How Much iPad Pro 12.9 Weighs

How Much iPad Pro 12.9 Weighs

I finally managed to try out the new iPad Pro 10.5. In this article you will find a review and my impressions of the news.

review of Apple iPad Pro 10.5

To begin with, there is no wow effect after unpacking. Just a new iPad, and the mechanical home key was even a little upset. Especially considering the fact that in the iPhone 8 it will not be at all. I would like to see the same solution here as in the iPhone 7 Plus.

And yet, although I did not expect this, it would be waterproof by the way, because many are sitting in the bathroom with a tablet. Well, okay, then everything starts to please. We’ll skip the moment of setting up and installing the software I need, immediately go to work.

The very first thing I want to pay attention to after switching on is the Promotion technology, which is responsible for changing the screen refresh rate. If earlier it was fixed. 60 Hz, now, depending on the scenariOS, it can vary from 24 to 120 Hz. For example, if you look at a photo, you get 24 Hz, while watching a movie. 60 Hz, and when working with the interface or drawing with the Apple Pencil. All 120. This is visible when scrolling through desktops, scrolling lists, opening applications, and so on. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try the Apple Pencil.

The diagonal increased to 10.5 ″, while the dimensions of the tablet increased slightly: the thickness remained the same (6.1 mm), the height increased by a centimeter and the width did not change at all. I can still grab the tablet wide.

It is interesting that now in the iPad line there are already four screen sizes: 8.9 ″, 9.7 ″, 10.5 ″ and 12.9 ″. To keep the pixel density at 264 per inch, the resolution was increased to 2224×1668 pixels. I can safely call the iPad Pro 10.5 display the best on the market. Compared to Samsung’s Super AMOLED, this one has more natural colors that do not distort when deviated.

The frames on the sides of the display are reduced. It has become more beautiful, but now it is not so convenient to hold the tablet in a vertical orientation with two hands. I am glad that Apple provided for the possibility of false clicks on the sides and solved the problem. Even if you hold the tablet by the edges, it will be convenient to use it. Is that part of the display will be closed with your fingers.

And iPad Pro 10.5 is the most productive mobile device to date. Inside, the new Apple A10x processor, PowerVR Series 7XT graphics, 4 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of storage. Iron should be enough to use the iPad as a full-fledged ultrabook, if you connect a keyboard. Especially considering the announcement of iOS 11, which will be released in the fall. With it, the iPad will transform and get many cool features: a convenient dock, multitasking menu, file manager, drag and drop and so on. Already now you can put a beta, but then you have to put up with bugs and lags even on such a productive hardware. At the moment, the tablet is sold with iOS 10. Honestly, I would try to give up the laptop altogether for a week in favor of a bunch of iPad Pro keyboards, I think I could. And it would be interesting to mount the in order to understand how realistic it is to work not just with text and on the Internet, but also with demanding tasks.

Specifications iPad Pro 10.5

  • Dimensions: 250 x 174 x 6.1 mm.
  • Weight: 469 g.
  • Operating System: iOS 10.2.
  • Processor: six-core Apple A10X.
  • Graphics: PowerVR Series 7XT.
  • Display: 9.7 inches, 2224 x 1668 pixels, 264 PPI.
  • Memory: 64 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB.
  • RAM: 4 GB.
  • Cameras: main. 12 MP, front. 7 MP.
  • Wireless technologies: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2.
  • Interface connectors: 3.5 mm for headphones, Lightning-connector, Smart Connector.
  • Battery: 30.4 Wh

The autonomy of the tablet remained unchanged. From one charge, it can survive on average 10 hours of use. According to personal feelings, there are no problems with this; I have enough for any tasks.

I note two more points that I really liked. The first is cameras. Both the main and the front ones migrated from the iPhone 7: 12 and 7 MP, respectively.

Unless without optical stabilization. Expectedly, the photos ands are of excellent quality, especially for the tablet.

The second is sound. As before, the iPad Pro has 4 speakers. They were cool before, but I can’t stop wondering how such a thin and compact device can sound like that. Loud, clear, juicy. Watching clips,s on YouTube and movies is a pleasure.

Honestly, I stopped using the iPad a long time ago, and looking at some other top-end tablets, I thought that the cost of the new product would be more. The basic version of 64 GB will cost 650 without taxes (700-800 with us). Cost iPad Pro 10.5, by the way, you can see here. For comparison, the main competitor, Samsung Tab S3, will cost 800 or more for the version with 32 GB of storage. So I can’t call the iPad expensive.

In general, Apple fellows, they were able to reanimate the tablet, however, to a greater extent due to software that is not yet available. I recommend purchasing the iPad Pro 10.5 starting in the fall, by which time it might just get a little cheaper.