How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Feed A Red-Eared Turtle

Trachemys is the most common type of domestic tortoise. This reptile is medium in size, interesting in color and has a fairly high level of intelligence. In reason, it surpasses many other species of its own kind.

What to feed

Under natural conditions, eared ears mainly feed on crustaceans, fry, small fish, as well as insects and snails. Reptiles also need plant foods.

At home, it can be fed with various types of purchased food. It is important that the pet’s food is varied, so it should be added to the diet and natural food. It is worth noting that this type of turtles needs to be fed with water, as they are not able to produce saliva on their own.

How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Feed A Red-Eared Turtle

How much and how often do you need to feed the red-eared turtle?

It is difficult to answer both of these questions unequivocally: it all depends on the size of the pet, age, and also the feed that the reptile eats.
To begin, consider young turtles, that is, up to a year old. Feed them worth every day purchased food. However, it is necessary to give vegetable feed: vegetables, herbs, fruits, even if the pet will refuse at first.

It is worth trying to feed the turtle with a bloodworm, you can start to introduce water crustaceans into the diet. The amount of food for young turtles also differs from its amount for older adults of this species. They should receive about fifty percent (50%) of protein in food daily. Therefore, feeding artificial feed alone will not be enough.

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To cover such a lack of nutrition, the owner of the reptile needs to add turtles – guppy-type fish, possibly earthworms and insects, to the menu. Some experts say that even at such a young age, your pet can eat cooked meat or minced meat with pleasure. However, introducing this food into the diet is worth it gradually.

Since the feed may vary, you need to carefully select the brand specifically designed for your pet. Namely: according to his age and size. It is important to know that young representatives of this type of reptile need additional fertilizing with vitamins, about this it is worth consulting with a breeder or veterinarian.

Only with proper feeding, red-eared turtles will be able to grow and develop normally.

As for adult red-eared turtles (over one year old), the percentage of artificial feed in the diet should be at least ten (10%) and not more than twenty-five (25%).

It is worth adding vegetable food gradually (for turtles older than a year, these are lettuce, dandelion, cabbage and pieces of fresh cucumber). All this must be given, even if the pet initially refuses. It is possible and even necessary to give the turtle boiled or raw meat of chicken or beef.

How Many Times A Day Do You Need To Feed A Red-Eared Turtle

Some experts suggest giving the red-eared turtle raw meat of low-fat fish, but previously boiled (about a minute) in boiling water. Small aquarium fish can be given both in crushed form and alive, however, it is worth measuring the size of live bait with the size of a turtle.

Feed the reptile, whose age is from a year to two, should be every other day. And an older pet, starting at the age of two, needs to be fed once every two or even three days. But this, again, also depends on the individual characteristics of the reptile.

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The tortoise, whose age has reached three years, begins to feed more and more on algae. To make the aquarium look aesthetically pleasing, aquatic plants should be grown in a place separate from the reptile.

It is important not to overfeed the pet, but at the same time not to leave it without the vitamins it needs. Any reptile feed must be of high quality and fresh. Frozen food should first be thawed and warmed to room temperature.

Food for turtles of all ages should be thrown directly into the water, however, it is important to correctly calculate the amount of food, otherwise the unfinished food will rot in the water, after which it will need to be changed.

You should feed the reptile in the daytime, as they are active during the day. With the correct calculation of the age, size, characteristics of the red-eared turtle and the selection of food, the owner will have a healthy and happy pet.

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