How Many Sim Cards In Iphone 11 Pro

In 2017, a pair of mobile operators on board is the norm. Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6, Xiaomi Mi6 and other Android devices support two SIM cards. iPhone no.

Answer the question “Why?” I can not. Apparently, this is the position of Apple or It was Apple’s position. We discuss.

Why you may need 2 SIM cards

Here are three scenarios that I use myself:

  • Additional number for work or personal life
  • The second SIM with inexpensive and high-quality Internet
  • Map of your local service provider abroad

To do this, I use the second button phone Nokia 230, as well as a mobile Wi-Fi router.

How Many Sim Cards In Iphone 11 Pro

You can also use the second SIM for low-cost calls abroad, a SIM-pair of the main card for work (a feature for Ukraine) and so on. A lot of options.

# 128736; How to use 2nd SIM with iPhone today

1. Special device

There are devices for the iPhone that allow you to use two SIMs at once. An example is NeeCoo Bluetooth V4.0.

  1. Insert the SIM card into NeeCoo, turn on the device.
  2. Connect NeeCoo to iPhone via Settings as a regular Bluetooth device.
  3. Download the free Card app from the App Store.
  4. Run the program and go through the initial setup.

Now all incoming calls and SMS that go to the SIM in this device will be transferred to the iPhone.

Buy NeeCoo via GearBest for 1 974.67 rubles.

2. Additional telephone

If you need a full-fledged smart device to work with the second SIM, you can give preference to another iPhone or Android-smartphone. Otherwise, a regular dialer is enough for you.

My colleague, Roma Yuryev, used the inexpensive Xiaomi Mi Max tablet phone as the second handset, and I preferred the Nokia 230 push-button phone.

Since I use a Wi-Fi router through inexpensive mobile Internet, and I don’t need another full-fledged computer in my pocket, the usual phone is enough.

3. Mobile Wi-Fi router

If the mobile Internet of the main operator does not suit you, you can pay attention to the portable router. As an option. Yota. In general, all Russian operators have full analogues.

  1. Turn on the Yota router.
  2. Connect to the Yota router with the iPhone through the “Settings” as a regular Wi-Fi network.
  3. Use it.

Up to eight devices can be connected to such a mobile Wi-Fi router.

Buy Yota Router at the office website for 2 900 rubles.

P.S. It is hoped that the iPhone will receive 2 SIM in 2018

In recent reports, Ming-Chi Kuo emphasizes that in 2018 the iPhone will receive support for two SIMs at once.

Next year, Intel XMM 7560 and Qualcomm Snapdragon X20 modems, which support 4×4 MIMO technology, will be installed on Apple smartphones. It will allow the iPhone to work with two 4G mobile networks at the same time.

Based on this information, an analyst at KGI Securities concludes that there are two SIMs in the iPhone. But to be sure of this is 100% impossible.

In addition, the second card in the iPhone may be eSIM. a universal virtual SIM option. This is used in the Apple Watch Series 3, but local operators do not work with it.

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Two sim cards. two phones.

@molegan, support.
How many times have I seen poor fellows who have 2 sims in the tube, when the battery runs out or breaks the screen, both the lichki and the workers are deprived.
Yes, and mix work and personal life is not worth it at all.

@neomorfix, I often have a situation where I find myself abroad for a week and a half, where in 100% of cases I buy a local SIM card. But since there is only one phone, it is terribly inconvenient when you need to insert an old SIM card (and this also has to be done periodically).
Since I still go abroad and not very often, I endure it, but in general it makes me happy. If there were a working ordinary, I don’t know what I would do. I’m much more comfortable with one phone, with two it was like. so-so

when the battery is discharged or the screen is broken, both the personalities and the workers lose.
when you have one phone and one SIM card, and the battery runs out. the same case, so there’s no difference

Yes, and mix work and personal life is not worth it at all.
it’s not at all clear what you mean. With two phones, they can also call both at the same time. If you need to disable one, go to the settings and turn off the desired SIM card.

NeeCoo rare shit, bought, tried, since lying around in the table.
Constantly falling off the phone. Not even when you know whether he will accept the call or not. Noise during a conversation if you did.

@StrongTequila, let me disagree with you, I’ve been walking with this device for about a year now, it’s happy with everything, it rarely falls off and when the button is pressed in your pocket (usually when you squat down). There are no noises, everything is absolutely clear, charging lasts for 3 days. A very convenient thing. I’m not going to refuse.
The only negative is that the glass cracked, but it’s my fault, I dropped it.