How to activate whatsapp on iPad

What to do if WhatsApp does not install on the iPad

Messenger Whatsapp is not installed on the iPad directly, even though it is in the AppStore. It is available exclusively for iPhone. But despite the fact that there is still no separate application with all the features and standard design, it is possible to use auxiliary applications or the web version of the browser. True, in these cases will have its own nuances. Year after year there have been rumors of a separate version for iPads, but so far this has not happened, users are using: TweakBox, Cydia Impactor, i-FunBox and other software.

WhatsApp does not work on the iPad only because it is not yet developed. Despite the news from 2019 that the company has already begun work on the integration of the messenger, which was originally programmed only for smartphones, so much time has passed and even the beta version has not yet appeared.

Of course, installing an unofficial application can be an alternative method, but it can by no means fully replace the official version, which is available for smartphones. The alternative application copies the one installed on the iPhone, but it is “stretched” to the size of the tablet. There is no adaptation of the interface and there are no advantages for this version, too, but it is possible to receive notifications comfortably and the application can work without the use of a browser.

Setting up WhatsApp on iPad

Setting up WhatsApp on iPad

The simplest and most popular helper application is TweakBox. This is a special market app that allows you to download, install and use the messenger on the iPad if properly configured.

If for some reason, you can not install this application, then you can use other. There are now quite a few of them on the Internet it is important only to understand that the problem with Whatsapp can be caused by various factors: from the incompatibility of the utility with new versions of the messenger, to viruses.

How to install WhatsApp on iPad?

Probably the first problem that iPad users have when installing WhatsAapp on iPad is the lack of a version of the program for the tablet in the App Store. over, unlike other programs available for the iPhone, the application can not be found and when you turn on the display of programs only iPhone.When you try to install the program from your computer, iTunes will also produce an error.

To bypass all these obstacles, we will have to perform a few simple steps:

  • Open the iTunes program on your Windows or Mac computer and go to the iTunes Store.
  • There, find the WhatsApp program itself and download it to your computer

After that, you’ll need to use the third-party program iFunBox (downloadable here), which is available for both Windows and Mac. This program is essentially a manager for iOS devices similar to iTunes.

  • Connect your iPad to your computer and make sure it is detected by iFunBox.
  • Press the Install button and search for the installation file.The WhatsApp ipa program that you downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • After successfully completing the procedure, WhatsApp will appear on the iPad screen.

However, it will still not be possible to use the program on the iPad, as it will report that it is not designed to work on the tablet when it starts up:

Now you’ll need an iPhone which either doesn’t have WhatsApp installed or has been uninstalled. Note that after uninstalling WhatsApp from iPhone, you can’t restore the copy of messaging data from iCloud when installing it again. A standard window for registering the number should appear on your phone.

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After the application confirms your phone number and sends a confirmation code via SMS, complete the setup and connect your iPhone to your computer with the iFunBox program running.

Now connect iPad to your computer again and launch iFunBox. In the same way, go to the WhatsApp folder and download the folders copied from iPhone into it.

All that’s left is to reload the program on your iPad and start using it.

Please note that WhatsApp will not work on both devices in parallel, the messages will only come to the device on which WhatsApp was last used.

Register and configure the program on your tablet

After installation, the user will need to register in the system and make the initial configuration of the program. It all depends on whether the iPad model has a SIM card or not.

No SIM card

Before you install WhatsApp on your Apple tablet without a SIM card, make sure the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

Due to the absence of SIM-card, authorization can only be done using a phone number that is already registered.

That is, you must first register an account on the device with an active SIM card, and then you can enter WhatsApp from the tablet without a SIM card.

With SIM-card

The app is tied to a specific phone number. The developers follow the rule: one number. one account.

The phone number is your unique identifier in WhatsApp (user name can be changed). When registering to the number comes a six-digit verification code, which is needed to activate the application.

Installation via iFunBox

iFunBox is a special converter program with system controls. You’ll need an iPhone, iPad and a desktop computer to perform this installation.

The installation steps of how to install WhatsApp on iPad are free and will include these steps:

Installing WhatsApp on the iPhone:

Installing iFunBox.

Uploading data to the tablet:

  • Then connect iPad to your computer (preferably via USB).
  • In iFunBox, open the “App install” folder (top right).
  • The download will be done.
  • Do not be alarmed if the iPad will show a compatibility error.
  • Disconnect the device from the computer.

Reinstalling the messenger on the iPhone:

  • Launch the program manager.
  • Agree to complete software removal.
  • Initiate reinstallation (do not accept the backup or cloud copy).
  • Connect iPhone to PC.
  • Enter the iFunBox and choose the “Applications” section.
  • Select and copy from iPhone folders Library, Documents (select the storage location so that they can be easily found).
  • Disconnect the gadget from the PC.

Transferring data to the iPad:

  • Connect the ipod to the PC.
  • In iFunBox open the folder “App install” (top right).
  • Copy the “Documents” and “Libraries” folders unloaded from the iPhone there.
  • Unload WhatsApp on your ipod.
  • Start the messenger.

Tablets like the iPad mini and iPad Air will work for this option.

WhatsApp features on your tablet

Compared to the smartphone version, WhatsApp on tablets offers several advantages:

  • With a big screen, the app’s interface expands. Group settings are not displayed in a new window, but are displayed on the right;
  • With the big screen itself, typing, searching for the files and stickers you want, and finding chats quickly becomes easier;
  • If you already have WhatsApp installed on another smartphone, you won’t need a SIM card to use the app.

How to install WhatsApp on iPhone 4 in 2022

I have an iPhone 4. Apple has stopped releasing updates for this phone. Because of the outdated operating system, I can’t connect to iTunes and download apps from the AppStore. Is there any way around these restrictions and install WhatsApp for iPhone 4 in 2021?

If you have an active Apple ID account, you can install WhatsApp on your outdated iPhone. Unfortunately, you can’t do without using third-party hardware, you’ll need a second iPhone with the latest version of iOS to install it.

First, get any device with iOS 15, enter that smartphone’s settings, click on the username. Next page, scroll down, click on “Exit,” enter the password for the Apple ID you use.

You can now access this phone’s settings and AppStore with the Apple ID credentials you used on your iPhone 4. Find the latest version of WhatsApp in the branded app store and download it.

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After that, under the same account, log into the AppStore on your iPhone 4, go to the “Updates” section. Click on the “Download” button next to WhatsApp. A warning will appear on the screen that only the latest supported version can be installed. Click on “Download” again under this message.

When the installation of WhatsApp for iPhone 4 is complete, you can enter the messenger and register your account.

Keep in mind that the feature set in old and new versions of WhatsApp is different. Because of this, the messenger on the iPhone 4 often crashes.

Installation procedure

Let’s proceed with the installation. Following our instructions, you will be able to use the messenger in just 5 minutes. So:

The program will scan your contacts, identify and mark with an icon those who have the same software installed. Now you can communicate freely in this social network: send texts, voice messages, videos, photos, drawings and much more.

Special features

For the curious and very active, there is available not quite official, but quite acceptable option. the second WhatsApp. We tell you how to install a second WhatsApp:

  • First go through all the steps of the official installation and creation of the first account (see. above).
  • Next, activate the special browser. Safari.
  • In the search box, enter the name of the site iOS.othman.TV.
  • Find “WhatsApp” in the drop-down list and tap on it.
  • An information window will open with a green button at the bottom. it must be pressed.
  • Then you need to agree and start installation.
  • The process will start and after it’s completion, the second icon of the messenger will appear on the screen.

To make this account work, adjust the “iPhone” settings:

  • Turn on section Settings. Main. Management.
  • Open VNE Software protocol
  • Select the “Trust” action.
  • After that, go through the activation of the second account through the phone number.

This option is available for iPhone 5, 5s and later.

Note! It is important that the second account is linked to a different number, i.e. a SIM card

Well, now you know how to install and profitably use messenger on your iOS device.

Proven ways

Each of the options described below will not require install JailBreak and will not make hours of digging in the settings, it is important to repeat a small algorithm of actions:

Developers from. which WhatsApp belongs to, have long ceased to pay proper attention to the audience, and therefore independent studios from all over the world have taken up the cause. So, for example, Alejandro Perea Navarrete offers to try out a bold new product, WhatsPad Web. The version is exclusively for tablets and offers a standard interface, full synchronization of contacts and the familiar settings, emoticons and voice calls.

Of the disadvantages. the errors of a technical nature, but notifications are available, the optimization is excellent, and the problems with the implementation of these actions will not have even the beginners.

Ways to install WhatsApp on iPad

Let’s look at the main ways to install WhatsApp on iPad tablet, from legitimate to those that contradict Apple’s policy.

Web version

This is the easiest, most legal, but definitely not the most comfortable way in terms of using the messenger. In principle, many desktop PC users use this method, but we can not call it the most successful.

The web version of WhatsApp is really easy to run using the system browser, but compared with the standalone product, it has many drawbacks that will make it difficult to use the communicator. For example, in the web version, a double tap triggers the zoom, and there are many such little things. But you won’t have to jailbreak. True, just turn on the messenger is not possible, even this method requires a smartphone with a registered account.

So, how to run the web version of WhatsApp:

  • enter messenger on your iPhone;
  • open the last tab (it’s at the bottom right);
  • tap on the button in the form of a QR-code, located at the top right;
  • The QR code scanner will appear on the screen;
  • on the tablet in the browser open the WhatsApp website and click on the button to log in to the account;
  • the QR code scanner will open;
  • Use your smartphone to read the QR code issued, then synchronize both devices.
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This will allow you to log into your account and legally use the messenger on your iPad. The functionality will be almost the same as on the full application, and yet cut down. It’s worth turning on notifications right away, because without it, new messages will go unnoticed.

WARNING. In the browser version of WhatsApp, some options related to account setup will not be available. You also will not be able to control the messenger gestures, will not be able to work some features of the program, including you will not be able to call on WhatsApp from iPad. In short, the existing restrictions will prevent you from using such a variant as a full-fledged application.


Many owners of Apple technics have repeatedly used this unofficial store to download games/applications, which are not available at the official store. It will help us out this time, allowing us to install WhatsApp on iPad without phone and access to the file system of the tablet.

  • After downloading TweakBox from the official website, press the “Install” button;
  • Enter your password, click “Done”;
  • Open “Settings” on the tablet, go to “Basic” and look for the line “Shenzhen Span Logistiks Limited IEAP”;
  • Tap on it and click the “Trust” button;
  • Launch TweakBox, agree to the terms of the User Agreement;
  • Select the tab “Apps” at the top of the screen, in the submenu click on the item “Tweaked Apps”;
  • A list will appear, in which we look for the line “Watusi for WhatsApp“, install the application in Russian;
  • It remains only to go to the launch of the messenger and go through the registration procedure. You don’t need an iPhone for this, but you’ll have to get a separate SIM card for the tablet.

Cydia Impactor

The purpose of this utility is the same. the ability to install applications on iOS devices, if they can not be installed through the AppStore.

Although we won’t need a smartphone here, but we won’t be able to install WhatsApp on iPad without a computer. Another prerequisite. you must have iTunes installed on your PC, and necessarily the latest version of the program. You can download it directly from the developer’s website. Now you need to find and download the WhatsApp installer (an IPA file) and the Cydia Impactor installer to your tablet. Install the last program immediately.

  • Go to, log into your account. Go to the settings, go to the “Security” tab, select the “App passwords” section and click on the “Create password” button;
  • enter a name for the password, and after clicking on “Create” it will be automatically generated by the program;
  • Launch Cydia Impactor and connect your tablet to your PC. A small menu will appear in the Cydia application, select the “Just connected device”;
  • Open the directory with the WhatsApp installer, transfer it to Cydia Impactor, and click the “Start” button;
  • In the window that appears, enter your Apple ID and the password generated by the site.

Before you start using the application, you must activate the trust feature on your tablet. This is done as follows:

  • Go to “Settings” and select the “Main” sub-item;
  • Go to the “Profiles, Device Management” tab;
  • look for the “Developer software” subsection, which will display your Apple ID, tap on it;
  • click on the “Trust” button twice.
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