Honor 10 Lite Nfc How To Enable

On smartphones, we usually use the same set of functions. And we don’t even think about how many unobvious opportunities our mobile gadgets are hiding. It is such “secret functions” that make working with the device more comfortable. In Honor 9, there are a dozen “chips” that increase the usability of it. And to use them, you do not need root privileges or digging deep into the settings.

Navigation button

Under the Honor 9’s display is a touchpad that has a fingerprint built into it. In addition to performing the obvious fingerprint unlock function, this panel can play the role of a multi-function button. We go into the settings, the “Navigation button” item and select how the smartphone will be controlled. with just one button or a combination of three buttons.

In the first case, when only one touch button is selected, and the device can be controlled by gestures on it: the multitasking menu is displayed with a swipe to the left, to exit to the desktop you need to hold the key, and to exit back. press once.

If you don’t like this control, you can enable the three usual Android keys. “Home”, “Back” and “Multitasking”. Also, the manufacturer makes it possible to change their location. For example, Google insists that the “Back” button should be on the left, however, many users believe that reaching there is inconvenient and more logical to put it on the right, under the thumb. In general, there will not be such problems with Honor 9. customize the navigation keys as you like.


It would seem that what else to come up with to make it easier for such a simple and necessary function as a screenshot?

In Honor 9 it can be done in three ways. The first is to hold down two buttons: volume down and power down. The second is to press the corresponding key in the notification curtain.

And the third, most interesting. with knuckles. To take a screenshot of the entire screen, just double-tap it. And if you need a screen of only a certain part of the display. you just need to circle this area with a knuckle. This is convenient. it saves time on cropping.

To capture a long list or article in a browser, the developers added a convenient feature. a long screenshot. We make a regular screen and in the pop-up miniature press the button of the same name. this way we get a very long picture.

Voice control

In Honor 9 there is voice control, which works including in Russian. We set up a phrase that activates the device and that’s it. the smartphone will wait for your command even in a locked state.

To prevent this function from adding additional load to the battery, the developers added an energy-efficient coprocessor to the Kirin 960 chipset, which also counts steps in the background, helps to process photos, and much more.

Voice control in Honor 9 allows you to call contacts from your notebook or answer calls without touching it. This is useful, for example, in the car when you are driving, or in the kitchen while cooking.

In addition, if you cannot find your device in a room or bag, you can simply activate the device with a voice command and ask: “Where are you?”. The gadget will begin to vibrate, blink a flash and shout loudly: “I’m here!”.

The smartphone is literally crammed with features to improve the sound in the headphones and dynamics. For example, the Huawei Histen audio effects and the Honor Purity equalizer developed jointly with the well-known company Monster. In the sound settings, you can choose from three types of headphones. in-channel, plug-in or overhead. According to the developers, Histen adjusts the music for each type of headphone.

It also includes 3D audio, which makes the sound more voluminous, like in a live concert. We will talk more about the musical capabilities of Honor in more detail. in a separate article.

Control gestures

A lot of interesting features are placed in a separate menu item. “Movements”. It configures various gestures that simplify the use of a smartphone.

For example, the “Flip” function. to turn off the sound of a ringer, alarm or timer, just flip the Honor 9.

Or “Lift to the ear”. during the call you can not press the answer button, but instead immediately attach the device to the ear. Similarly, the function will work if the contact card is open on the smartphone screen. you do not need to press any extra buttons, the smart gadget itself understands that you are going to make a call.

And to quickly launch applications, you can use your knuckles. They need to draw a letter on the screen of the device to which you previously assigned the application.

Splitting the screen into two parts

By the way, the manufacturer here also did not forget about the knuckles. to activate the multi-window, it is enough to draw a knuckle in the middle of the screen from one edge to the other.

Screen sharing is a standard feature of the seventh version of Android, and few people can be surprised by it now. However, in Honor 9 there is a less common “trick”, the development of which will appear only in Oreo.

In the “native” player, you can minimize the film to a small floating window and use any other applications. the will spin on top of them. You can watch the season of the next series and at the same time do more important things. For example, flipping a feed on Instagram.


Honor 9 has a large number of settings related to the security of access to personal files and applications.

Honor 10 Lite Nfc How To Enable

The smartphone owner can create a secure section in memory to store personal data inaccessible to outsiders. photos,s, documents. A separate password is set on it. even if someone knows your code from a smartphone, he will not be able to see information not intended for him.

Or put a password to launch any application on your smartphone. SMS messenger, contact list, Gallery, social media clients, instant messengers, etc. To run the application, it is not necessary to constantly enter the code, just put your finger on the fingerprint. this greatly simplifies the use of the function.

Avast antivirus is built into the device, which scans the internal storage for viruses and malware. there are more and more of them lately. In addition, Honor 9 is equipped with a blacklist to which you can add unwanted numbers. calls and messages from them will not bother the owner of the smartphone.

Energy saving

The easiest and most obvious way to extend the working hours of Honor 9 is to turn on proprietary energy saving.

When this mode is activated, the smartphone completely limits background activity and synchronization. This means that messages from instant messengers, emails from e-mails and push notifications from other applications will not arrive on the device in a blocked state. At the same time, you can still see what they wrote to you. you need to open the corresponding application, and all the information will go to the screen.

The inclusion of energy saving reduces the brightness of the display and reduces the amount of animation of the interface, which also positively affects the autonomy of the device.

In addition, in the battery settings, you can turn on the Ultra mode. Only calls and SMS will be available in it. this will allow you to use the device for more than a week without recharging.

Another effective way to extend the working time of a Honor smartphone is to manually configure the operation of background applications. While you carry the gadget in your pocket or bag, some programs continue to work. receive new messages, send reports or update. In the settings, you can specify those applications that are not allowed to work after the screen is locked.

In the same way, the ability to access the network for each application is configured. Today, almost all software goes online to download data, determine location, weather and much more. it eats up 5-10% of the charge. We go to the settings and prohibit Internet access to those programs that do not deserve it.

A utility is activated in the battery settings to optimize battery performance. When it is activated, unnecessary background tasks are unloaded and a hint is given what else can be configured to pump up operating time. The program offers to reduce screen brightness, turn off auto-sync, and prevent applications from running in the background.

Clone app

Using the “Clone Application” function, copies of some programs are created. For example, you can clone Facebook or WhatsApp and use them simultaneously with multiple accounts.

When you create a copy on the desktop, the exact same program appears with the number two on the icon.

Eye protection

In the settings of the Honor 9 screen is the vision protection mode. According to the developers, it reduces harmful UV radiation, preventing eye fatigue. When you turn on the protection, the screen acquires a yellow tint, however, the color temperature is adjusted, which allows you to make the color rendition a little colder or warmer.

A schedule is also set according to which the vision protection mode can be turned on and off automatically.

Timer on and off

Owners of Honor 9 have access to scheduled turning on and turning off the smartphone: the time of shutdown / activation and the days of the week on which this should happen.

The function helps to avoid notification, calls at night and save battery power.


It often happens that we do not have time to make an important shot on our smartphone. the moment passes, and the camera has not yet started.

To minimize such situations, Honor 9 added the function of quick shooting. you can take a picture by double-clicking on the volume down key. In this case, you do not even need to unlock the device. take it out of your pocket, press the button twice, and the camera immediately takes a picture.

In addition, it is not necessary to always reach for the shutter button. you can give a command to take pictures with your voice. Thus, it is convenient to take a selfie on a monopod without a remote control or just on an outstretched arm.

Honor 9 has automatic shooting functions when smiles are detected in the frame, autofocus in motion and a huge number of camera modes, about which there will be enough material for two more such articles. mobile photography lovers will find many useful “chips” on their smartphone.


As you can see, a smartphone can have many useful features. And they all lie on the surface, but not every user knows about them. Take the time to look into the advanced settings and get acquainted with the “chips” that make life more convenient. We found them in Honor 9. for sure your device also has a lot of interesting things that you do not suspect.