Honor Band 4 First Turn On

How to enable Honor Band 5? Users often ask such a question in the forums, which means that a separate review should be devoted to the topic. In 2019, a fitness tracker is the universal necessary device for a modern person. The device allows you to monitor the vital processes of the human body, makes a certain management and organization, concentrated in one smartphone application.

First inclusion of Honor Band 5

After purchasing the device, you will find the procedure for its first inclusion. Many novice users will definitely have a question. how to enable Honor Band 5 for the first time? Unlike other watches or mechanical devices, the Honor Band 5 does not have a power on or off button. The screen lights up after turning the wrist on which the gadget is located. However, if after the purchase he does not respond to your requests, do not rush to change or refer to the marriage of the product. Most likely, it just needs to be charged.

After the battery is fully charged, the display will already display the time and default settings. The next step is to synchronize with your smartphone. This will require:

  • smartphone with Android 4.4 and higher;
  • Active Bluetooth connection
  • Download from the Play Store or App Gallery the corresponding application.

Then, using the tips in the application, establish communication between the tracker and the phone.

A warranty card and instructions are also included with the fitness bracelet. It is most often in several languages, including Chinese and Russian. Based on this instruction, we understand:

  • Honor Band 5 has a touch screen display;
  • setting is possible via telephone;
  • A detailed description of the functions is available in the manual itself and in the mobile add-on.

Turn on without charging

To start the device, it is not necessary to connect it to the network. If it is charged, it will give a response on request. by clicking on the display or by calling it through a mobile application.

How to enable features on the Honor Band 5 bracelet

The application has certain sections that are responsible for what functions are broadcast on the display. Accordingly, through the section in the settings it’s real to regulate them.


In particular, for the active synchronization of information from the bracelet and its transfer to the smartphone, it is necessary to actively connect Bluetooth. As soon as it is deactivated on the phone, the connection is lost.


In the settings of Honor Band 5, it is provided that it broadcasts the following notifications:

  • about calls;
  • Messages
  • post office;
  • social networks;
  • alarm clock;
  • reminders
  • missed calls;
  • low battery and others.

However, which applications will gain access to the Honor Band are determined by the user in the corresponding section.

Continuous heart rate monitoring

Honor Band 5 has such a feature. the client sets the frequency of heartbeat measurements manually. At the indicated time, the bracelet measures the pulse. All information is captured and displayed to the user. Thus, it is realistic to carry out long-term monitoring of health.

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Sleep monitoring

An integral component of human health is a full sleep. It is almost impossible to evaluate its quality on its own without any instruments, so the Honor Band 5 has ultra-sensitive sensors. They collect information about the owner and his life processes at night.

Training mode

As in earlier versions, the fifth bracelet from Huawei has a function to monitor the intensity of training.

Honor Band 4 First Turn On


The bracelet displays not only that a message has arrived. And also the sender and the text are broadcast. Media files are not displayed.


A standard function that calculates steps and the approximate distance that the device owner has overcome.

Blood oxygen level

A completely new and unique option is the ability to count how much blood is enriched with oxygen. Such an indicator for the Honor Band is the undisputed leader.

Detection of fatigue, lethargy, dizziness

On the back of the fitness bracelet are sensors that monitor the general and specific processes of life. It is they that make it possible to establish how well a person feels.

How to restart Honor Band 5

  1. Reload. disable and enable bluetooth.
  2. Through the mobile application, untie and re-link the tracker to the phone.

How to turn off the bracelet Honor Band 5

Disabling it is only possible with a complete discharge. If you are interested in how to turn off the Honor Band 5 bracelet urgently, then the maximum you can do is disconnect it from the phone. Then the device will stop broadcasting notifications and responding to notifications.

Honor Band 5 fitness bracelet does not turn on. reasons and what to do?

Most often, this problem occurs:

  • if it has been without charge for a long time;
  • with mechanical damage;
  • during a system failure.

In each case, it is worth taking different measures. Having charged the device, it should begin to function fully. But if there are problems, it is better to attribute it to the service. With a system failure, reinstalling the application and reconnecting the bracelet to the phone also helps.