How Much Can A Red-Eared Turtle Without Water

Trachemys tortoise is an amphibian that spends more time in the water, but sometimes creeps out to dry land to warm up and sunbathe. They also need them, like water. Without sunbaths, which support her vital functions, she simply will not be able to lead an active lifestyle. If the ambient temperature is too low, then it can fall into hibernation, thereby saving itself from the cold.

Despite its unpretentiousness, for the maintenance of turtles at home, you need to know certain requirements that apply to home care. Firstly, you need to have a separate corner, spacious enough so that the turtle can actively move. Secondly, there should be enough water in this corner, but there was also a heated land. Heating, as a rule, is provided by an incandescent lamp. In addition, you need a quartz lamp to irradiate the turtle with ultraviolet rays, which is very important, otherwise it can get rickets. For normal development, the pet needs to provide a varied menu, which should include a variety of foods, both animal and plant origin.

At first glance, they are slow and unlikely to be able to leave their corner in order to explore the adjacent territory, but this is far from the case. If the surface allows, for example, a wooden one, then turtles can climb to any height and escape. But given the fact that aquariums are usually made of glass and at a certain height of the walls of the aquarium, they are unlikely to be able to do this. There is only one option left – these are children. They can take turtles to play with them and just play enough, forget about them. In such cases, they may face several dangers: lack of water, a long stay in uncomfortable conditions associated with a lower temperature, and various injuries.

If the turtle crawls somewhere at the floor level and the temperature is low enough, then after cooling its body, it may fall into hibernation or simply lose its activity and it will be very difficult to find.

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As for injuries, it’s quite possible

And yet, the main danger is the lack of water, without which turtles can live without problems for their health no more than 2-3 hours. In this period of time, they definitely need to plunge into the water, otherwise the shell will dry up, as a result of which microcracks may appear on the shell, and after them various diseases. So that nothing happens with the pet, it should not be exposed to extreme conditions.

How long will the fugitives live?

This experience did not force immediately to carefully examine all the "toys" in the aquaterrarium? On them, these grasping and dexterous, despite the apparent immobility, creatures can climb to any height and fall to the floor, and then quickly scatter into dark corners?

Then you need to add that it is very dangerous for the health of eared turtles to stay in the air, not having the opportunity to plunge into the water more than 2-3 hours. Why?

This type of turtles is amphibian, in nature they need fresh water, dense vegetation, places where they could bask in the sun, and to build nests.

What if the turtle managed to escape?

  1. First you need to put a bowl with water, and next to a bowl with your favorite food. It cannot be that fresh and clear water could not interest this amphibian, and even more so, your favorite food. They have excellent eyesight and are able to notice refreshments from a long distance.
  2. If there is no reaction, and about 2 hours have passed since the escape, then you need to fill several dishes with water and place them in different places, such as dark corners, the space under the sofa, bed, under the table, this is necessary so that the turtle can find the nearest water and at least a little bit, but stay in it.
  3. A few hours without water can adversely affect her health: both the shell and the skin can suffer. Under such conditions, the casing of the shell may begin, and delicate skin will begin to crack, as a result of which microcracks may appear on the skin, which will heal for a long time.
  4. If time runs out, but the turtle does not appear, then it is desirable to intensify the search by looking at all potentially dangerous places, because the pet could just fall into the “trap”, despite the fact that they are able to actively move around and overcome obstacles.
  5. The turtle can simply lurk in a secluded place. As a result of active searches, you can establish contact with the turtle. If she sees that they are approaching her, she will certainly react to this by giving a peculiar signal in the form of a whistle or clicks.
  6. If the adult turtle falls unsuccessfully onto the shell, then it will be very difficult for her to stand up, especially if there will be any interference nearby.
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Some tips

  • You should not put the aquarium in direct sunlight, because overheating is possible, and this will also negatively affect its health. The aquarium should be divided into zones: a heating and eating area and a bathing area, while the temperature is maintained at an optimal level in one or another zone.
  • It is not advisable to install an aquarium in drafts.
  • There should be 2 thermometers in the aquarium: one thermometer controls the temperature of the water, the other – the air temperature on the island.
  • The diet may include food of plant and animal origin, and give such food in turn.
  • The feed is installed only during feeding. After eating, the dishes are cleaned with leftover food so that it does not get into the water.
  • It is desirable that a powerful filter for purifying water be installed in the aquarium. If there is no filter, it is advisable to change the water every 2-3 days. The fact is that turtles recover in water, and if we take into account that the water temperature is around 25 ° C, then the rapid development of microorganisms is possible.
  • Turtles need bathing, followed by cleaning the shell of dirt and algae.
  • In the summer, when the temperature rises above 20 ° C, turtles can be taken out to fresh air for sunbathing. For these purposes, you can use the inflatable pool, setting it with a slope so that there is little land.
  • If it is not possible to stand in the sun, then turtles can be irradiated with an ultraviolet lamp, moreover, this procedure must be done regularly, otherwise rickets may appear.
  • You should not put all kinds of snags and sticks into the water for the interior of the aquarium. Due to the fact that the water is warm, the tree begins to decompose quickly and spoil the water.
  • It should not be attached to the neighbors’ turtles, in the form of aquarium fish. Turtles are very fond of fish, and will not mind eating it, therefore, soon they will catch and eat them.
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In conclusion, I want to say that whoever they bring home, they need care, constant attention and constant costs. As a rule, children insist on such a choice, and parents cannot refuse them, and they do it right, since such a living corner of the house not only acquaints children with the animal world, but also contributes to the formation of a certain worldview based on love for our younger brothers . But this does not mean in any way that, having satisfied the wishes of his child, the worldview will develop by itself. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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