How to Add Music to Video on Android

There is nothing easier than starting to enter your channel on YouTube, because now even with a regular smartphone. you can shoot, edit and upload excellents

How to Add Music to on Android

In this article we will tell you which programs are suitable for overlaying music ins on Android in order to achieve the best effect.

The best editor for this

Now it is not necessary to transfer the to the computer and process it through stationary programs, because the advanced software for Android has arrived to replace the bulky equipment.

Below we describe the most popular programs with which you can implement this task.

1. editor. all in one place

There is a great free app for you. with a large set of settings for YouTube and more.

⇒ After installing the software, you must specify the file on the Android device, after which you can put the music on the.

In the main menu there is a panel with a set of settings:

  1. Select “Music”, after which the program will offer a list of available songs.
  2. Specify the desired song and set the parameters, after which this melody will be used as the background sound.

Here is a instruction on analogue

Separately, it is worth noting the possibility of manual synchronization and volume selection.

2.Show. fast and tasteful

Also, without your attention there should not be an application that has already gained about 100 million installations.

From the main menu you can shoot a or add from the internal storage. After that, in the settings menu in the bottom panel, select “Music”. Here you can load your own composition or select it from the list offered by the program.

I’m happy with a large list of effects, tracks, as well as ready-made themes, which allows you to create a unique.

In addition to the fact that the program can overlay music on, there is also a built-in converter and a wide range of settings (dubbing, fonts, etc.).

3. Quik. editor for all occasions

The free novelty Quik has become another hit on the Play Market. A large set of built-in functions, editing in 2 clicks, and, of course, adding music to on any gadget with Android.

You can download the link.

In this utility, everything has been done to make editing clips fast and convenient. Among the main functions it is worth highlighting:

  • 22 ready-made styles with sound effects;
  • various filters, graphics and more;
  • quick publication on social networks;
  • 80 free tracks.

After downloading, find the “Sound” section in the menu and select the desired song. Music synchronization occurs automatically, which is an important advantage.

4. VivaVideo. the best tool for a blogger

Continuing our selection of applications for audio overlay on Android, it’s hard to ignore such a novelty as VivaVideo.

This is a free program with a large set of settings that you can download on the Play Market here.

This application is still considered the best tool for bloggers, which has already been chosen by more than 200 million users. Here you can shoot, then edit, overlay music and more.

  • cropping, merging clips, and more;
  • blurred background effect and reverse playback function;
  • 200 different effects (transitions, stickers, texts and sounds);
  • filters and stuff.

On the main screen, the program offers to edit the finished or shoot a new. With the help of convenient tools you can change the speed, crop the roller and more.

There is also a button to insert music into the on the gadget with Android. Here you are provided with various effects, as well as different musical compositions. Set optimal settings and save changes.

Using this program, you can perform work of any complexity and there is no doubt that your will become popular. # 128578;

Summing up, we can safely say that all applications stood out with excellent functionality and showed excellent performance. For the rest, the choice is yours, which utility is better for overlaying music on in Android. # 128578;

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