Honor 8x Microphone Settings

Honor 8x Microphone Settings

Probably many owners of smartphones have encountered a problem with volume. For example, I was not happy with two things. The first is the quiet sound of the speaker during an incoming call, and the second is a very loud sound in the headphones during an incoming call.

A bit about how Android controls volume

If no headset is connected to your gadget (headphones, hands-free, etc.), then the volume settings will be the same, and as soon as you connect the headset, the settings will be different. For a general understanding, I’ll tell you a few examples.

Example 1 You listen to music on your phone, turn on the loud speaker at full power, and when you connect a headset to it and turn on the loud speaker again, the volume may vary (it may be louder or lower, depending on which model the phone or firmware version is).

Example 2 You watch a movie in the headphones, the volume (meaning the volume of multimedia) was set to 40% and then after a while you have an incoming call, then the volume in the headphones changes to the overall volume, in this case you can get a powerful sound beat on the ears. Believe me, I’ve been repeatedly blown up from the sofa in such cases, the fact is that programmers have poorly tuned volume modes.

Example 3 You are talking on the phone and you need to switch to speakerphone mode, and you notice that the speaker is not as loud (or vice versa) as when listening to music; or the partner began to hear you badly, this is because in different modes the microphone may have different sensitivity. Also, when you connect the headset in the same situation and turn on the speakerphone mode. again, other settings. This is how Android controls the volume.

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Learn the theory of engineering menus

So let’s look at what and how to do it if you play a little magic over the “Engineering menu”.

Before making any changes, we recommend that you fully read the article, and comprehend, and then experiment. Also take a piece of paper and write down all the default values, in case something goes wrong. You can start the engineering menu using telephone dialing: we prescribe the following combinations on it (Fig. 1):

## 54298 ## or ## 3646633 ## or ## 83781 ##. smartphones based on MTK processor

## 8255 ## or ## 4636 ## –Samsung smartphones

## 3424 ## or ## 4636 ## or ## 8255 ##. HTC smartphones

## 7378423 ##. Sony smartphones

## 3646633 ##. smartphones Fly, Alcatel, Philips

## 2846579 ##. Huawei smartphones

Congratulations, you are in the engineering menu (Fig. 2). Keep in mind that the menu on different phones may vary slightly in structure. We find the “Audio” section and go into it. After entering, we see a bunch of unknown lines (modes) (Fig. 3). Here is what these modes mean in Android:

figure 2 figure 3

In the last three sections, it’s better not to poke your nose:

What these files are for and how they can come in handy to us is unclear. The / sdcard / VOIP_DebugInfo directory (which is the location for storing files with backup information) is not automatically created; if you create it manually, it will remain empty after the conversation.

If you approach these modes wisely, you can adjust the volume of Android smartphones or tablets as you like. When entering any of the modes, various volume settings (Type) will become available to your eyes. Here is a list of the basic settings you need to know (Fig. 4):

Further, under the item for selecting settings, we can see the list of volume levels (Level) (Fig. 5). For a better understanding, there are 7 such levels, from level 0 to level 6. Each level has one “click” on the rocker for adjusting the volume of a smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, level 0 is the quietest level, and level 6 is the loudest signal level. Each level can be assigned its own values, which are in the cell Value is 0

255, and should not go beyond the range from 0 to 255 (the lower the value, the lower the sound). To do this, erase the old values ​​in the cell, then enter the new (desired) and press the “Set” button (the one next to the cell) for assignment (Fig. 6). When using maximum values, be careful, because the speakers can produce uncharacteristic unpleasant sounds in the form of rattling and other unpleasant effects.

figure 5 figure 6

Further at the very bottom is the Max Vol. 0

160 (mine, for example, Max Vol. 0

172, depends on the manufacturer) (Fig. 6). In this section, the maximum value of the volume power is set, it is one for all level.

You must know that!

Example 1 How to increase the volume of an incoming call?

To do this, you need to go to the engineering menu, imprint the “Audio” section, go to the “LoudSpeaker Mode” mode and select “Ring” in the volume settings. the volume settings for the incoming call. Then sequentially change (increase) the values ​​of all signal levels (level 0. level 6). You can also increase the value of the Max Vol section for greater effect. 0

160, if it is not the maximum (I set it to myself. 155, with a larger value the speaker starts to “wheeze”).

Example 2 How to increase the volume when talking on the phone? (Increase the volume level of a small speaker, the one that is applied to the ear).

Again we go to the engineering menu already known to us, we’ll drop off the “Audio” section, go to the special mode “Normal Mode”, select Sph in it. this parameter is responsible for changing the value of all signal levels in the range from level 0 to level 6. Set the desired us level. In the section Max Vol. 0

160, can also be changed to a higher volume power value.

Example 3 Increasing the volume and sensitivity of the smartphone’s conversational microphone

To adjust and set the required volume level and sensitivity of the conversational microphone, you must go to the “Engineering menu” “Audio” “Normal Mode” select Mic– microphone sensitivity settings, and for all levels (level 0. level 6) we assign the same value, for example 240. Now the interlocutor should hear you better.

Example 4 How to increase the sound recording volume during movie shooting?

Suppose that it becomes necessary to increase the volume of sound recording during recording, then in the engineering menu for our speaker (LoudSpeaker Mode), change the microphone sensitivity settings (mic), increase all values ​​at all levels (level 0. level 6), for example, set 240 at every level. I remind you of the click on the button (set). we reload your favorite gadget and rejoice.

By the way, do not forget to press the “Set” button after each editing of a certain parameter. This action should fix and take your team to execution. Otherwise, the parameters set by the user are not activated. In addition, a certain number of mobile devices require a reboot in order for the changes to take effect (turn the device off and on).

Good luck in the experiments, if something is not clear. write in the comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

Code table for entering the engineering menu

Note: the table is constantly updated

Dear readers, there are also many different applications for entering the engineering menu. Here are some recommended apps that can easily be found on GooglePlay: Launch MTK Engineering Menu; Engineering Menu MTK; Shortcut Master; for owners of Sony Mobileuncle Tools

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ABOUT! this is very useful info! Thanks!
There is a question on the topic:
The dialer is a Chinese neubivashka, and more specifically a Hammer H5. Assembled on MTKshny process. From the very beginning there was trouble, the sound of the dynamo was sooooo quiet and I had to listen to what the other person was saying. Having rummaged through tyrnet, I found information of similar content, but with a rather meager description. as a result, the volume became a little better, but far from ideal. and most importantly, during the conversation there was a terrible echo from the interlocutor i.e. the interlocutor heard me and himself. Now I decided to get rid of the problem and came across your article. the funny thing is that in two minutes I adjusted the optimal volume level, but I can’t do anything with an echo ((((. tried to reduce the microphone sensitivity, it didn’t help. There are suspicions that the last time I came across something extra, changed the values ​​not there where it’s needed. Actually, this is the question! Are there any universal (optimal) values ​​that can be pushed in place of what I set? if yes, then where to find them ?? it might be easier to flash the dialer, it will generally help.
Thank you so much for the article. I hope for your help! Alexei)

Hello, Alexey. You probably will not find the standard values, because each manufacturer sets the parameters for his own separate phone. Of course, before starting, it was necessary to write down all the factory parameters, but there is a way out of any situation. You should re-flash your phone with the latest available firmware and the parameter values ​​will return to the factory ones. I came across echo only in loudspeaker mode.

Hi! Hummer H5 does not adjust the speaker volume to the ear with the swings! I adjusted it through the engineering menu, but I would like to adjust the swings! Thank you in advance!

I bought the other day Alcatel Pop 2 tried it dials a combination ## 3646633 ## doesn’t work.

I could not find the engineering menu code for your device. The guys write about the possibility of accessing the engineering menu using this application. = ru. It is called Shortcut Master. It’s about your smartphone. Alcatel OneTouch 5042 POP 2

Hello. smartphone DEXP Ixion Y 5. It’s not what forces you can’t enter the engineering menu. Do not go to the playmarket, but all codes do not work.
Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, I could not find the engineering menu code for the DEXP Ixion Y 5.

Hi, I have Panasonic t 21. None of the codes you specified gives you access to the menu That is, the menu itself opens, but there is completely different content and there are no specified items with audio settings Please write how I can be, plowed up a bunch sites but alas The answer, if it is not difficult for you, write to the mail Thank you in advance. Regards Arsen

Hello! I have a W732 Philips, after a reset to the factory settings, the changes in the engineering menu are not saved. The interlocutor is badly heard.

Tatyana, as I understand it, after a reset you can no longer change the values ​​in the engineering menu. To get started, try resetting again. It did not help. you need to sew the body.

Hello. I have a Samsung Gio 5660. The codes you have indicated do not display the engineering menu, and one of them goes into the phone check, offers to find out the battery status, etc., and the other gives the phone signal strength in English, etc. Tell me what to do to go into the engineering menu. I will gladly take your advice.

## 197328640 ##. The sound settings are in the menu at number 5. If this item does not open, then here’s what you can do. = findpostp = 24250772. There, the guy solved the problem with the opening of the fifth paragraph on the sound settings.

Hello, I have a TEXET X-pad SHINE 8.1 tablet ТМ-7868 3G 16Gb Titanium, please tell me how to enter the engineering menu?

The code to enter the engineering menu for your tablet is as follows: ## 3646633 ##

Hello, I have a TEXET TM-4104R / X-driver smartphone, I can’t enter the engineering me, the device does not respond to the code. ## 3646633 ##

Hello. And for Sony M2 Aqua what code ??

This is not a Chinese MTK, SONY does not have an engineering mode for setting certain functions. Call the service menu: ## 7378423 ##. Most likely you will not find the necessary functionality there. Try it. unsubscribe. Thank you for contacting.

I dial the combination, put the last asterisk and the whole combination just disappears, as if I did not gain anything, what should I do? How else can I go to the engineering menu? (Chinese Samsung N7100, Android 4.1.1, MTK6577, software version 6.0.B.3.162, hardware version 1.1.0, 5-inch screen)

Yes, there is no audio section, what should I do? I’m waiting for your answer

Did not find the right answer (

I tried to enter. A menu came out, but not an engineering one. I want to increase the sensitivity of the microphone. Can you tell me what to do?

Tell me, have you figured out how to increase the microphone sensitivity in the Sony M2 Aqua?

Lena, I repeat. There can be many reasons.

The problem is the following, and I do not know how to describe it clearly, but I will try. When using the phone with sound (i.e., with sound, when I press the volume rocker, when watching a (when pausing), when talking (on the speakerphone, when there is silence), a noise is heard from the speaker (speakerphone) disappears after about a second, when, for example, you stopped setting the phone volume. and so with any sound! This noise is clearly audible in silence (when for example the is paused), and it is already annoying. I reset the phone to the factory settings, before rebooting, deleted all programs one by one. not omoglo. What could this be and how to treat it? Is it in service? Please tell me!
P.S. I met with the engineering menu. But you need to remove the noise and not the volume, because at any volume the noise is the same.

The problem is understandable, but the cause of the problem is not clear. My action in this situation would probably be carried to the service. Perhaps this is just a malfunction in the hardware and not in the software. Thank you for contacting us and sorry for the inaccuracy in the answer. We have not encountered such cases. Come again )).

Good day!
The problem is the quiet speaker of the microphone, Sony Xperia z3 phone. Although there were no such problems with the first Z, on the contrary, they heard everything around at the very minimum
I must say right away that in the service menu there is no access to adjusting the sound characteristics.
Already think the phone is defective.
What do you advise?
Thanks. Dmitriy.

We communicate by personal mail.

I have Sony Xperia C in the engineering menu there is no audio section and I can not increase the volume, what should I do?

There is no audio item in the engineering menu on Sony Xperia C, TELL PLEASE HOW TO VOLUME UP?

Good afternoon.
A problem of this nature.
My phone is BQ Bristol, based on Android /
So, I want to increase the speaker volume (for incoming calls)
I went into the engineering menu-audio-Normal Mode-Type
But in the Type tab there is no Ring / to select
How do I increase the volume?

Michael, the article is universal for all devices on Android, but there are times when manufacturers make some implementations in the firmware. Since we do not have the opportunity to test all smartphones, we can not give an objective answer to everyone.
Perhaps some of the readers can help?

Hello, I have a SONY XPERIA C engineering menu that does not open at all. What does not one program help?

Hello! HUAWEI 525 after the code, an incomprehensible menu is displayed there everything was covered but I didn’t find anything similar for setting up the audio, please tell me.

The answer to your question: “for those who think that the sound is crappy, turn off dts in the settings. the phone actually has a separate audio chip, which is quite decent. ”This is the maximum that we can offer you. Unsubscribe if it turned out to deal with this.

Yes, the DTS turned off the sound, it seemed to have recovered, but the call volume didn’t increase much, but it didn’t almost noticeably. But the Prestigio 4055 DUO smartphone through ## 3646633 ## opened perfectly, the engineering menu in Russian did not suit me on the speaker, the interlocutor was hard to hear. I corrected everything now everything is OK! Thanks!

Good health to all and a Happy New Year!
Unfortunately, I didn’t come across this info before, but I already managed to fix Sid without first writing down the values. Now I really hear myself. It would be possible to restore the factory settings, but at the same time “everything that was gained by excessive labor” would be lost, and again start all from scratch, not only in the audio settings, but in all the phone settings.
Can anyone post the factory Sid values?
My smartphone. Prestigio MultiPhone 3350 Duo

Hello! When resetting the tablet to the factory settings, will all the values ​​in the engineering menu return to the original?

Yes, that is exactly what should happen.

The problem with the Sony Xperia Z3 is the quiet sound of an incoming call. I tried to go into the engineering menu, it goes, but how to edit it?

Good afternoon.
My DNS s5003 smartphone has a problem with a low microphone volume. Attempts to enter the engineering menu using codes have failed. Can you help me with advice on what to do in my case?

Enter the engineering menu of the smartphone DNS s5003. ## 3646633 ## or using the program “Mobile Uncle Tools” (engeneer mode =engeneer mode (MTK) =Hardware testing =audio).

Ringer Volume. LoudSpeaker Mode = Ring
Media Volume. LoudSpeaker Mode = Media
Volume (speakerphone). LoudSpeaker Mode = Sph
Speaker Volume. Normal Mode = Sph
Microphone Volume. Normal Mode = Mic
Headphone Talk Volume. Headset Mode = Sph
Headphone Music Volume. Headset Mode = Media

In the desired section, select the line (Level) and lower in the line (Value is 0

XXX ) We need to set the value, taking into account the maximum possible-XXX. And so in turn with each level. Max vol. it is advisable not to touch (unnecessarily). It is responsible for the overall volume of the selected section.
Many settings (on my phone) initially did not suit me. Revised the following values:
Speaker Volume. Normal Mode = Sph
I don’t like the loud speaker. Set:
Level 0-64
Level 1-76
Level 2-88
Level 3-100
Level 4-112
Level 5-124
Level 6-136 (out of 160 possible)

Microphone Volume. Normal Mode = Mic
Line up in reverse order. The default levels are scattered randomly. As far as I understand, the adjustment of the microphone sensitivity levels is performed synchronously with the Levels of the Conversational speaker volume (in the normal call mode). When adjusting the sensitivity of the microphone, it makes sense to go back higher and compare with the levels of the speaker. From my own experience I know that the maximum level can sometimes add unnecessary noise to the conversation. Our phone seems to have noise reduction, but I did not experiment and built according to this scheme:
Level 0. 240 (out of 255 maximum)
Level 1. 235
Level 2. 230
Level 3. 225
Level 4. 220
Level 5. 215
Level 6. 210
He made only a few test calls at around 255 and (for example) 225. Audibility is EXCELLENT and there is no deterioration at a lower value. From the above scheme, provided that the level of spoken dynamics is always set in the region of 3-5 level, the microphone sensitivity is 225-215 (respectively). So here, everyone adjusts for himself as he wants.

And also, it makes sense to reconsider:

Headphone Music Volume. Headset Mode = Media
Ringer Volume. LoudSpeaker Mode = Ring

Well, or any other value at its discretion.

Hello everyone, in short I covered the entire Internet and found how on Huawei with firmware U10 and U20 open the engineering menu here is the command ## 14789632 ##

I played through with the settings on Alcatel POP-5, now the alarm ringer volume does not change, it always yells at maximum, how can I fix it, preferably without resetting to factory settings? Thanks.

I myself decided my question, returned the engineering menu to the standard settings, and the alarm began to ring as it should.

How to enter the engineering menu on zte z5s / z5s mini?

Entrance to the engineering menu ZTE Nubia Z5S (mini NX403A). ## 4636 ##

Good afternoon. Phone phillips W 6610 in the engineering menu does not save settings. You return to the engineering menu, and the settings are again by default. Set position does not save, rebooting did not solve the problem. Can you tell me what? Thanks.

Hello Vladimir.
Increase the ringer volume using the engineering menu:
1) Go to the engineering menu: ## 3338613 ##
2) Scroll from right to left to the hardware testing menu, select audio
3) Next loudspeaker mode
4) type select ring (if not default)
5) level. level 14 (maximum value of sound)
6) value is 0-255, set 220 set (if the speaker is loud / wheezing, reduce this parameter to comfort)
7) Max vol set to 140 set (if the speaker is loud / wheezing, we reduce this parameter to comfort)
We leave check.

Hello. Phone htc desire c, I want to increase the speaker volume, because the interlocutor is hard to hear, but according to your codes I get out another menu. How do I change the settings?

Good afternoon! Sony M2 Aqua interlocutors do not hear well. In the service menu ## 7378423 ## there are no audio settings. There was already a question, how to increase the sensitivity of the microphone? Or do you need to return the phone?

Lena, unfortunately we do not have experience with your gadget. But I’ll say for sure that the interlocutor has many reasons for poor hearing, this includes: the position of the phone during a conversation; a cover, especially if it covers the microphone hole; Of course, the sensitivity of the microphone; it may even be broken, etc. Please tell me, is it from your very beginning or has it recently begun?

From the first day. In tests, the microphone works fine, even in a whisper, but, behold, the interlocutors all say that I’m like in a “bunker”, so that I need to hear the phone “press firmly to my ear” to hear me.

So same trouble with the Sony M2 Aqua

this is because of the firmware, many android devices react like that, it helped me that I updated with the cable through the computer and not through the wifi

Hello! Smartphone Philips S308. Problem: the interlocutor is poorly audible. I act consistently and according to your recommendations. I set the desired values, then “Set” and reboot. But, the values ​​are not saved. When I return to the engineering menu, I observe not the parameters set by me, but the default values. Please tell me why this is so. Thanks for the help!

Good day! what about smartphones based on intel do not tell me? I want to change the sound of multimedia. thanks

Hello. “Samsung SM-G350E Galaxy Star Advance Duos.” Code ## 197328640 ## and others do not help to enter the engineering menu. You need to adjust the microphone.

in the engineering menu of Sony there are no audio adjustments. It is completely useless. And how to increase the sound if the interlocutor is almost inaudible?

Please help, I can’t get the code to enter the engineering menu of the ZTE Grand Era. need to increase the speaker volume (ringer)

Engineering menu for ZTE V985 Grand Era: ## 4636 ##. But, unfortunately, it has speaker volume settings.

Good day, dear admins and curators of this topic. I reviewed all the commentaries, and accordingly re-read the article more than once, but did not find anything about LG. I have a LG G2 smartphone on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 MSM8974 processor. And I would like to know about the engineering menu, I really did not see anything on the Internet. Thanks in advance.

Engineering menu for LG G2 (D802): 3845 # 802 #, and for LG G2 (D800), respectively. 3845 # 800 #

After all, there are only tests, and nothing can be done in the settings in the audio item.

I quote the question: “. I would like to know about the engineering menu “. The answer was appropriate.
The maximum that I managed to find is: (screen). And here is the discussion itself.

Guys, try to open the engineering menu as follows: in the settings, click on the device, then click on the line the build number until it says that you have become a developer, then go back to the item and voila, the item for developers in the menu appeared, where you can find engineering menu. By the way, I did this only on a rutted body, whether it works on smarts without root, I do not know.

And where is the engineering menu in the developer’s option?

Can help. Samsung galaxy s3 gt-i9300. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get into the engineering menu.

## 3646633 ## or # 197328640 #

They don’t hear me. I can not get into the engineering menu s3. I dial the codes, but it does not work.

Hello, I have logged in gsmart sagas3 but I can’t save the settings ((((help ((volume level is not saved))

Hi, I set the parameters to the ring, to the speaker, but they are not saved ((((I have gsmart sagas3 logged in using the code ## 3646633 ##

Good afternoon. I rummaged through the whole and-no in search of an engineering code to increase the volume of music on ZTE star 1, but I did not find the right one. help me please

Try ## 3646633 ##. This is the only thing that was found. If during dialing the numbers will be “reset”, then copy this and the code and paste.

Does not help. When entering, it is reset, when you insert the code, it is also reset (((

I’m sorry, but I can’t offer anything sensible anymore.

Tell me how to enter the engineering menu Lenovo A760 /

Try this code: #### 1111 #
should work

help guys you need an engineering menu on samsung galaxy grand g530 I want to pump the speaker that I just didn’t try all Google climbed if I enter combinations with an asterisk the lattice doesn’t work for me, it doesn’t react in any way thanks in advance

ASUS-T00G, version of android 4.4.2, smart smartphone, but very quiet sound, help, I can not find the engineering menu

Code. ## 4636 ##. Many speak of a quiet sound. But, not the fact that you will find sound settings in this menu. I quote one owner of the same device: “our device does not have such an engineering menu.”
Give it a try.

Thank you, apparently you’re right, this function is not supported by the device, I tried all the options proposed in the article, found how to test a smartphone through a calculator, “took control” of the developer’s rights, there’s no engineering menu anywhere

Thank you for contacting. Good luck

How to enter the engineering menu samsung c5

I can not increase the volume of the call to Samson s5

Huawei P6. How to increase the ringer volume? I tried through SQLite Editor, set the level to 15, but the volume did not change. Maybe you can somehow through Ing. menu?
Thanks in advance.

How to enter the engineering menu of Xiaomi Mi4 Snapdragon 801? You need to increase the microphone volume for recording on the recorder and. Guys help, I will be very grateful # 128578;

Thank you, I found it myself))) ## 6484 ##

How to enter the engineering menu of the Gigabyte GSmart Rio R1.

Only this code ## 4636 ## is suitable for your device, but there are no volume settings. They also write about such a combination: # 777 # and press the green tube. A menu should appear, it seems to be entirely in the eastern language.


THL 4000 LOSS OF COMMUNICATION, can I amplify the signal using the engineering menu? Or in what way to solve the problem. I would really appreciate help

After what kind of manipulations or damage did the network begin to disappear? Or did the problem arise on its own?

Hello. On HTC Desire X, the menu shows only tests, is it possible to increase the speaker volume?

Hello, unfortunately, we could not get the information that was useful to you.

Thanks for the help. Can I somehow improve the sound quality of the interlocutor in Galaxy 5? The sound is a little muffled.

You are welcome. Ways to increase the volume for your device have not been found. Sorry.

hello tell me something for trouble! I have a smart DNS S 5002 in the menu it seems to go trying to increase the volume of an incoming call and multimedia I click on set and he writes me set audio volume succeeded.

This message indicates a successful configuration edit. This means a successful change of parameters. The volume has not increased? After this message, click OK and reboot the device.

figured it out. only all the same, quietly there may still be some sort of chip.

Maybe, but I don’t know yet)

Lenovo A 706 help me get to the volume menu of the spoken speaker None of the above codes are suitable

I managed to find out that a full Engineering menu for this smartphone does not exist. Accordingly, it will not work to adjust the volume of the spoken speaker using the latter.
I can only advise you to google “Programs for increasing the volume on android.” By setting one of them, you can play around with the settings of a kind of equalizer and “play along” the sound for yourself. Thank you for contacting.

tell me how to increase the volume on fly iq4505