Honor 8 A Forgot Password What to Do

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Reset with Hard Reset

Honor 8 A Forgot Password What to Do

Unlocking your Huawei phone if you forgot the pattern is also possible by resetting the system settings. This method is the most severe. After using it, it will not be possible to save the information that was previously stored on the Honor media. In fact, after a hard reset, you get a phone with the settings that were set in it by the manufacturer at the factory. To reset an Honor or Huawei gadget, follow the instructions below:

  • turn on the gadget;
  • when turning on, hold down the lock key and both volume keys;
  • when Android appears on the screen, release the power button;
  • then the Recovery Menu opens, the volume buttons can be released;
  • move the pointer up and down using the volume keys;
  • go to the line Wipe data / Factory reset;
  • confirm it by pressing the Home key once;
  • after which the system will display the inscription Yes. delete all user data;
  • confirm.

The only thing left is to wait for the complete reboot of the smartphone. This usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. In almost all cases, this option is successful. Its main disadvantage for the user is that no files remain. If the gadget fell into the hands of intruders, then this is a clear plus.

Cons of rolling back to factory settings:

  • personal information is lost in full;
  • basic phone settings, sounds, wallpapers are reset;
  • the phone book is completely erased.

Gives an error logging into Recovery

You can try to install custom firmware on your phone. It is better to take it from source w3bsit3-dns.com. There is also an instruction. If it does not help, take it to the service center.

Forgot your Private Space password

There is a fallback option for Android. to answer some questions. If you originally installed them when setting up, then Private Space facilitates entry. If there were no questions for the account, the only option is to delete everything.

Nuances and problems that may arise

Let’s consider the difficulties of each option, which in theory and in practice may arise when trying to unlock.

A few tips to prevent the problem:

  • make a backup;
  • save files to virtual cloud storage;
  • put Smart-block;
  • write device pin-code.

Is it possible to restore a smartphone without losing data

The simple answer is no. Let’s start with the blocking principle. We put a pin or pattern on the phone to protect personal information from distribution, loss or leakage. That is, only the owner has access to the information in the smartphone’s memory, rarely. from trusted persons. If the key to the phone has been lost, it is possible to reset the settings along with the information contained in the phone memory and on the carrier.

Smart look

Smart Look is a modern software for the device that allows you to provide access to the phone by unlocking with your finger, photo and other Smart tools. This software is suitable only for gadgets with appropriate scanners. The plus is that you won’t forget your login details. The smart tool will do everything for you. You can set up smart lock through the general security and privacy settings, in the “Fingerprint” section. When you set up this option, the system asks for a backup PIN in case of lags or repeated login attempts from other people.

On phones from Huawei and Honor, you will need to provide a pin or key after restarting the device, even if it has other unlock options installed.

How to Pick a Good Maintenance Service

It often happens that it is not possible to solve a systemic or mechanical problem at home. Then the only way to get your device back into operation is to take it to the experts. In 2020, the market for servicing mobile phones is quite wide, but this has both pros and cons. competition generates better services, but there are still places where only money is wanted from you. To get quality help with cell phone repair:

  • contact only official licensed institutions;
  • since Honor and Huawei services are not available in every city, you can go to the official partners;
  • be sure to read the comments about this place before visiting;
  • inquire about payment in advance;
  • give preference to places where cashless payments are available.

By logging into your Gmail account

The fastest and most affordable way to unlock your Honor phone if you’ve forgotten your password is to use your Google account. After entering the pattern or PIN code incorrectly five times, the following message appears on the screen: “Forgot your pattern”. Next, we do all the actions according to the algorithm:

  • click on the notification that appears;
  • enter in the field that appears the email address that was previously used in the phone;
  • enter your login details;
  • choose a convenient unlocking method among those offered by the system.

Important! For this method, only the Google account that was previously activated on this device is suitable. There will be difficulties with entering a third-party account, because the device does not remember it.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password

The unlocking problem arises when the user has entered the wrong code value a certain number of times. You should not panic, there are several ways to bring the gadget into a functioning state.

How to Reset Huawei Honor If Forgot Password

First method:

First press and hold the power key to turn off the cell phone.
2. Then press and hold the Volume Up Power On button until the Adnroid logo appears on the screen.
3. Use the volume buttons to select the option “wipe data / factory reset” and confirm this with the power button.

Then select “Yes” from the menu and accept it with the “Power” key.

Now select the option “reboot system now” with the power button
6. Everything worked out! Hard reset just done.

Second method for newer versions of Huawei Honor:

First, press and hold the power button to turn off your cell phone.
2. After that, press and hold the Power Volume Up buttons until the screen lights up.
3. Then release the power key, and continue to hold the volume key.

In the next step, tap “Wipe dats / factory reset” and select “Wipe dats / factory reset” to confirm. (Attention, all data will be deleted!)

Great job!
The device is ready to use.

How to unblock Honor by logging into your Gmail account (playmarket)

Enter the wrong password or pattern within five times

After the fifth error, the “Forgotten password” option will appear in the lower right part of the screen. click on it

Sign in with your Google username and password associated with the corresponding Android phone.

Now you can draw a new pattern and confirm the change.

How to unlock Honor password if you forgot it on your smartphone?

If you have forgotten the password for your phone, you can do it in several ways. Although there are many solutions on the Internet on how to unlock Honor password, only a few of them actually work. Some of the suggested solutions require you to download apps and install them on your Android phone. In other ways, you need to log into your playmarket account, and finally, the most radical way resets and erases all your data from your Android phone, returning it to factory settings.

We will tell you how to unlock Honor password if you forgot it. Depending on your situation, you can choose a specific method to bypass the password. If you’ve just bought an Android phone and haven’t had time to save any information on it, deleting all of your data will certainly not be a problem.

But if you had an Android phone for a long time and had a lot of contacts and personal information, you can try other ways. Especially if you haven’t saved your information anywhere. Here are three easy Android phone unlock solutions that will work for most brands like Samsung, HTC, LG as well as Chinese brands like ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei, ThL and others. :

A few notes on unlocking phones when you forgot your password

Be careful, if you want to use hard reset to bypass the password of your Huawei Honor phone, you will really lose all information including contacts, videos and photos. Only choose this method if you have a backup of your personal or important information. The first option has been known to not work for some users, but others have managed to use it successfully.

The second option is optimal for most users, but by itself it is not a solution, as it never changes the password, but it just bypasses it every time you open your Android phone.

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The only way to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forgot your password, key, pin code

Already during the setting of a password or pattern, the system notifies us “Remember your PIN. There is no way to recover a forgotten PIN-code ”Likewise with a password and a pattern. This means that in case of forgetting, the user will not be able to reset the password.!

Nevertheless, the solution is how to reset the password on Honor and Huawei. to do a hard reset and return the smartphone to its original form. Unfortunately, the next solution to the problem will erase all your data on your smartphone or tablet, because the second method involves resetting to factory settings (aka Hard Reset). But later you will get access to your smartphone. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you periodically backup all data and files on your Huawei and Honor.

Despite the inability to enter the workspace of the system, we can still turn off the smartphone by holding down the power button. And so, we do the following:

  • Turn off the phone by pressing the power button or simply pull out the battery if possible.
  • Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the volume up button. You will feel a slight vibration signal and after a while the company logo and Android inscription will appear on the screen.
  • Keep this combination pressed until the reset menu appears, or at least 5 seconds after the logo appears. After a while, you should have a Recovery Menu, then release all the buttons.
  • Select the item “Wipe data / Factory reset” and confirm the selection with the power button. Next, select the item of the same name “Wipe data / Factory reset” if it appears on your screen.
  • After the end of the reset, the menu may reappear, in which we select “Reboot system now”.

The entire process described above of how to reset the password on Huawei and Honor is shown in the video:

How to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forgot your password, pattern

This tutorial aims to show you how to unlock Huawei and Honor if you forget the password or pattern you set on your phone. At the moment, mobile gadgets are an integral part of our life. In the memory of the devices, we store various information, including important information, unwanted for viewing by unauthorized persons. Therefore, the solution to the problem of protecting our data from prying eyes should be taken care of first. Fortunately, the software developers took care of this and created a considerable set of protection methods such as passwords, pattern keys, fingerprint recognition and even the owner’s face.

However, sometimes there are situations when useful things become a problem for the user of a mobile device. For example, you gave your child a smartphone or tablet to play with, after which it turns out that your child has blocked the device with any of the available protection methods and cannot be unlocked, or simply forgot the lock code. And today we will tell you how to unlock Huawei and Honor phones if you forgot your password or key. Immediately, we note that the reset instructions provided below apply to all types of interlocks.

Deprecated way that doesn’t work now

After you have entered the wrong pattern (picture or password) 5 times, the following message will appear on the screen: “Forgot the pattern”, which you actually need to click on. After that, you will be asked to enter the email address and password from the Google account to which the device is linked. Then we select the unlocking method, in our case the pattern, and create a new key. We enter the key again and see the desktop. Below is a video with a visual example of how to unlock Huawei and Honor.

Admin command line

Similar actions can be done a little faster if you are not afraid of the lack of a graphical interface. This can be helped by the console running on the administrator account. You need to do the following:

  • By pressing the Win R keys at the same time (in the Russian layout this is the letter “K”), call the “Run” dialog.
  • Enter “cmd” in the blank text box and press Enter.
  • In the console that opens on behalf of the administrator, you need to write “net user account_name new_password” without quotes and press Enter.

The data will be changed, after which you can restart the laptop and log into the operating system.

How to remove a user password in an administrator account

In diagnostic mode, you can work on a laptop, almost like in a regular OS. However, many of the familiar functions will not be here. The first thing that catches your eye is the lack of a driver for a graphics adapter. Here the user can delete the password that he forgot as administrator. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Launch the Start menu using the appropriate checkbox button on the left side of the Quick Access Toolbar or by pressing the Windows key.
  • Open “Control Panel”.
  • Go to the “User Accounts” category.
  • In the list provided, find the account the user needs, the password from which he forgot.
  • On the left side of the window there is a list of available functions. You must select the item “Change password”.
  • New information must be entered twice. If you want to delete the password, you must leave both fields empty.
  • Then you need to click on the “Save” button.
  • Restart your laptop or computer.

Entering Safe Mode

If you want to perform this operation, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the personal computer (or restart the laptop if it is on).
  • Wait for a short beep from Bios (single high beep).
  • Start pressing the F8 key. In general, it is enough to press it 1 time at a certain right moment, but it will be much safer to play it safe. Nothing can happen from extra clicks.
  • A screen with a list of available Windows startup modes should load before you. If the computer just started to boot the system, as usual, it means that you did something wrong. In this case it is necessary to repeat steps 1-3.
  • You need to enter “safe mode”. You can also switch to command line mode if you are comfortable working with it. Select the required one using the arrows and press Enter.
  • Wait for the computer to boot the system, after which you will need to log in with an administrator account. There is no password on it by default. If you or other users have changed the computer configuration, you will not be able to log in in this way.
  • Click “Ok” in the window that welcomes you to diagnostic mode.

How to unlock a Windows laptop if you forgot your password

Modern Windows security tools help protect personal data stored on a personal computer or laptop from unwanted users. However, how can the owner of the computer unlock the laptop if he has forgotten his password from the account? As a last resort, you can always reinstall the operating system, but there are simpler ways to recover or crack a lost password. This login is much faster, as it does not require reinstalling Windows and setting up numerous software.

  • Entering Safe Mode
  • How to remove a user password in an administrator account
  • Admin command line
  • Ophcrack utility

This article discusses two easy ways to recover your password and unlock your Windows system. The first one uses the login in safe mode on behalf of the administrator using the BIOS, after which the current password for the specified user is changed.

The second method is carried out using specialized account hacking software.

Ophcrack utility

This software is designed to crack lost passwords. With it, you can easily unblock access to the system. Ophcrack can be run on a variety of platforms or as a LiveCD. This can be useful if you only have one account that you cannot log into at the moment.

You can download the utility by following the link http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/. This is the official site of the program developer. Choose regular version or LiveCD.

The LiveCD image must be installed on a bootable USB flash drive (for example, using the UltraISO utility). After that, you need to restart your computer, go into BIOS settings and select boot from a USB flash drive.

On the home screen, users can choose between Graphic Mode and Text mode.

Text mode is faster and more stable than graphics mode, so it’s best to work with it. Go to it, wait a little while the program will try to find the lost password. After that, you can log into Windows and remove it in the settings.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password?

As mentioned above, there are 2 main ways to bypass blocking. Each of them has its own shortcomings and weaknesses, and there is no ideal option. But, if the user urgently needs to find out how to unlock a Huawei phone, if he forgot the pattern, then he will not be able to choose, he will have to use the available methods:

  • the first approach involves logging into a Google account and resetting the key through a personal account;
  • the second option involves deleting all existing settings and returning the smartphone to the default state.

The main disadvantage of the first proposed method is that it is not available for those people who have forgotten their password, account and PIN. And those among those who have forgotten the digital key will be the majority.

The main disadvantage of the second method is associated with the complete removal of all user files and information stored on the phone, including applications, photos and even contacts. It will not be possible to restore them later, regardless of the wishes of the owner of the device.

By logging into your Gmail account

Those wishing to figure out how to reset the password on Huawei should do the following:

  • Enter the wrong password 5 times in a row.
  • Wait for a message to appear indicating that the user has forgotten the correct combination.
  • In the window that appears, sequentially enter the username and password from the Gmail account.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Use the item that asks to change the pattern.
  • Enter the phone using the changed data.

It is important to note that you need to use exactly the account that was linked to the phone. Using another account will not work, because in this case, you will not be able to change the password.

The fact that some Honor and Huawei models do not support the described solution deserves special attention. Their owners will have to use the second option or be more careful about passwords.

It is important to note that if you enter the wrong keys, you should try to remember the correct one. It may take several attempts to log into the phone without making any additional changes.

How to unlock Huawei and Honor phones if you forgot your password or pattern

How to unlock Honor? The emergence of such a question does not bode well for the owner of the smartphone, since there is only one situation to think about such things: the user has forgotten the pattern. Fortunately, in 2020 there are several ways to get out of this situation. They cannot be called simple because they perform an important function. Phone developers made sure that no one could access someone else’s account and view confidential information.

As a result, to bypass the pattern you need to:

  • know the password for the account (in theory, this combination is known exclusively to the owner of the gadget);
  • or destroy all personal data (that is, you will not be able to access them).

In each specified case, personal security is maintained at the highest level, confidential information remains protected. Of the minuses of such a strict approach, it is worth highlighting the possible inconveniences when unlocking the phone. But these shortcomings will not interfere with a person if he does not forget the pattern.

Reset with Hard Reset

If the described approach did not help, the user should figure out how to unlock the Honor phone if he forgot the password. This will require:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Simultaneously hold down the power button and volume up.
  • After the screen lights up, release the power key, leaving the volume button pressed.
  • After opening a new window, it remains to select the item “wipe data”.
  • Confirm actions taken.

After that, it remains to wait for the system to reset the settings to the factory level and reboot the device. If everything is done correctly, the next step will be to create a new profile and reinstall the necessary programs and applications.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

It is important to emphasize that the described approach does not require connecting to a computer, using special commands (adb) and switching to other modes (bootloader). The desired result is achieved without additional complex actions.

How to unlock your phone with a fingerprint?

Unlocking Android with a fingerprint is a bit trickier, as you won’t be able to use your account in this case. But the cases when you need to get rid of the fingerprint are rare. They usually happen when buying a smartphone from the secondary market when the previous owner forgot to turn off the screen lock. In such situations, it remains:

  • contact the previous owner of the device and ask for his help;
  • reset the settings to the basic level using the instructions above;
  • contact the service center, asking to unlock the screen;
  • contact the manufacturer’s representatives by contacting Support on the official Huawei website.

One of the listed options will definitely help to achieve the desired result.

Nuances and problems that may arise

Having figured out how to unlock Huawei, it remains to figure out some important nuances that can make life easier for users. First of all, owners of smart devices should think about how to write down a pin code and a pattern somewhere. Such an inscription on a piece of paper or on a PC will allow you not to worry about the fact that the correct combination will be forgotten.

In addition, you should worry in advance about saving important files and contacts to the cloud storage. As a result, they will always be at hand, and possible difficulties with unlocking will not lead to their irrevocable destruction. Additionally, it is recommended that you create a restore point, a rollback to which will eliminate possible failures and problems. If you follow these tips, the likelihood of encountering unforeseen difficulties will be minimal.

How to unlock your Huawei (Honor) phone if you forgot your password or pattern

How to unlock Honor if a user suddenly forgot both the password and pattern? In 2019, there is no single way to get out of this situation without data loss and complexity. But this does not mean that the owner of the phone should give up and give up restoring attempts. It is much wiser to be patient, since it will not be possible to cope with the existing task quickly. Additionally, you should prepare for the fact that a large number of files and contacts will disappear without a trace. Losses can be avoided only by those people who foreseen the occurrence of such situations and created a backup copy or a restore point.

In short, the solution does not seem as simple as users would like. They have to prepare for the fact that it will take some time to gain access to the account.

How to unlock your phone with a fingerprint?

The next way to unlock your Honor phone if you forget your password is optimal for smartphones that use fingerprint privacy protection. It is extremely simple and does not even require the use of a phone:

  • The user needs to turn on any computer or other similar device and visit the Google website.
  • Here you need to enter your personal account (it is important to make sure that it matches the account on your smartphone).
  • Then you have to go to the tab https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager?hl=ru and accept the terms of service.
  • After that, it remains to press the button offering to block and clear the pin-code and digital graphic key.
  • The last step will be to create a new password with which to unlock the smartphone.
  • After unlocking, you must re-fingerprint.

Naturally, the described approach will not help if you forgot your password and account from Google.

By logging into your Gmail account

The first approach will require the following:

  • First, you need to enter the wrong password for the account 5 times in a row (moreover, there is a possibility of accidentally entering the correct combination).
  • Then use the link (caption) that appears on the screen, offering assistance in password recovery and unlocking the phone.
  • The next step is to log into the Google account associated with your smartphone.
  • After that, it remains to use the instructions of the system and make a new strong password.

The main disadvantage of the described option will be the need for an Internet connection. Sometimes blocked devices cannot establish a connection. In such a case, you will have to use alternative options for connecting to the network, which can cause difficulties for most people who are not familiar with smart devices.

How to unlock your Honor phone if you forgot your password?

There are 2 main ways to unlock Huawei, but both options have significant drawbacks and can present users with an impossible task. To unlock Huawei smartphones it is proposed:

  • use your Google account and change the settings for accessing the phone through your own account;
  • reset the settings to the factory level.

In this case, the first approach can be divided into 2 equivalent parts, differing in the actions that have to be performed by a person who has encountered difficulties. Each mentioned option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to start with the Honor unlocking method that seems to be the easiest and most convenient. This will save time and instantly switch to the second approach if the first is not effective enough.

Reset with Hard Reset

The next way to unlock your Huawei phone if you forgot your pattern is to reset your smartphone settings to the factory level. This will require:

  • turn off the phone by pressing the corresponding button;
  • simultaneously hold down the power and volume up keys until the Android icon appears on the monitor;
  • select the inscription Wipe data in the menu that opens;
  • confirm the decision in the next window;
  • restart your smartphone;
  • create a new pattern, password and pin.

Nothing extra is required, but it is important to remember the negative effect of such actions. It consists in the disappearance of everything that was stored in the device’s memory. It is impossible to restore files, contacts and information after a factory reset, the only exception is creating a backup copy. But making a copy is required in advance, before an unpleasant situation arises.

Nuances and problems that may arise

None of the above approaches guarantee the desired result, and smartphones do not have a special unlock or adb button, but users are asked to remember the PIN code in advance, since it cannot be restored. Take the warning you receive with the utmost seriousness.

In situations where the proposed methods did not help or the phone owners are blocked from accessing Bootloader and other mobile services, there are several options for action:

  • contact Huawei representatives (on the official Russian-language website);
  • contact the service center associated with the retail network where the device was purchased;
  • visit an independent repair shop and ask to unlock the screen.

There are no other acceptable ways to regain control of your phone.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

How to remove the back cover?

On the left side of the case there is a tray for cards. It needs to be pulled out. Then, pry off the cover with your fingernail or use a plastic spatula. If these steps did not help, heat the back of the case with a hairdryer. See the video for details:

Secrets, hidden features, Honor 8C chips

Every smartphone has options that you may never know about unless you specifically search. The Honor 8C is no exception. I’ll tell you about some.

System navigation.

To activate the navigation you need, open “Settings”. “System”. “System navigation”.

Dual screen.

This function allows you to work with two applications in split screen mode. To use this feature, click on the Recent Programs button where you will see a list of applications running in the background. At the top of each app there will be split, block, and reject options. Click on the first option to have it automatically split the display and load the app in the first half, and then select any app in the second half of the screen.

Automatic reduction of resolution.

To activate the function, open “Settings”. “Screen”. “Smart Resolution”. This will save battery power.

Fingerprint gestures.

To enable this feature, go to Settings. Security & Privacy. Fingerprint.

Can be used to answer a call, turn off the alarm, take photos / videos, flip through photos, open the notification panel.

Screen recording.

The option is built into EMUI. To enable it, swipe down from the top of the screen and click on the “Screen recording” icon. If the icon is not visible, click on the pencil and drag the icon up to add to the panel.

Hiding bangs.

It is impossible to completely remove the upper cutout, this is the peculiarity of the display. But you can disguise it. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Screen”. “Dark area at the top of the screen”.

How to unlock Honor 8C if you forgot your password?

After resetting the settings on phones with Android 8, a menu appears asking you to enter the password for your Google account. Resetting the settings does not solve the problem. This technology is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) and is designed to protect your phone if it is stolen or lost. But what to do if you haven’t lost your phone, but just forgot your password?

I will not describe the entire password reset process in this article. Follow the link and watch the video where the unlock specialist tells how to unlock Honor 8C.

Secrets of Honor 8C (BKK-L21). instructions and tips for setting up your phone

Another Huawei copy appeared in my “test lab”. The budget model was launched in 2018, but it still raises a lot of questions. I will answer the most popular ones, and at the end I will tell you about interesting tricks and secrets of Honor 8C (BKK-L21). I will also leave a link to the manufacturer’s official instructions. In the box, it is usually absent. savings on paper to protect nature. All screenshots are taken on a test unit with Android 8.1 and EMUI 8.2.

Proximity sensor

The proximity sensor is responsible for the sensitivity of the screen. Its breakage or poor calibration can cause such problems:

  • The screen does not go out when touching the face.
  • The phone can spontaneously unlock in your .
  • Accidental presses occur.

This can happen after replacing the screen or due to a software error.

First, check if the sensor is turned on:

  • Open system preferences.
  • Select the section “Accessibility” or “Screen”.
  • Find an item with a proximity sensor.
  • If the lever is disabled, then press it to activate.

Honor has no built-in tools to calibrate and reset the proximity sensor. Use the applications “HiCare” or “Proximity Sensor Reset” from the Playmarket. If they did not help, try resetting to factory settings or flashing the device.

How to remove an icon from the screen?

The Honor 8C operating system does not allow you to remove the icon from the screen without uninstalling the program itself. You can use Apex or Nova Launcher, as well as special software Hide it Pro or Smart Hide Calculator.

If you don’t want to install third-party programs, there is a built-in solution:

  • Go to the application panel. The icons of the downloaded programs open there.
  • Go to the “Applications” section.
  • Open additional options in the upper right corner.
  • Click “Hide Applications”.
  • Further, the screen will display a list of all utilities available for hiding and blocking. Checkmark or swipe the ones you want to remove from public access.
  • After completing the selection, click “Finish”.

Why Instagram isn’t supported?

Sometimes resetting the Honor 8C to its factory settings will cause some applications such as AnTuTu, Instagram and many others to be “not supported on this device”. This happens, including because of the jambs of Google and the authors of the programs. Wait for the update, contact the app developers by contact in the Play Market or do the following:

Go to “Settings”. “Apps & notifications”. “Apps”. “”. “Show system”. “Google Play services”. “Storage”. “Place management” and select “Delete all data”.

Go back two steps, in the upper right corner select “”. “Uninstall updates”. Also, in the “Memory” section of the “Play Market” application, perform the “Reset” item and similarly remove the updates.

After all the manipulations, restart the smartphone.

How to connect to a computer?

The procedure is practically no different from any other modern devices.

  • Take the native Honor 8C USB cable from the box and connect the phone to the computer.
  • On the smartphone screen, a pop-up window will ask you to choose how to use the device.
  • Click “File Transfer”.
  • Windows 10 will have two removable drives. internal memory and SD card (if there is one in the phone).

The smartphone also contains installation files for the HiSuite application, which allows you to set up synchronization if you decide to click not on “File transfer”, but on “Photo transfer”. They are located in the virtual CD drive, which is displayed when connected to a computer. In the phone, you need to activate the HDB mode, which is in the settings in the “Security and privacy” section.

It is not necessary to install the program, if you need to, for example, just view and copy photos.

How to reset to factory settings?

There are 3 ways to reset the Honor 8C. Remember to fully charge your phone just in case.

Option 1

  • Open “Settings”.
  • Go to the “System” section.
  • Click on “Restore factory settings”.
  • We agree to the destruction of all data.
  • Reset will complete after reboot.

Option 2

  • We dial ### on the phone
  • Choose “Restore Factory defaults”. I got a warning that I have a working Google account.
  • We agree to the destruction of information and reboot.
  • Reset completed.

Option 3

  • In the off state, press and hold the volume up and on buttons for a couple of seconds.
  • We release the “power” after the logo appears on the screen, and continue to hold the “plus” until the recovery menu appears.
  • There we select the second line. “wipe data / factory reset” using the volume buttons and confirm by pressing the power button. You can carry out these actions directly by poking your finger at the screen.
  • Then the phone will ask you to write the word “Yes” on the keyboard. Do this and press the “wipe data / factory reset” button.
  • Click “reboot system now”, the phone should reboot.
  • Factory reset completed.

If all else fails, the only remaining option is to flash the device.