How Many Hours Charges Wireless Headphones

Whether you like it or not, the headphone jacks, or rather the wires, will always change. In this regard, Bluetooth wireless headphones are the future of audio technology. No wires, just an indicator, a power button and a small charging port. But how many bluetooth headphones charge? Let’s figure it out.

Bluetooth is the future

Fans of classic wired headphones can, of course, resist modern innovations, but for most of us, wireless communication is now more than a gift of modern technology. They are easy to use, affordable, and the quality of these devices only improves over time.

When you hear the term wireless headphones, it means Bluetooth headphones. Especially if your device does not have a headphone jack, then bluetooth is the best option for listening to music without using wires.

But, when using any wireless device, you will need to charge it periodically, unlike standard wired ones. In this article, we will consider how to properly charge bluetooth headphones of various brands, as well as how long it takes.


A very popular brand specializing in the production of both classic and wireless headphones. According to the manufacturer, his bluetooth headphones allow you to enjoy high-quality sound up to 10 hours of continuous playback and up to 100 hours of maintaining a full charge of the device in standby mode. But to achieve such high performance, you need to perform high-quality charging of Beats Wireless wireless headphones. Before using the device (even if it’s new and has just been unpacked), follow these steps to fully charge your mini speakers:

  • Plug the Micro-USB cable into the micro-port under the left cup.
  • Connect the other end of the USB port to a similar socket on your computer or any other USB charger (power supply for charging from a 220V network).
How Many Hours Charges Wireless Headphones

Typically, the main charge time for an empty battery takes more than 1 hour. During charging, the indicator lights up in red. After fully charged, the light will turn green. Disconnect the gadget from charging and you can begin to continuously listen to music or talk on the phone, using headphones as a headset (if they have a microphone). Is it possible to charge Beats headphones from a bluetooth socket? Yes, use the appropriate power supply for this.


Motorola is also a fairly well-known global manufacturer of mobile devices, which has recently taken a course towards the development of a new direction. headphone bluetooth.

To charge the wireless headphones from Motorola, you must perform the following steps:

  • Connect the Motorola charger to the end of one of the headphones.
  • Plug in the charger.
  • When the battery is charging, the indicator lights up, but not immediately. it may take 1 to 3 minutes before the LED indicates the start of charging.
  • When the headphone battery is fully charged (about 2-3 hours), the indicator goes off.
  • Disconnect the charger.
  • Why do these models require a longer charge time? It all depends on the battery capacity. Motorola produces more powerful batteries that allow you to enjoy quality music even longer.

    Battery life for wireless headphones is different, but the manufacturer JBL claims that its wireless device will allow you to listen to music for at least 20-30 hours in a row.

    Bluetooth headphones are powered by their own built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Gadgets with false “ears” have a place for a large battery that is charged via a standard USB cable. For “bluetooth” type headphones, the connection is stationary on a rigid basis, less battery life. If you use a small and neat headset with a microphone, you will also need constant charging, but nevertheless usually such “plugs” can offer about eight hours of continuous operation.

    JBL also boasts a large series of flexible wireless headphones, where both parts are separated from each other. such devices will work continuously from 3 to 5 hours. As a rule, they come with their special charging case, which has a built-in small bank.

    The charging procedure for most gadgets is similar to the brands described above: we connect the cable to the headphones and charge, wait a certain time, look at the indication, turn off, listen to music.

    How to charge bluetooth jbl headphones? For separate instances using a charging case, the principle is slightly different:

    • Connect the case to charging and wait until the indicator lights up in green. Now the internal bank is charged.
    • Put the detachable headphones in the case so that the connector on the devices matches the corresponding recess in the case. Close the case.
  • Charging will start automatically and will last from 40 minutes to 2 hours.
  • If both the case and the headphones are discharged together, first carry out the 2nd, and then the 1st paragraph of this instruction. In this case, the headphones will be charged first, and then the bank.
  • Sony’s wireless models contain a fairly large capacity lithium-ion battery (depending on the specific model). At the same time, the factory micro-USB cable always comes with the device. How to charge the audio devices of this brand, read on:

    • Connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the device.
    • Plug the other end of the cable into a loaded computer or charger.
    • Make sure that you have correctly connected the plug of the micro-USB cable in the direction according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The red indicator on the device lights up.
  • Charging will last approximately 4 hours (depending on model)
  • How to understand that Sony’s bluetooth headphones are charged? The red indicator will turn off automatically.

    Sony basically prescribes a charge time of 4 hours for all its wireless sound devices with built-in batteries, in practice, the charge time will not exceed 2 hours.

    Precautions and Tips

    As with any device, when charging bluetooth headphones, you must follow certain safety measures so as not to spoil the device. Here is a brief reminder:

    • As a rule, almost all models of wireless headphones cannot be used while charging.
    • Charge the headset for at least 30 minutes before using it for the first time.
  • The headset may remain in the charger after fully charging without damage.
  • Wireless Bluetooth devices use a lithium-ion battery. this is an indispensable battery. If for some reason the device does not charge, you must contact the manufacturer’s service center, and not try to change the battery yourself, or even replace it with a battery of a different capacity / voltage.
  • In normal use (i.e. full charge, then use until fully discharged), the expected battery life is about 400 charges.
  • You can charge the wireless device via the USB port on a desktop PC or laptop. Charging speed depends on the capabilities of the USB ports of the PC (i.e. the generation of USB).
  • Remember that the volume level affects not only the discharge rate, but also the battery life. The louder your music plays, the shorter the battery life.
  • Graphs (tables) of battery life versus volume are given in the manufacturer’s manual. In this case, the manufacturer must indicate the optimal levels for each specific model.
  • How to charge bluetooth headphones without a main charger? Use a power bank, desktop PC or laptop using a standard cable.