How Many Popular Species Of Turtles Live

The life span of turtles depends on the content and characteristics of the species. In the natural environment, reptiles live longer. In captivity, people often make mistakes that greatly reduce their lifespan. However, in nature, reptiles face other problems: predatory animals and hunters. And also people pollute nature and cut down forests, which affects the quality and life expectancy of turtles. Thus, reptiles rarely survive to natural death.

How Many Popular Species Of Turtles Live

How many turtles live

The larger the reptiles, the longer. This is due to the long processes taking place in the body. Reptiles can stop the heartbeat.

The age is different for each species, so find out what type of bug you have.


Land live for 30-120 years. There are species of different sizes: from 10 cm to a meter. They are distinguished by spliced ​​fingers and a rounded shell. In small species, the lifespan is 30 years in an aquarium and 80 years in nature. Large turtles 30–50 years old in captivity and up to 150 years old in natural conditions. How many years have the popular land turtles lived in home terrariums:

  1. Mediterranean – 35–40;
  2. musky – 23–28;
  3. Central Asian – up to 30;
  4. Balkan to 50;
  5. Indian (star) – up to 30.
  6. Egyptian – 30.

Life expectancy depends on the content of the land turtle.


Like land, aquatic species at home will live half as much as in nature. How old do turtles live on average:

Little turtles

Size up to 13 cm.

  1. three-keel – 20–25;
  2. spotted – 30–40;
  3. musky – up to 23;
  4. Pond Reeves – up to 58;
  5. silt – 50-60;
  6. common musk – 23.
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How to determine age

Find out how many years the tortoise lives by looking at the shell. The length increases by 2 cm with each passing year. A turtle with a 3-cm carapace is born. Measure the length of the shell, subtract 3, divide the resulting number by 2. So, the age of a reptile with a shell of 5 cm in length is 1 year, 15 cm – 6 years.


In each plate that separates the carapace, there are annual rings. Over the first 2 years of life, land species form 6 annual rings. After that, 1-2 rings are added every year. Count the rings on one plate of the shell, subtract 6, divide by 1.5 and add 2. After counting 20 rings, you can find out that the animal is 11 years old.

How Many Popular Species Of Turtles Live


The inhabitants of the waters annually added to 1 annual ring. Count the number of rings on the plate and take the first 2 years of life. In older individuals, the pattern is fuzzy and blurry.

How to extend the life of a turtle

  1. Acquiring a decorative reptile, learn about the natural environment in which his relatives live and about his preferences.
  2. Make a varied diet, consider all the necessary minerals and vitamins.
  3. Take care that the turtle does not live closely in the tank. For an adult of medium size, select a vessel with a volume of 100 liters or more.
  4. A reptile should live only in a fully equipped aquarium. Pets live less in containers and boxes.
  5. Equip the aquarium with the necessary equipment: a water filter, an ultraviolet lamp and a heater.
  6. Bathe the animal at least once a week. The duration of water procedures is no more than half an hour. Aquatic species live in aquariums with a small pond and islet.
  7. Maintain air temperature at the level of 31–33 degrees, water – 20–24 degrees.
  8. Be careful in handling the reptile, do not drop the animal and do not frighten with sharp sounds. If children play with the pet, adults should observe the process.
  9. If you notice anything strange in the behavior or appearance of the reptile, do not delay the veterinarian examination. Refusal of food, a change in the shape of the shell, lethargy, the appearance of tumors and ulcers are signs of the disease.
  10. When buying new armored reptiles, quarantine them for a month. At this time, the future neighbor should live separately.
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How many turtles live without water

Adults and healthy reptiles do without water and food for 2-3 days. Too long without water leads to dehydration. Herbivorous turtles live without drinking if the diet contains a lot of juicy greens and the animal regularly takes baths.


  1. Do not keep reptiles of different species in the same terrarium.
  2. If the reptile escaped from the aquarium and cannot be found, place a bowl of water and your favorite food in the room. Turtles have good eyesight, they will quickly respond to treats and water.
  3. Remember that the depth of the pond should allow the animal to easily stick its head out and keep it on the surface.
  4. Install two thermometers in the aquarium: one for water and one for air.
  5. While bathing, clean the shell with a soft sponge. Brushes injure the animal.

The longest-lived turtles: an elephant named Garietta, who lived 175 years, and the radiant Madagascar Tui Malila, who lived 192 years. Domestic species do not live for so long, but for a long time please their owners.

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