How Much Can A Red-Eared Turtle Without Water

Among lovers of domestic turtles, the most popular species is freshwater red-eared or, as it is also called, yellow-bellied tortoise. It is unpretentious and great for keeping at home. However, one should know how to properly care for this reptile, and what conditions must be created for its long life. If necessary care is provided, then the red-eared tortoise can live 20-40 years.

Trachemys have one important feature that all those who want to get this animal in the house need to know. The red-eared turtle spends most of the time in the water of the aquarium. Therefore, the water should be clean and warm at all times. But, like water, turtles also need land. At the same time, this place should be warm and ultraviolet rays should fall on it.

Sometimes the owners, unknowingly, do not provide these conditions for their pet, which can cause illness and even death of the turtle. Indeed, various infections quickly develop in dirty water, in the absence of heat and UV rays, the turtle does not absorb calcium and begins to hurt, and its carapace becomes crooked.

Let’s look at what care for a red-eared turtle should be, and how much it can live without water.

Care and maintenance of the Red-eared Turtle

Many owners are wondering if the red-eared turtle can live without water. By nature, red-eared turtles are aquatic reptiles that need land to rest there and warm themselves. They also feed in water. Therefore, on land a turtle can spend no more than two to three days without damage to its health. Moreover, there is a certain dependence: the younger the turtle, the less time it should spend on land, as young individuals without water can quickly die.

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To maintain a red-eared turtle, a spacious aquaterrarium of up to 150 liters is required. There is a misconception that for a small turtle a small aquarium will be enough. But we must remember that the turtle grows quickly and in order to swim and freely turn over to the turtle at the age of, for example, 10 years, much more space is needed than a young individual. Therefore, in the aquarium, the thickness of the water should be at least 40-50 cm.

Water in the aquaterrarium should be regularly replaced by 30-40% of the total. Install a filter in the aquarium that helps keep the water clean, because the red-eared turtle is a big mess. In addition, it is necessary to install a heater in the aquarium to maintain the temperature within 22-28 ° C. If the temperature drops below 20 ° C, the turtle will become lethargic, stop eating, and may become sick.

Sometimes a two-level island is equipped in the water tanks: its upper part is located above the surface of the water, and the lower part is at such a level under water so that the head of the turtle sitting on it is higher than the water level.

An island of sushi must be heated with a UV lamp: the temperature on it should be about 10 ° C higher than in water. The lamp should not be placed too low above the island: the tortoise may get burns from overheating. In addition, such a lamp should have protection against moisture and water vapor.

As you can see, the answer to the question is whether it is possible to keep the red-eared turtle without water, only negative. Freshwater reptiles need both water and land.

How Much Can A Red-Eared Turtle Without Water

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