Honor Band 4 Iphone Connection

How to connect the Honor Band 4 to the phone is a question of interest to users that have decided to purchase a device. The main functions of the device will be available to users after a similar operation. The article describes the main options for ensuring communication between the two devices.

How to connect Honor Band 4 running?

A similar process is setting up a bracelet and subsequent synchronization of information with the phone. It is required to conduct it with the Huawei Health app. It is compatible with devices running iOS and ANDROID.

The compatibility application is easy to find and download. You can do this through Google Play for ANDROID and the App Store for iOS. It is possible to download the corresponding application after activating the device. A code will appear on the screen where the required application is downloaded.

detailed instructions

After downloading the application, it should be installed and run. Next, connect. To connect the Honor Band 4 to the phone, the following operations are performed:

  1. The option is added with the addition of the device.
  2. The name of the tracker category is selected from the list.
  3. The name of the gadget is activated.
  4. The pairing function is pressed. At this point, you must agree to synchronize via Bluetooth.
  5. Confirmation of the binding is carried out. To do this, click on Done.

After performing such operations, the connection is completed. The user only needs to update the software and set the appropriate settings.

Pairing will automatically translate the tracker into the language of the smartphone, the interface can be easily studied and read messages. Be prepared for the long-term wait for the update process. The first time this operation lasts 15 minutes. Subsequent manipulations will be faster.

Can I connect to other phones?

As mentioned above, the tracker works perfectly with the application, which is called Huawei Health. It is optimally combined with well-known operating systems. Android and iOS. By connecting the device, the user can perform the following actions:

  • setting an alarm;
  • setting up messages according to notifications sent;
  • receiving weather data.

In other words, the answer to the question of whether it is possible to connect the Honor Band 4 to other phones is given a positive one. The utility interface is clear, it can be understood without the presence of certain knowledge and skills for connecting.

Immediately after connecting the smart bracelet asks the user permission to connect to the main Chinese service. For this, special agreements put the corresponding agreement. If such a function did not open, the operation must be repeated through the VPN.

Honor Band 4 Iphone Connection

Next, registration is carried out with the specified application. In a special form, mail is registered. Optionally, you can enter the phone. After the required full update is carried out. The tracker in the smartphone language starts. If the languages ​​are incompatible and the selected option does not connect, you can select the universal option. An overview of the available languages ​​is in the instructions.

How to connect Honor Band 4 to iPhone?

If you want to connect a sports fitness bracelet and an iPhone category smartphone and then configure them, you need to follow this instruction:

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  1. On the mobile, Bluetooth is turned on.
  2. Download and launch the Huawei Health app.
  3. In the list presented, you need to find the name of the clock on the screen. If it does not appear, just restart the device and the software.
  4. Having chosen the name of the tracker, a button with connection is activated.
  5. Authorization is confirmed through the tracker.

After connecting the Honor Band 4 to connecting to the iPhone, the main settings of the smart gadget are performed. An iPhone user will be able to study such information as they relate to training, sleep quality and steps taken. At the same time,, like on phones, cannot be watched.

What to do if it does not connect to the phone?

If for some reason it is not possible to bind devices to each other, the problem can be solved in one of two ways:

  • restart all gadgets;
  • updating used software.

If you perform one of these actions, you can get a functional assistant in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. A person who constantly monitors his health will enjoy a smart and stylish device.

Sports bracelet is characterized by an optimal ratio of value and quality. Many built-in features will please the user after configuration. In the implementation of the gadgets will come complete with a plastic case and mount for shoes. There is also an instruction and an element for charging.

After connecting, the device starts up. In order to effectively track the set indicators, the tracker does not have to be worn on hand, just a bunch of health. Some ask if the device can be worn in other places. With the help of a special fastener, it is allowed to be worn on sports shoes, attached to the laces.

To summarize

The Huawei bracelet in its updated version is distinguished by a sports orientation and well-thought-out functionality. After connecting, a person receives a new edition tracker with a built-in alarm clock, with the option of checking sleep and with other timely displayed messages. The main advantage is the permission to charge the gadget once every two weeks. A little faster charge is spent using the built-in navigator. This is a useful gadget in all respects.