How To Attach Samsung Tv To Bracket

How to mount a TV to the wall. Step by step instructions

How To Attach Samsung Tv To Bracket

The advent of LCD and plasma TVs made it possible to install them not only on traditional bedside tables or stands, but also to attach them to walls. The flat screen of such models does not violate the overall interior of the room, and placing the TV on the wall saves a lot of space.

This advantage of flat-panel TVs is especially often used in kitchens where family members, especially housewives, spend a lot of time. Ordinary small-sized devices are also attached to the walls. But here’s how to properly fix the TV on the wall. We will talk about this today.

Choosing a TV bracket

Currently, quite a few models of various brackets have appeared on sale for any option for placing a TV: on a wall, in a corner, with different lifting and turning radii. The selection of such a bracket is made for a specific TV, since the mounting holes of the bracket and the device may not match. Although manufacturers adhere to common standards, making sure you buy the right bracket for your TV is a good idea. And you also need to consider whether this bracket can withstand the weight of your device. If the TV is ordinary, not flat, then such a bracket looks like a shelf.

We fix the TV using the bracket

Work on mounting the TV should be carried out together, even if it is small. It should be noted that if the wall material is drywall, then it is better not to risk it and choose another place. And if we are to mount it on such a wall, then the weight of the TV with the bracket should not be more than 20 kg. For an ordinary small-sized TV, it is not difficult to find a place for attaching the stand. With flat ones, it’s a little more difficult. Here you need to take into account the limits of rotation of the TV itself horizontally and vertically. This is especially important if the attachment point is chosen in the corner or not far from it.

It is better to start by lightly screwing the bracket to the TV (bait). After that, you need to select the position of the apparatus both in height and horizontally. When you have chosen a place, place the TV against the wall so that the bracket rests against it. Let one person hold the bracket, while the other tries to rotate the apparatus itself. In this way, the optimal option for attaching the bracket is selected, it remains only to outline a place for it on the wall. After that, you need to remove the fasteners from the TV, attach them to the wall according to the markings and mark the drilling places for the fastening hardware. With such an organization of work, it is impossible to make a mistake.

When choosing a place for a TV, you need to take into account the fact that it is capable, if correctly positioned on the wall, to further decorate this room, to give it an additional unique charm.

Buy a wall mount for your TV or make it yourself

The design of the bracket itself is simple, especially when it comes to the fixed type. To be honest, we rarely change the position of the screen, push it forward, so if you have tools, everyone can make a TV mount on the wall with their own hands. Some craftsmen are able to create a tilt-swivel TV mount. We will tell you how to make a fixed simple type of holder, as well as a swivel mechanism.

How to properly hang your TV on the wall

Installing a TV is a responsible process. It is important that the installation site is chosen correctly, and the installation process itself is no less important. If the work is done incorrectly, this can affect the functionality of the fastener and lead to damage to expensive equipment as a result of falling from a height. For those who are not confident in their own abilities, we advise you to seek help from professionals, which will entail additional costs.

Installation should only be done after reading the instructions

Before proceeding with the installation, you need to carefully study the instructions attached to each fastening mechanism. Now you can choose where to place your TV. This moment is most important.

How to choose a TV wall mount

After purchasing a TV panel, a person thinks about where it is more convenient to install it. At this point, several goals are pursued:

  • Saving space;
  • Protection of equipment from children and mechanical damage;
  • Creating harmony in the design of the room.

If preference is given to placing the TV on a wall, you will need to choose the right wall mount and install it. The choice must be made according to certain rules. The most important parameter to pay attention to first is the maximum load. Compare it to the weight of the TV. If the fastener can withstand a load of up to 15 kg, you should not buy it for a panel with a weight approximately equal to this indicator. Despite the fact that all manufacturers monitor the quality of their products, it is worth protecting yourself. Choose an average value that will be the best solution.

The next parameter is the correspondence of the diagonal to the bracket type. Each model is designed to fit a specific TV size. The characteristic will indicate the recommended TV diagonal in inches or centimeters. Adjustability. A parameter for those who need the ability to change the position of the screen.

Additional parameters: a box that allows you to get rid of hanging wires, additional shelves for installing a tuner or speakers. The color of the bracket is of great importance. They try to match the model to the color of the TV case. It looks harmonious, although it is not a decisive factor when choosing a bracket model. The standard options are white, black, gray and combined options.

Most manufacturers’ products carry the VESA mark. Seeing such an inscription, remember that the structure is created from universal fasteners that are manufactured in accordance with the approved standard. Both the wall mount for the TV and the equipment itself must have the same standard, otherwise it will not work to connect them.

The main VESA standards are summarized in the table.

Standard name Maximum permissible weight, kg Recommended diagonal, inches
MIS-F bolts M8 113.6 31-90
MIS-F bolts M6 50 31-90
MIS-E 22.7 23-30.9
MIS-D 8-14 12-22.9
MIS-C 4.5 8-11.9
MIS-B 2 4-7.9

For more information on how to choose a wall mount for your TV, see the instructions:

Tv installation height

An incorrect installation height will cause headaches, redness in the eyes and even a sharp deterioration in vision. The standard height of the device is 70-100 cm from the bottom edge to the floor.

It’s nice to dive into the world of cinema if the TV is installed correctly

The same rules should be followed when placing the device in the kitchen. The mount can be mounted almost under the ceiling. This is appropriate if the room is long and the table is placed in the opposite corner.

The TV in the kitchen provides comfort to the housewife while cooking

Without bracket

How to hang a TV without a bracket? Many manufacturers produce devices with already mounted grooves on the back panel. This feature can often be found on devices from 42 inches diagonally. The main condition for hanging the unit on the built-in grooves is that the TV mount on the wall must support the weight of the unit. If the load on the fasteners is too heavy, the expensive device will simply fall and break.


The maximum deflection angle for such fasteners is 180 °. This allows you to set the screen so that the image is as colorful as possible.


Correctly attaching the TV to the wall with your own hands

If you have purchased a wall-mounted TV, then the question arises: how to properly hang it on the wall? In general, there is nothing difficult in installing the device. If you know how to use a drill, hammer and screwdriver, then you can quite cope with this on your own. To fix a Samsung TV set or any other on the wall, special devices are used: correctly hang the TV on special devices. Brackets. They are different in shape, size and functionality.

Do-it-yourself bracket

If you are not going to change its position during operation of the TV, then you can make a simple and inexpensive do-it-yourself TV mount on the wall.

To mount a device with a 32 or 42 inch screen, you will need to prepare 4 corners made of aluminum or steel (they will be used in the manufacture of a TV bracket) and 1 spoke from a bicycle. The use of an aluminum corner is recommended as it is easier to handle. The dimensions of the segments are not important, the main thing is that the holes on the body of the device and on the corner coincide.

Make 2 holes in the parts for attaching to the unit, and in the upper part one at a time for the spoke. Attach the finished parts to the body of the TV receiver (M4 screws are used).

  • The other pair of parts should be mounted on the wall. First, you need to drill 2 holes in them for fastening to the wall (more can be, depending on the size of the diagonal of the device and its weight) and one hole in the upper part of the part for inserting the spoke.
  • After that, the markings are made on the wall through the holes made. All holes in 4 parts must be located strictly opposite each other in order to avoid skewing the device after installation.
  • The distance between the corners should be slightly less than between the same parts on the unit, so that the latter enclose the wall corners from the outside (when placing the TV mount on the wall, it is recommended to use a building level to accurately position the parts horizontally).
  • Now you can hang the TV on the wall. To do this, you need to raise your 42-inch unit and align the fasteners as shown in the figure, after which you need to insert a spoke. If there is no knitting needle, you can replace it with a nail with a cap. For heavier weights, use thicker nails, for example 100 mm long. At this stage, fixing the TV to the wall with your own hands is finished.
  • Before you attach the TV to the wall, you need to decide on the width of the corners. It should be such as to provide adequate ventilation between the wall and the TV set. Otherwise, your 42 inch TV set will overheat and affect its lifespan. All wires, electrical and antenna, can be hidden in the cable channel.

    Important installation rules

    Start by examining the wall. It can be concrete, brick, wood or plasterboard. It is not worth attaching the TV to the last option. With a probability of 99%, after a while it will tear out a piece of such a wall and break. Knowing the material from which the wall is made is also necessary to understand what kind of drill you need to get holes. But you don’t need to worry about fasteners to screw the bracket to the wall, and you don’t need a TV to it. Everything you need is included in the suspension and TV set.

    Bracket types

    In order to choose the right bracket for your Samsung, LG or any other TV, you should study the characteristics of the device. It is important to know its diagonal, weight and VESA standard. This is the generally accepted distance between the holes for mounting, predetermined by the manufacturer. It varies from 1010 to 4040 cm. Based on this, a bracket is selected. They differ in the material of execution, the number of knees (their absence), the swivel / inclined / fixed platform, designed for different diagonals.

    Let’s consider in more detail the design of the brackets.

    Fixed. Allows you to securely fix the device, but without the possibility of its rotation or tilt. This mount for hanging the TV has a minimum of holes and is easy to install.

  • Inclined. Often used when mounting a television receiver high above eye level. For comfortable viewing of TV, the mount allows you to tilt the panel at the desired angle.
  • Swivel and tilt. This mount is very convenient if you plan to mount the TV on a wall or ceiling. Due to the swivel mechanism, TV viewing is possible from anywhere in the room.
  • How to hang the TV

    Before you hang the TV on the wall with your own hands, it is important to decide on the height of the unit. By current standards, the bottom edge of the device should be between 0.7m and 1m from the floor. If the TV set will be bought for the kitchen, then its location under the ceiling will be the best option. However, there are other options for placing the TV in the kitchen.

    Don’t worry if the location is slightly above eye level. You can adjust the tilt using the tilt-swivel arm. It is best to choose this one: in it you can adjust the position of the device for maximum viewing comfort, and there will be room in the back for placing wires.

    Recommendations from experts

    The following tips were obtained from service specialists who are involved in the installation and configuration of television equipment. Thanks to these recommendations, the risk of hanging the TV on the wall is incorrectly minimized.

    The choice of the bracket must be carried out taking into account the weight and diagonal of the TV.

  • When choosing a bracket with swivel and tilt elements, make sure they are made of metal. Even the highest quality plastic can deteriorate over time.
  • When installing the TV in a niche, make sure that its dimensions have a margin. Otherwise, air circulation may be impaired, which may affect the life of the TV.
  • Installation is carried out as follows: first, the bracket is attached to the wall, then the removable platform is attached to the TV, and only after that both elements are connected to each other. The last step is connecting the wires.
  • If the bracket has swivel or tilt mechanisms, then make sure there is a supply of wires. They should not be pulled or kinked in case of a change in the position of the device.
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