Heated Phone Huawei P20 Lite

Smartphone Huawei P20 Lite interesting:

Heated Phone Huawei P20 Lite


In general, Huawei phones were not bad.
I bought a Huawei P20 Lite, joy knew no bounds.
But after about a month, a spot appeared on the screen in the area of ​​the volume buttons.
The service department refused to repair under warranty due to a crack on the back cover, although the phone did not fall even once.
Calling the hotline did not work “With cracks we remove the guarantee”.

This is not the first Huawei phone.
There was before the Honor C5 the same problem. The first time (after about two months) the screen was changed under warranty, the second time (after another two months) they were refused due to a chip on the case.
The friend of Honor X5 has the same problem, the first appeared a spot on the screen in the area of ​​the volume buttons, a failure due to a chip on the case, then a symmetrical spot appeared on the opposite side of the screen.
This problem is on many Huawei models, see the Internet.

Screen replacement for Huawei P20 Lite is 9,000 rubles.

Want to just give up money? Buy Huawei.

Periodically dulls relatively “out of the blue”.
Today, the third time NFC fell off. turning on / off did not help, only the reboot saved.

Now it’s starting to get colder. on the street it starts frantically dumb, again, for no apparent reason.

He took in exchange for the recessed MI A1.
It’s quite normal in size, although after MI A1 it seemed crumby.

I don’t play games, I don’t put heaps of obscure applications. I do not know the power of the prots and the responses of the RAM.

The cameras are good, HDR is beautiful and fast. Panoramas can only be shot in one plane, after MI A1 it is somehow sad. Well, for example, do not shoot the panorama to the top when you want to remove the wall and ceiling in a museum or arch with a ceiling in the temple.
Pleased with the ability to manually adjust exposure and ISO. From a tripod, it’s quite possible to slap the stars or the northern lights. The software lathers noise well, so the picture is quite acceptable.

For autonomy, expect two days with moderate use and about one and a half hours of Internet per day. And so calmly enough for a day. Anyway, to me.

In short, a beautiful phone with a good camera, what else do you need? I think nothing. NSF seemed to be, but I do not care for him, I do not use it.

I was looking for a phone with a good camera, so as not to miss the chance to take a good shot when there is no SLR at hand. I listened to numerous reviewers who, from the “photo opportunities”, touted this brand in general and the phone model in particular. As a result:
– sharpness is good only when there are no trees nearby and a lot of light. In other cases, in the landscape photo, instead of foliage, you will get green noise.
– if the street is cloudy. the photograph you took will be very soapy and noisy.
– automatic color correction. for some reason my brown sphinx turns out to be pink or burgundy. At the same time, the autumnal foliage in the photographs turns pale and inexpressive.
– portrait mode. will block your ears, but leave a part of the background unclear. In view of the above, I can say for sure that the second camera is just for beauty. my old Asus with one camera blurred better.
– when switching to the front camera, portrait mode is activated, which, according to incomprehensible algorithms, will again wash your ears and hair. If you do not notice it, then you will tear and throw. At the same time, the quality of the images on the front camera, in my opinion, is none.

Bottom line, I have to go into manual mode, then edit the photo in RAW format. And take a bunch of photos to get at least something worthwhile.