How Much Built-in Memory Is In Iphone 6s

Apple did it again. the most affordable version of the iPhone 6s is equipped with only 16 gigabytes of internal memory. The microSD card slot, of course, is not in the smartphone, as in any other iPhone. The 64 GB version of the iPhone 6s is significantly more expensive. Is it worth it to buy a 16-gigabyte iPhone 6s in order to save money, and how to live with such an amount of internal memory. we will figure out the survival guide with the “smallest” apple smartphone.

With the iPad Pro and the new Apple TV, the company recognizes that 16 GB is not enough for the modern user. For each device, the amount of internal memory starts at 32 GB. So far, Apple has not increased the minimum volume in regular iPad and iPhone. The reason is trivial. the 16/64/128 GB line is more profitable for the manufacturer than the logical 32/64/128 GB. With a noticeable gap between 16 and 64 gigabytes, Apple is easier to convince buyers to choose iPhone 6s with more memory, making, respectively, more profit. However, a brand new iPhone with 16 GB of memory may well be the right choice if you are ready for certain compromises.

How Much Built-in Memory Is In Iphone 6s

Cost-effective iOS 9

The programmers of iOS 9 have noticeably worked on the working scheme of the operating system with the built-in memory available on the iPhone. The good news is for owners of previous models of apple smartphones with 16 GB, which are waiting for an upgrade to iOS 9 next week, and for future owners of the budget model of the brand new iPhone 6s.

Firstly, iOS 9 itself requires just 1.5 GB of memory. iOS 8 eats up more than 4.5 gigabytes. So with the update (iPhone 6s works on the “nine” out of the box), a smartphone with 16 GB will free up by no means three extra gigabytes.

Secondly, in iOS 9 there is a function of “drying up” applications, when only the code necessary for the application to work on the iPhone is downloaded to the smartphone.

Thirdly, during the upgrade process, iOS 9 removes installed applications to free up space, and then installs them automatically. Thus, you do not need to manually clear the memory for the update.

12 megapixel photos and 4ks in iPhone 6s

Some functions in iOS 9 and iPhone 6s require a lot of memory, they will have to be avoided. Or, at least, worry about increasing the amount of memory (about the methods. below). 4k recording and Live Photos are some of the most “gluttonous” features. HDR photographs also take up more space than conventional snapshots. Slow motion storage (slow-mo) is another reliable way to quickly run out of memory in the iPhone 6s.

If you like to record 4ks and make Live Photos, then 16 GB will fly by. over, you will not have these 16. iOS 3 itself takes about 3 gigabytes, add a couple more gigabytes to applications, a few simple toys and data. In total, only 10-11 free gigabytes of memory will be available. Even 12-megapixel photos and 5-megapixel selfies take up a lot of space in the smartphone’s memory.

There are two options. either confine yourself to shooting low-resolution photos ands, or regularly save 4ks and Live Photos somewhere outside (on a computer, to the cloud storage). A non-trivial option is to compress photos using a special application, for example PhotoShrinker.

iPhone 6s 16 GB: choose streaming music and

You should not download the fresh season of your favorite series in Full HD or the entire music collection on the iPhone 6s. Most likely, the first one simply does not have enough free memory. The way out is to listen to music through a streaming service (Apple Music, Yandex.Music, Guvera). The same applies to movies / TV shows.

The second option is to reasonably limit yourself. A hundred or two songs, a couple of films in 720p. After a few days, films can be replaced with fresh ones, and the music collection updated.

Remove unnecessary applications

From time to time, you should get rid of applications that you no longer use. You can reinstall them from the App Store at any time, if necessary. However, if you did not run the application for a couple of months, then almost certainly you just do not need it, and it takes up space. A list of unnecessary applications can be viewed by going to Settings. “Basic.” “Statistics”. “Storage”.

Please note that the list of applications installed on the iPhone or iPad indicates how much memory a particular application “eats”.

Cloud storage

If you don’t want to spend far more than thousands of rubles on an additional 48 GB of memory built into the iPhone 6s, then cloud storage will come in handy. You don’t have to go far. Apple iCloud is “wired” into iOS, offering 5 GB for free. Apple recently lowered the price of buying additional space in the “apple” clouds. Now for only 1 a month (99 cents, to be exact), frugal owners of iPhone 6s and other smartphones with 16 GB get 50 GB for remote storage of photos,s and other files. Three dollars a month. and at your service is already 200 GB of iCloud, and for the top ten generous company promises a terabyte in the cloud.

However, you can not limit yourself to iCloud. Other companies offer cloud storage services. Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, 4sync, Microsoft, Mail.Ru, etc. Choose the wallet of your choice.

Your computer is the best friend of the iPhone 6s with 16 GB

In addition to cloud storage, we strongly recommend using a regular computer or laptop as a “external storage”. All your 12-megapixel photos and 4ks will fit there. At the same time, it is convenient to separate the grains from the chaff on the big screen, and delete unsuccessful pictures ands.