Honor 9x One Hand Control

Despite the difficulties in relations between the USA and China, system updates continue to come to HONOR devices. Last year, HONOR 10, HONOR View 10 and HONOR Play received Android 9 and the proprietary EMUI 9 interface. And this month there will be a second wave of updates. it will cover mid-range models.

Honor 9x One Hand Control

In Android 9 Pie, Google focused primarily on improving the user experience. The adaptive battery function optimizes application performance based on typical usage scenarios and improves the autonomy of the smartphone. The brightness control, which takes into account the user’s preferences, works in a similar way. In this version, quick replies to messages from the notification center, the ability to connect simultaneously to multiple devices via Bluetooth, as well as important security updates have appeared.

In addition to changes to the operating system, HONOR continues to improve its devices using the proprietary EMUI shell. In the ninth version, technologies for predicting actions based on artificial intelligence are used. The manufacturer claims that thanks to this, the response speed of the system increased by 25.8%, the overall performance increased by 12.9%, and the application launch time was reduced by 102 ms. For gamers, EMUI 9.0 offers GPU Turbo 2.0 technology, which reduces response latency by 36%, and the temperature of the device during games by 3.6 ° C.

The EMUI 9.0 user interface is designed for one-handed operation. In addition to transferring the buttons of standard applications to the bottom of the display, gesture control is actively used in it. For example, a quick swipe up returns to the home screen, and a long press opens a list of running applications. To go back in any menu or program, just swipe the screen from the left or right edge. The settings menu is also optimized: similar sections are combined, and rarely used items are placed in a separate tab.

For quick authorization in applications, a password store has appeared that contains the data of all accounts in encrypted form. The required password is automatically added to the appropriate field, it is only necessary to confirm the identity with a fingerprint or face scan. Creating data backups has also been simplified. now they can be copied to a USB drive, SD card or to network storage.

Also, EMUI 9.0 can broadcast presentations on the big screen, send documents to print wirelessly, quickly create notes, put the screen in monochrome mode during sleep and track application usage time.

All the mentioned advantages of Android 9 Pie and EMUI 9.0 will soon be received by HONOR 8 Pro, HONOR 9, HONOR 8X, HONOR 10 Lite, HONOR 9 Lite and HONOR 7X. The update is scheduled for June-July 2019.

The company does not intend to stop there. In the coming month, owners of HONOR 10, HONOR View 10, HONOR Play, HONOR 8X and HONOR 10 Lite will be able to update the EMUI shell to version 9.1. Until October, they will be joined by HONOR 7X, HONOR 8 Pro, HONOR 9, HONOR 9 Lite and HONOR View 20. The update contains a number of improvements:

  • EROFS (Extended Read-Only File System) file system, designed to replace F2FS, it increases the speed of arbitrary reading by 20% and frees up about 2 GB of space on the device;
  • GPU Turbo 3.0 technology with an expanded list of supported games and a 10% reduction in processor power consumption;
  • quick launch of Google Assistant by a long press of the power button;
  • unlocking the car using NFC in the smartphone;
  • updated user interface of the camera and other standard applications;
  • simplified settings menu for quick search of the necessary functions;
  • the ability to set the as a ringtone;
  • AR Measure application for measuring the size of real objects through the smartphone’s camera.

As promised, US sanctions did not affect support for HONOR devices. The manufacturer continues in the normal mode to update smartphones to new versions of Android and expand their capabilities using the proprietary EMUI shell. over, the new flagship model HONOR 20 was recently introduced.