How Many Times Do I Need To Charge A New Phone

Today we have to figure out how to properly charge the smartphone battery. Are there any features of this process? Many people claim that the quality of the telephone battery will depend on the correctness of this procedure. Is it really? What theories regarding battery charging for mobile devices exist? Can any of them be called true? The answers to these questions will be offered for attention further!

How Many Times Do I Need To Charge A New Phone

First charge. calibration

Almost all buyers of mobile devices think about how to properly charge a smartphone’s battery for the first time. They attach great importance to this process. It is generally accepted that the first charge of a telephone battery is its calibration.

Is it really? To some extent, yes. The quality and duration of the smartphone directly depends on the correct charging of the mobile device. Nevertheless, it is not entirely clear how to proceed after purchasing a new mobile. In total there are several theories to resolve this question. They will be described later.

Generally accepted rules

How to charge a new smartphone battery? There are several options for the development of events. But there are the most common tips.

Often, when buying mobile devices with a battery, sellers advise to completely discharge the gadget, and then charge it. Repeat this algorithm 3 times. It is this theory that is used by most buyers. How correct is it? And what other battery calibration techniques do mobile phones have?

Half day

How to charge the smartphone battery? The following theory says that the device must be discharged immediately after purchase. Further, in the off state, it should be charged 12 hours. When the battery is fully charged, direct current charging will occur.

These manipulations need to be carried out only once. After that, the phone is allowed to charge normally.

All day long

How to charge the smartphone battery? The next tip is somewhat reminiscent of the previous algorithm of actions. Some people believe that mobile phones should be discharged 100% immediately after purchase (before turning it off). Next, you will need to charge the device in the off state for 24 hours. And no less!

How many times does a smartphone undergo such manipulations? Only one. After such a long charge, the battery will calibrate and will work normally. It can be recharged in normal mode.

Full cycle without shutting down

But that’s not all! Thinking about how to properly charge the smartphone’s battery (the first, most important time), you can come across a huge variety of theories.

Some believe that you do not need to turn off your mobile device while charging. As well as for a long time to keep the device connected to the network. It is enough to completely discharge the smartphone and charge it. The process is repeated 3 times. In this case, it is important to include the gadget in the network before it disconnects.

Without “pumping”

How to charge the smartphone battery for the first time? In addition to all of these theories, one can come across the assumption that modern batteries do not need calibration.

People who adhere to this point of view indicate the need for regular work with the gadget. That is, when you turn on the device for the first time, it is discharged and then charged at the usual pace. No intentional active use is required to quickly discharge the battery.

About cycles

So what to believe? As you can already see, people build a variety of theories around the topic under study. But there is no unequivocal opinion among them.

How to charge the smartphone battery? Much depends on which battery is installed in the mobile device. Today there are Ni-MH and Li-On batteries. The second type of battery is much more common.

For Ni-MH batteries, it is important to discharge the device and then charge it at least 5 times. So many cycles will be required for calibration. Li-On batteries require a repetition of 2-3 cycles. This is enough for “pumping” gadget.

Overdischarge. it is harm

How to charge the smartphone battery? The following advice should be followed by all customers, no matter what battery is in the phone.

During “pumping” The battery needs to discharge the smartphone completely. Preferably before turning it off. But as soon as the calibration is completed, you will have to monitor the energy of the device. Overdischarge is harmful to any battery. Therefore, it is necessary to charge a mobile phone when the battery has only 5-10% of energy.

Some modern gadgets remind users of the need to connect to the network at 15% charge. For example, Samsung has such a function. This technique will help extend the life of any type of battery.


Overcharging a mobile device also harms the battery. It is important not to allow it. This means that after 100% charge it is necessary to disconnect the mobile phone from the network as soon as possible. Otherwise, the calibration will fail and will not work. The device will start to discharge quickly.

It is noted that “relatives” Chargers do not allow recharging. Phones themselves can control the flow of energy. But when using Chinese chargers, it is necessary to disconnect mobile devices with one hundred percent charge.


How to charge the smartphone battery? Next tip. it is an alternation of complete and incomplete cycles. First, the device needs to be charged at 100%, then at 80-90, then again at 100.

It is advisable to carry out such manipulations after 3 (or 5) complete charge cycles. Otherwise, battery calibration may fail.

Long wait

There are tips for those who do not plan to use a mobile device in the near future. In order to maintain battery performance, you must remove it from the gadget. You need to store it in a cool place.

If the smartphone is not planned to be used in the near future, you need to turn it off when the battery has approximately 40% energy left. It is in this condition that the battery must be stored until the next use of the mobile device.

So how to properly charge a new smartphone battery? Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that theories are complete. But none of them has real evidence.

Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to the following algorithm of actions:

  1. Turn on your mobile phone immediately after purchase.
  2. Discharge it completely (up to 0%).
  3. Connect to the network and wait for a full charge. It is advisable that the device be turned off.
  4. Turn on the gadget and repeat the procedure 3 times.

It is this procedure that will help maintain the quality of Li-On batteries. accurate process information can be obtained from the seller. Typically, sales managers always advise their customers and suggest how to properly calibrate the battery of a device.


Now it’s clear how to properly charge the smartphone’s battery. This operation usually raises a lot of questions. Not every modern person knows how to properly calibrate a battery.

Incorrect battery charging leads to the fact that after several months of using a mobile phone, you have to look for a new battery. Modern gadgets are already known for not working for long. Especially when it comes to the Android operating system. And incorrect calibration makes working with a smartphone short. Sometimes a violation of the rules of the first charge leads to the fact that it is possible to work with a mobile phone only when it is connected to the network.

In any case, now all the features of calibrating the batteries of modern gadgets are known to us. Even after “buildup” batteries will have to follow certain rules for saving energy on the phone. Otherwise, problems cannot be avoided.

These recommendations apply to all smartphones. Some mobile devices have non-removable batteries. For the owners of such devices, proper calibration and further charging of the phone plays an important role. After all, replacing a faulty battery under such circumstances will bring a lot of problems.

What to do with numerous unconfirmed theories regarding how to properly charge mobile batteries? Forget about them. Experimenting with modern gadgets is not recommended. They do not work too long already. And ruining the batteries with improper actions. this is a bad idea! After all, now you know how to properly charge a new smartphone battery!