Headphones Icon Appears On Phone Screen

Nowadays, phones are enormously different from their predecessors. Each model in the lineup of the manufacturer becomes more modern, reliable and with more extensive functionality. The day when the phone became not just a means of communication, but also a music player, was remembered in history.

In the modern world, almost all users have a lot of favorite songs with them, you just have to get and pick up the phone, as a whole archive opens. But sometimes there are various inconveniences, for example, repeating pictures in the gallery, which are tied to tracks. Many people know that images can be removed independently without any difficulties, but what to do in other situations?

Unfortunately, the Huawei headphone icon may randomly appear on the phone screen. Users are immediately interested in how to remove this icon. What if he suddenly appears, but does not disappear?

Headphones Icon Appears On Phone Screen

Reasons for the appearance of the icon

The unexpectedly appeared headphone icon starts to confuse users, not only due to aesthetic considerations. The icon indicates that there was some kind of malfunction in the device, which must be fixed, because it just cannot appear if the headphones were not connected. An unexpected appearance of an icon is usually accompanied by the appearance of a problem. For example, you can talk on the phone only in speakerphone mode. Or it can be otherwise, for example, sometimes the interlocutor cannot hear the user when making a call.

There are several reasons that can affect the appearance of the Huawei headphone icon:

  • Kick is one of the most popular reasons. A shock can cause a malfunction in the smartphone, which negatively affects the operation of the device.
  • Moisture It is not necessary to drop the smartphone into a container of water or accidentally spill liquid. Moisture can get inside the phone if there was a sharp temperature drop. For example, the user went from cold to warm, condensation formed on the phone, which can get inside the device, creating various problems.
  • Contamination of the standard 3.5 mm jack. For example, dust or dirt has got in, resulting in dirty contacts.
  • Incorrect removal of the headphone wire from the connector. In this case, the smartphone can sometimes assume that the headphones are inside and connected to the phone.

It is worth noting that if the reason is the spilled liquid on the device, then you do not need to take any action, but simply return the smartphone to a service center to solve problems.

If the user has a desire to deal with the problem on his own, then the first thing to do is turn off the smartphone, then disassemble it, remove the battery and dry for 24 hours. If after this the problem is not resolved, then you will have to take the phone to a service center to carry out repairs.

However, sometimes the headphone icon appears due to a malfunction in the program. Is it possible to solve such a problem on my own?

Action algorithm

On the phone owners forums you can find information on how to clean dirty contacts. It is worth knowing that if the user suspects that the headphone icon appeared due to a broken connector, then it is absolutely impossible to do independent work to fix the problem. It should be remembered that the phones are different for everyone, you should not risk a smartphone like that, the most preferred way is to contact a service center.

Such a malfunction is quickly corrected by experienced specialists, so in a couple of hours there will be an opportunity to reuse your smartphone for its intended purpose.

Before contacting a service center, you can do the following:

  • Insert and pull out the plug very carefully from the 3.5 mm jack several times. If the method does not help, then you can try to insert the plug not completely.
  • If possible, remove the battery for 20 seconds, and then turn on the smartphone again by pressing the power key.
  • Installing a program that independently switches the sound to the correct output can help.

As a rule, carrying out such procedures is enough for the smartphone to function in the previous mode. If none of the methods helped to solve the problem, or if the damage turned out to be serious, then you should immediately take the smartphone to a service center for repair by professional staff.Share link: