Honor 8 Face Unlock

Earlier, to unlock mobile gadgets, a password, a graphic key and fingerprint scanning were used, but today face recognition technology is spreading more and more. Thanks to her, the phone is activated almost instantly, and at the same time no mechanical actions are needed. How Face Unlocking works on Honor gadgets, on which models it is available, and how to activate this option, we will describe in detail below.

How Face ID Works

Face recognition occurs through the front camera. The process resembles how the human eye scans objects, and includes three stages:

The camera instantly “photographs” a person, determines the brightness, contrast, nodal points that draw our facial features. The result is a digital model that the system compares with that stored in memory. If they are identical, the lock is released.

Which models have the feature

For the first time, the Huawei brand introduced this technology in the Mate 10 lite and P Smart gadgets. it was not used itself, but for this all the necessary software was developed and launched. Today, almost all the manufacturer’s new products, including the Honor series, offer this option.

Honor Face Unlock is available on models older than 7C Pro. 8x, 8c, 9, 8, 10, 20, view. On older gadgets. 7a, 6, the lite line (light), the gaming smartphone play (play), the option does not work.

How to set up face unlock

To enable Facelock, you must use the settings menu. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Open the “Settings” application.
  2. We go to the tab “Security and Confidentiality”.
  3. Click on the item “Unlock face recognition.”
  4. Enter your pre-set unlock password.
  5. In the notification window confirms the permission.
  6. Point the front camera at your face and wait for the identification to complete.

Please note that the technology has useful extras. For example, application notifications that pop up on the lock screen can be hidden until the system recognizes that the owner of the smartphone wants it.

What factors affect unlock speed

A frequently asked question is how the scanner works in different conditions. Below we have compiled the results of various user tests that unlocked Honor in low light.

If the light is weak, the system does not work well. sometimes Face ID does not recognize its owner, and sometimes takes another person for it. This is due to the fact that the technology is based only on software development without being fixed in the hardware. However, this defect can be corrected. if you turn on the backlight with a double tap on the screen, the lighting will improve, and the technology will recognize a face without any problems.

It is also important to initially store the face of the device in a natural, relaxed state, without daylight and bulky accessories. If you identify the person at the moment when you turned badly or deliberately distorted the features, Face Unlock will remember you like that.

Honor 8 Face Unlock

In addition, a special protective option is installed in the system, which does not respond if your eyes are closed. This also applies to sunglasses, long bangs, wound scarves, etc. When scanning, the face should be as open as possible.

How to turn off the option

If you change your mind about using face unlock, you can switch to any other method of protection or even leave the gadget unprotected. To do this, go back to the settings again, go along the path described above and turn off the rocker in the corresponding paragraph. Also, you can simultaneously use a graphic key or password and a fingerprint scanner and choose the method that will be more convenient.


Unlocking the phone in the face is a useful feature that greatly simplifies the use of the gadget. Thanks to it, it is enough to bring a smartphone to the eyes so that the system instantly reads your data and unlocks it. The option is not available on all Honor devices, but only on the latest models with the appropriate software.