How Old Do Turtles Live?

In the world there are more than 290 species of aquatic and land turtles. These unique long-lived animals for many centuries skillfully adapted and learned to survive in different conditions. They developed immunity to many infections, becoming almost the most hardy creatures on Earth. Animals with bone can do without food for a long time. And their "armor" is very difficult to break through.

Turtles have a slow metabolism, which led to late puberty and a slowdown in all life processes. Although it is not worth believing in the myths of tortoise slowness.

Let’s find out what types of turtles, how many live. I think the theme of domestic turtles will be especially close to us.

How many land turtles live?

There is plenty of evidence that land tortoises have exceeded 100 years. The same Central Asian turtles. a vivid example of this. And detailed records of observations in the monasteries of Jerusalem tell us that some animals reached 120 years.

In zoos, examples of longevity are noted. For example, an elephant turtle survived to 150 years, and a spurred tortoise reached 115 years of age. In the “Guinness Book of Records” the age of 152 is indicated.

How long does the Central Asian representative of the shell? We have already set it as an example, talking about land turtles. First, let’s say that this is the most common type. On average, an animal of this species lives 40 years. But there are long-lived turtles. For example, marion, who became famous for the fact that one of the representatives of their genus reached 152 years of age. Giant turtles can live 200 years in the Galapagos Islands. But still, in the wild, Central Asians live for 20. 30 years.

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It is difficult to answer the question of how many domestic turtles live. It all depends on the conditions of detention. If you are able to create favorable conditions for her close to natural conditions, she will delight you with her 30 years or more.

How many water turtles live?

Find out how many other decorative turtles live. For example, marsh.

The European marsh turtle has populated the entire Eastern Hemisphere. Although initially its homeland was Europe, whence, in fact, the name comes from. She lives only in fresh water. Although in the wild it was found in the salty Vityazevsky and Kizeltashsky estuaries. With good care, the tortoise can live up to 30 years, but in the wild cases were recorded when the animal survived to 120.

How old is the red-eared turtle?

Like other turtles, Red-eared live long. 30 years. But an inept owner can shorten this period. Just remember, this decorative specimen loves both water and space. Do not infringe on it in this.

How Old Do Turtles Live?

How many sea turtles live?

Life expectancy is 80 years. But most turtles do not reach this age: some die even in the bud in the egg due to too low or high temperature. Part of the attempt to run to the water after hatching is eaten by predators. The rest are waiting for sea turtles. As a result, many of the species are on the brink of extinction.

How many turtles live without water?

"Home" turtles are often "lost." They can climb into the most unexpected place and not get out for a long time. There is no need to talk about hibernation. Therefore, the owners begin to worry. But in vain. Your pet will never go far from the water. And if you want to quickly lure him out of the shelter, put in a prominent place a bowl of water, the animal will definitely appear, although it can survive without water for two or three days. This ability helps out when transporting turtles.

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