Honor Band 4 Language Setting

Honor band 5. bracelet from the famous Chinese brand Huawei Honor. This is an easy-to-manage device. We offer detailed instructions for the Honor Band 5, which contains a guide to configure the fitness tracker and tips for proper use.

Description of Honor Band 5

The bracelet has six main attractive features:

  • AMOLED color screen;
  • various stylish dials;
  • intelligent sleep monitoring;
  • Real-time heart rate tracking
  • water resistance up to 50 meters in depth and recognition of swimming styles.

The Honor Band 5 smart bracelet screen can display up to 45 color symbols, call icons for communication.

The design of the dials is presented from 8 options, you can choose your display for home, walk, office or gym.

The new TruSeen ™ 3.0 heart rate tracking technology has become even more accurate. The infrared sensor does not stop monitoring heart rate at night. To understand the state of the body in intensive training, there is an option to saturate the blood with oxygen.

The function of monitoring, analyzing the pulse and breathing during sleep recognizes 6 common types of sleep problems, evaluates the quality of sleep and has about 200 recommendations for improving it in its arsenal.

The integrated 6-axis sensor automatically recognizes 4 basic swimming styles: freestyle, butterfly, breaststroke and backstroke. It will also record swimming speed, distance covered, calories burned, and also calculates the value of the SWOLF1 indicator. the lower the SWOLF value, the more efficient the swimming. The HONOR Band 5 is ready for immersion in water up to 50 m. It can not be removed while swimming, washing your hands or in the rain.

Characteristics Honor Band 5

  • OS for smartphones Android 4.4 and higher / iOS 9.0 and higher.
  • Weight 22.7 g
  • 0.95-inch screen, AMOLED screen, resolution 240 × 120 px.
  • Battery 100 mA / h, charge about 100 min (25 ° C).
  • Built-in / random access memory 1 Mb / 384 Kb.
  • Operating time up to 6 days (with TruSleep function and heart rate monitoring) and 14 days (in standby mode).
  • Wireless connections Bluetooth 4.2, 2.4 GHz.
  • Monitoring steps, sleep, running, calories.
  • SMS notifications, call notifications, smart alarm.

Features and Functions

The gadget is equipped with a Honor Band 5 bracelet, documents and instructions, a USB cable for recharging.

What the Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet can do:

  1. Show current date and time.
  2. Monitor the heart rate, as well as monitor sleep: distinguish phases, find sleep problems and give recommendations for improving its quality.
  3. Determine the amount of oxygen in the user’s body (only in the Chinese version).
  4. Count steps taken and mileage, as well as calories burned.
  5. Notify the owner of weather changes, display the daily weather forecast on the main screen.
  6. Notify you of notifications on your smartphone.
  7. Control the camera.
  8. Search for a smartphone.
  9. It is equipped with several types of alarms (smart and normal), a stopwatch and a timer.
  10. Track sports modes for different workouts.

How to turn on the bracelet

To turn on the bracelet, you must fully charge it. After that, the Honor Band 5 will turn on by itself.

Charging takes place via a micro USB cable. It needs to be connected to the charging socket on the bracelet, and the other end to any USB port on any computers, laptops, or in various power supplies. A full charge of up to one hundred percent will take about two hours.

How to connect Honor Band 5 to a smartphone

To activate the full range of options, you must install the Huawei Health mobile app. You can download this application on any smartphone for free, regardless of the operating system of the gadget through GooglePlay or AppStore. For owners of Huawei Honor smartphones, this application is included in the list of basic ones.

Huawei Health updates must be installed, since the fitness bracelet only works with the current version of the application. Otherwise, the smartphone simply does not find the Honor Band 5 in the list of devices to connect.

After installing the application (or updating to the latest version), the program will require you to log in to the account if the user has an account in this service, or register a new one. Next, the application will familiarize the owner with the terms of use, privacy notices, agreement and ask for access to calls and the location of the device so that it is possible to use all functions.

Honor Band 4 Language Setting

After marking all the permissions, you can proceed to pairing the Honor Band 5 with a smartphone. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Find “Smart Bracelet” in the list of available devices, click on it.
  3. Select “Honor Band Bracelet”.
  4. Click on the “Pairing” menu, then accept the connection.
  5. In the new window that opens, select Honor Band 5, click on it, thereby confirming the pairing of the smartphone with the tracker.
  6. Click on the “Done” button.

Then you can proceed to further settings.

Language, date and time settings

After connecting to the smartphone, the date, time and language will be determined automatically. Without pairing with a smartphone, this will not work. Sometimes after updating the application on a smartphone, the Chinese language may be set to the default tracker in the tracker. You can fix it in Russian in the application settings.

Also, the bracelet settings can be disabled. To do this, go to the “” section, select the “System” menu and click on “Shutdown”. There you can reset to factory settings or reboot the fitness tracker.

Honor Band 5 Menus and Options

Setting up the Honor Band 5 can be divided into two stages: setting up the functions of the bracelet and the personal profile of the owner, in which you need to specify your personal data (age, gender, height and weight). Then you can set the required number of steps taken per day. The following options are also configured there: notification when the goal is reached according to the steps taken and the distance, exceeding the norm of the frequency of heartbeats.

Available options and menus

The bracelet is controlled through the touch screen and the button. “Home”. Commands are made by swiping or touching the screen, as well as by pressing a button.