How can I find iPhone by phone number

Search iPhone by phone number

Often we all find ourselves in a situation where you urgently need to find or track the iPhone. The reasons can be very different:

How to Backup iPhone Contacts

  • Theft or loss of phone
  • Desire to look after your child
  • Tracking the driver in commercial transport and many others.

It is necessary to need to, and if you take care of preparations in advance, the iPhone will be found. On the network you can find a lot of online services that provide iPhone search services, but most of them are no more than fake. However, there are those that really offer the necessary information.

How to find lost iPhone

For starters. Do not panic. The chances of returning the loss remain if you know exactly how to find the lost iPhone. Check the performance of the smartphone with banal ways. Try to call. It is also worth sending an SMS message with a request to return the device to the owner. This scheme works best when it comes to remuneration. Call the office of the mobile operator and temporarily block the SIM card. Without digital code, which directs banks and applications, the money will not be written off, and passwords can be selected at least indefinitely. Temporary blocking is free and removed by a repeated call to the “hot fishing line for trimmer”.

To limit access to social networks and applications of banks, change all possible passwords using a computer or other mobile device. So nothing will threaten the reputation and size of the purse of the owner of the iPhone. Calm down and think about where you walked for the last time, but you should not hope very much for a quick find if the smartphone is lost in a crowded place. If the owner went by taxi, it is worth contacting the dispatch service, perhaps the driver will find a smartphone under sitting. Also call your friends if until the loss of the loss was spent time visiting.

How to find a serial number?

Depending on the Apple device, the serial number can be applied to the case, it can be found in iTunes if synchronization was made, in the menu, in the settings. But if the device is far from you, all this data is useless. But providing the code is still required. In this case, another action plan is provided.

To help law enforcement agencies in the search, the number of the series of the device can be found:

  • On the original box in which you bought a mobile phone. Even if you purchased it not through the store, but from hand to hand, most likely he was in the same package. The barcode applied to it will help to find a series.
  • If there is still no such opportunity, when searching for iPhone, iPad, iPodtouch or iPod, pay attention to iTunes. Open the “devices” and find the numbers we need.
  • The program has never been activated, and the box was thrown out for a long time? A receipt will help you, a purchase check. Serial number is always indicated there.
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The next step is to remove all personal data. This is a necessary measure to ensure your security. Most likely, a personal phone contains a lot of information regarding your place of residence, the number of family members, not to mention access to electronic money. To avoid additional troubles, we remotely remove all the data. After this step, it is impossible to track a mobile device.

After all the information was erased, you can remove the iPhone from the account. You can’t do this. The blocking that you put out will be withdrawn and the attacker will be able to freely use your phone.

Next, we advise you to inform the operator that your number is no longer used by you and was stolen. Thus, you will protect yourself from possible accounts-because the SIM card can be used, for example, in roaming.

These actions will help you if the “Find iPhone” function was activated on the lost device. What to do if you did not include it?

How to look for a phone using the Find My iPhone function

As mentioned earlier, the iPhone has a program for finding a device. First of all, it must be activated. To do this, in the phone settings (the gears in the form of the gear is located on the main screen) Click the Apple ID identifier. It is located at the top of the menu and includes the name of the iPhone user and the photo (if it has previously loaded). It is necessary to authorize in the system, indicating the login and password of the iPhone.

In the devices that work on the old IOS version, there is no Apple ID section. The Find My iPhone function is to activate through the iCloud located in the second section of the menu.

Going to the Apple ID / iCloud section, scroll the menu to the “Find iPhone” item. The slider located opposite should be activated (glow green). It is also necessary to activate the option “Last geopolition”.

If earlier the “find iPhone” function was not activated, then finding the device with its help will not work. But you can protect information. This follows:

  • Change the password for the account on the iPhone. Without authorization, it is impossible to get data from the cloud storage in Apple ID and use IMessage or iTunes.
  • Change passwords to all accounts installed on the iPhone applications.
  • Inform the IPhone loss operator. It will turn off the account, preventing calls, sending messages and using data.

Special cases

One. If in the “Find iPhone” application, the device shines in “offline” mode, then it is not connected to the network. That is, it will not work to take some manipulation remotely. It remains only to wait until it is connected to the network. A message will come about the activation of the loss mode indicated during the registration of the email address.

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If the screen was blocked, you will have to wait not long. It is enough to knock down the settings to the factory or to flash the phone. After that, the device will be connected to the network again and the owner will be able to block it.

If the iPhone was not included in Touch ID, the loss mode is not activated, then the attacker will be able to use the device. At the same time, disconnect the search function, ITUNES recovery will not succeed. As well as change Apple id.

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The function “Find iPhone

This option is recommended to configure immediately after the purchase. Stages of activation:

  • Turn on the “Geolocation” button in “Settings” or on the upper working panel.
  • In “Settings”, click on the iCloud item → Translate the “Find iPhone” switch in a “vkl” state.

How to Find your phone NUMBER on iPhone

Now, with loss or theft, you can determine the location of the smartphone using a special program on a computer. Go to icloud to PC and run the application. If the gadget at this time is in the place where the network and the Internet are available, the alleged location will be indicated on the map. ICLOUD also allows you to remotely erase personal information, block access to folders.

True, attackers try to turn off this option in the first place, so that with the definition of geolocation it is worth hurrying. To complicate the task for them, block the keyboard and access to the menu with personal password.

Iphone is not online

If the abducted smartphone managed to turn off or has a battery village, then the search will be complicated. Stop utilities can show the last phone coordinates within an hour. But for its search you will need special tools.

Ihound app

The utility makes it possible to track the iPhone by signals that will radiate the gadget. The program needs to download on the App Store. Then:

Connect a monitoring device by introducing the specified information: serial number (IMEI), description.

How to find a friend’s iPhone through your iPhone, if Wi-Fi is included on the desired phone and IHOUND is installed:

GPS chip

Since finding a person by geolocation of the iPhone phone is more difficult, it is recommended to use the method as a last resort. It is important that the device is included in advance the specified function that transmits and accepts the GPS signal.

  • Place information (IMEI) in the database of stolen or lost iPhone;
  • Write a statement to the local police department;
  • Take advantage of the services of private organizations that search for smartphones.

Even if the attackers replaced the SIM card, the GPS signal will contain a unique code by which IMEI will determine.

find, iphone, phone, number

When connecting to PC

On the site, the user will find iPhone using a computer. But here you will also have to indicate the ID devices and passwords that were introduced during registration. Recommendations of the creators of the IPhone Setting Service:

Now tracking the location of the phone will turn on automatically after entering the account.

Is it possible to find the iPhone off by IMEI

It is quite possible to find iPhone, but it is important that GPS is active on it or data transfer. Without this, the device will not identify itself when searching for a global network. The same rule concerns the search by a mobile operator. The phone must be included and remain on the network. It is important to know that even after extracting a SIM card, a smartphone can be tracked by IMEI if it is turned on. If the phone was stolen, then you need to contact law enforcement agencies immediately after the crime. There you will make an application, present a passport for the iPhone and personal IMEI code specified in the documentation for it and on the box.

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Law enforcement agencies will help to find the iPhone, but for them the operator is not endowed with the authority to open access to his identifier base, but they have the right to use it. To do this, they accept your correctly completed statement, in which you describe the circumstances of the loss and data of your iPhone, after which the database will be used to search for it. In most cases, it is not possible to find the iPhone yourself, so we recommend not to waste time in vain and immediately contact the police.

Search iPhone through a mobile operator

If the owner did not activate the search function, deactivated the location settings and the Internet, it is still possible to find the device. You can find the iPhone by phone number. You can track the device in this way only with the consent of the owner by connecting a special service using a mobile operator. Differences in the method:

  • The cost of connecting services and further use tariffs differ depending on the company, which provides communication services that the consumer uses.
  • Not all mobile operators are allowed to share the location with other users, even if there is a resolution.
  • You can find this way even a switched off device.
  • Other search applications are not required.

To determine the location of the iPhone by phone number, you will need to send the command to the operator, or enter the personal account on the company’s website providing cellular services.

This method is suitable for parents who want to know where their child is located.

Attention! You can get information about the location of the iPhone through another device, even if its owner uses another operator.

To find a lost mobile phone number, you should contact the operator personally. He will ask questions to identify the personality and provide information about the possible location of the device.

Third.Party search programs

As additional software, which can be used for search, it is worth highlighting the following options:

  • Zoemob. A separate group is created, the members of which can track each other’s whereabouts.
  • Find My Friends. The essence is the same. A circle of people who can not only see each other on the map is formed, but also correspond to each other.
  • Life360. Actively used by parents, since in addition to standard functions, it allows you to see the current condition of the battery on the lost phone.
  • Sygic Family Locator, Geolocator and T.P all these programs act according to a single principle and differ in the integration and additional functions.

When choosing third.Party software, you need to beware of scammers. It is not uncommon when desperate people are offered to find a device for a specific fee without problems. It should be borne in mind that this opportunity partially exists only among law enforcement agencies. Typically, in the form of such “assistants” are persons who want to access confidential information or to the finances of the victim.

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