How High Should A Tv Be?

Modern ultra-thin plasma and led TVs are much simpler and more convenient than their old counterparts. They do not take up much space in the house, they can be put anywhere, even more so. they do not even need a bedside table or a place in the “wall” of cabinets. Such a device can be hung on a special wall mount, thus saving space in the apartment.

True, this method of “installation” entails one huge question. at what height should I hang the TV? Indeed, unlike nightstands, wall fasteners cannot be rearranged so simply. you have to close up old holes in the wall, make new ones. All this is very dreary and not easy. In general, the experimental method is clearly not suitable. It is much easier, more convenient and more practical to use the advice of professionals from, which will definitely save you from mistakes.

Accurate miscalculation of the situation

If you want to calculate where it is better to hang the TV, you should consider two points. at what distance you will be really comfortable watching it (and the choice of the “fixing” wall depends on it) and how many centimeters from the floor should be before the screen starts.

The distance from the viewer to the screen depends on the screen diagonal you have chosen, in particular:

For a TV with a screen of 17 inches. about 1 meter;

For a TV with a 25-inch display, about 2 meters;

For 32-inch displays. about 2.5 meters;

For a TV with a screen of 37 inches. about 2.7 meters;

For 40-inch models. about 3 meters;

For 50-inch panels. about 4 meters;

For a TV with a screen of 55 inches. about 4.5 meters;

For larger screen models of 80 inches or more. from 6 meters.

There are also rules regarding the installation height. On average, according to medical research, 0.75-1 meters is considered the ideal distance from the bottom of the device to the floor. The position of the top panel is not so critical, however, if you are going to hang a model with a really large diagonal, you should still reduce the distance to 0.5-0.75 meters. so that the middle of the screen remains at a level comfortable for you.

Remember also that this is an arithmetic mean, and a slightly different value may be convenient for you. So, having marked the point selected on mathematical miscalculations on the wall, be sure to calculate the distance in an intuitive way. To do this, you need to sit down or lie down at the place where you plan to look at the TV screen, close your eyes for a minute and open them again. The point you are looking at is the perfect place for the middle of your display.

Experts are not so strict about installing TVs in the kitchen: it is believed that in this area of ​​the apartment, viewing usually turns into listening while you are busy cooking, so a person looks very little at the screen.

How high is the TV in the bedroom

For those who are not satisfied with these simple general recommendations, we have prepared tips for installing a TV in each individual zone in the apartment. Let’s start with the most popular place. the bedroom.

When installing a TV in this room, the most important thing to remember is that you will not look at the display while sitting or standing, but lying down, and if you make at least a little mistake with the height or tilt of the display, you will get constant discomfort and pain in the neck or head, and also difficulty falling asleep and sleeping in general. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow the installation rules:

Firstly, modern doctors recommend putting the TV in the bedroom at a distance of at least four TV diagonals (that is, slightly more than we indicated on the plate in the main part of the article);

Secondly, based on the small size of the bedroom, it is better to give preference to models with a small screen size and Full HD or HD resolution, so you reduce the load from the eyes, which means you can sleep normally after watching;

Thirdly, and this is the most important, the height of the TV mount in the case of a classic bed should be at a distance of about 0.5-0.75 meters from the floor. it is considered to be ideal for long-term viewing of TV without tension in the neck.

Fourth, it is worth remembering the height of your own bed: if you use a thin mattress, sofa or futon, the distance to the floor can be about half a meter, while for a sofa or high bed, a height of 1 meter can be chosen;

Well, the fifth rule is that for the bedroom it is worth choosing a fastening model with the ability to tilt and rotate. to further increase the comfort of the viewer.

At what height does the TV hang in the living room

If you are going to hang your TV on the wall in the living room, you should calculate the position on the wall not only for yourself, but also taking into account the number of people who will often watch it, as well as their personal comfort points. To do this, experts recommend resorting to the intuitive method described above.

It is worth noting that doing this is not for one, but for two, three, or five people at once. it’s a nervous and not the fastest thing, but it’s better to immediately find a common point than to suffer together later. If you can’t decide on anything, you can make an arithmetic average for the whole family or hang up a display at the level of one meter from the floor.

Another interesting way to determine the ideal place for everyone under the TV is by using a poster or a piece of paper the size of the screen of your chosen TV. You can fix it on the wall using mounting tape, hanging as many times as you need to find the same panel height that is suitable for each member of your family.

For those who do not like to use the “scientific poke” method, there are a few simple rules:

The height of the TV depends on the height of the furniture on which you plan to sit. The higher the height of your sofa or chair, the greater the distance between the floor and the bottom of the display will be;

There is a relationship between the height of the installation and the distance at which it is planned to watch TV. If you have a large living room, you should install the panel near the floor level. so you can comfortably look at the display from anywhere;

If you plan to use the TV also for playing games on the console (including active, sports, etc.), it is worth considering the comfort for a standing person. Simply put, in this case, you should hang the display slightly higher than usual.

At what height do I hang the TV in the kitchen?

As we said earlier, even many experts are relaxed in installing a display in the kitchen, but if you’re still used to watching TV shows / movies while cooking or having dinner, you should take this issue as seriously as choosing a place in bedroom or living room.

Firstly, you should decide whether you watch TV more often during cooking or dinner / lunch. In the first case, you should focus on the point of view of a standing person, in the second. on a seated viewer. It is quite natural that the height for comfortable viewing by a sitting viewer and him standing will vary significantly. Alas, to achieve the same convenience for both scenarios is not easy, and the only thing you can do in this situation to increase comfort is to choose a movable mount with the ability to easily change the height of the TV and the angle of its display.

By the way, a similar fastening is useful in other places in the apartment, unless it is a very small room in which it takes up most of the living space. in this case, it is still better to resort to using an extremely thin fixed frame.