an island, and if it swims, it does not go down into the depths. Often the turtle tries to dive to the depths, but it does not succeed, and it continues to swim as if on one side. Your pet may have mucous discharge from the nose.
The cause of pneumonia in turtles, as in humans, is hypothermia.

If you suspect this disease, you should immediately contact your veterinarian to diagnose and treat reptiles.

We highly recommend against self-diagnosis and self-medication, as you can only worsen the condition of the animal.

In pneumonia, turtles are usually given antibiotic injections. Most often, baytril is used at the rate of 4 mg per 1 kg of animal weight. Injections are made in the forelegs. The doctor should tell the owner in more detail about the treatment regimen and the place and depth of the injection.

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In addition to antibiotic therapy, in the treatment of pneumonia in turtles, baths of chamomile or other anti-inflammatory herbs are used. A decoction of chamomile is done at a temperature of 30 degrees and the turtle is placed in it for 30-40 minutes. Before such a bath, it is advisable to inhale over the same chamomile for 5 minutes.

Also, the temperature of the water in the aquaterrarium should be raised to 28 degrees. Then your pet will be warm and comfortable, metabolism will increase and the healing process will go faster.

Usually, improvement occurs after four to five days. Accordingly, the turtle becomes active, begins to swim, nasal discharge stops, and appetite appears. But antibiotics, inhalations and baths will need to be set up to 10 days in a row to completely suppress infection and inflammation.

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