Headphones don’t work on Android

Why aren’t the headphones on my phone working

Why the phone does not see wired headphones. all ways of troubleshooting. Why won’t the headphones work on your phone. wireless models. How to plug wireless headphones correctly. What to do if nothing helps.

Your smartphone may not see the corded headset for various reasons. If we combine them all together, we can divide the causes of this problem into the following groups:

As a rule, hardware problems lie in the phone itself, that is, the headphones can not connect due to the fact that, for example, the cable is zadet inside or in the case of a smartphone got water. System problems can occur in the phone system or in the headset itself. To solve this problem, it will be sufficient to change certain settings, after which the headset will work as new again.

Trouble is the most common reason why the phone can not recognize the headset. It is worth noting that an inexperienced user to solve this problem is recommended to contact a professional technician who can fully examine the gadget system.

To carry out an inspection, you can do the following:

  • First you need the wire from the headset itself. Look carefully to see if there are any creases or obvious tears. It is also worth noting that disconnecting the wires can cause a breakdown. And the problem can only be solved by replacing the wired headset with a new one;
  • For a better check of the cable, you can connect the headphones to another phone. If after that the connection icon does not appear, then the problem lies clearly in the headphones themselves;
  • You can also check the cable for functionality by connecting it to your smartphone and wiggling a little in the connector. Before you do this you should also put the headphones in your ears. In case you hear any squeaks or the sound starts to appear only at a certain position of the cable, then the problem is definitely in the headset cable and can only be solved by replacing it;
  • If the problems with the wire was not detected, then most likely the breakage is in the soldering on the speaker, that is, on the plug, which is inserted into the headphone jack. This plug is responsible for the connection of the headset to the phone and can sometimes come off the mobile device board or even fall through the jack. In this case, it is not recommended to try to repair the damage yourself, in case you do not have experience and any knowledge in this area;
  • In addition, try to remember if you have ever dropped the phone. If the gadget has really recently fallen, then most likely the connector could have shifted, which caused the poor performance of the headphones. Also, it is worth noting that the contacts of the gadget could have oxidized if there was any liquid in it.

At the link attached below, you can watch a video on how to fix a broken headset cord:

Incorrect settings

Incorrect settings can also prevent your smartphone and wired system from connecting. In case the phone does not recognize the headset in the hardware, it is recommended to do the following actions:

  • Open the manufacturer’s website and read the instructions on how to properly connect the headset and set it up. Also, following these instructions, perform a complete setup of the wired system;
  • Try resetting the phone. However, as a rule, this method of repair is used very rarely, because it completely resets the device to the factory settings;


  • Flash the device;. Have the device reflashed. It is recommended to use this way only if you can not fix the connection using other methods. However, it is very important to note that the process of reflashing the gadget requires special preparation and certain knowledge. In case you decide to flash the device yourself, it is recommended to do it under the supervision of an experienced technician.

Damaged volume buttons

The volume control buttons are responsible for the sound emitted by the gadget and the headset. The owner of a smartphone may think that the problem lies in the headphones themselves, but not in the phone, if it has damaged volume control buttons.

Important! Most often it is because of this breakage can not work wired headset. After all, the headphones are connected to the phone, but the sound is not transmitted, because you can not adjust it because of broken buttons.

To fix this problem you will need to fix the volume buttons. You can do it yourself or with the help of a professional craftsman. You can check if the buttons are malfunctioning as follows:

If you were able to change the volume level, then the problem may lie not with the volume buttons, but with the wired headset itself.

Dirt in the jack

In certain situations, the socket can be clogged with all kinds of dirt, such as dust or even earth. However, this reason is so trivial that many users may not even pay attention to it. You can fix the situation as follows:

  • Turn the phone upside down and shake it, you can also blow out the headphone jack yourself or use a low-temperature hair dryer. You can get particles of any size in the jack. In certain cases you can get rid of them by cleaning the socket with a toothpick. However, do it as carefully as possible;
  • Then take a cotton swab with a small diameter. Moisten it with a little alcohol so that it becomes slightly moist. No alcohol should drip from the wand;
  • Pass a cotton swab soaked in alcohol in the connector and twist it there a few times;
  • Wait about five minutes until all the alcohol has evaporated;
  • Repeat the above steps again.
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Why the phone does not see the headphones. check the headset

In case your phone stops seeing the headphones, you need to check if they work. Connect the headphones to another phone or tablet. check if they work with other devices? If it does not work with other devices, it means that the problem is in the headset.

Lack of sound in the headphones can be in the case:

In the case of incompatibility with the device is now unlikely since most headphone manufacturers make them universal and the headphone jack is of the “Mini-Jack” standard. But, just in case, check what kind of plug you have.

Micro-Jack Mini-Jack Jack Sizes
2.5mm 3.5mm 6.35mm
Used for small devices and in older smartphones or phones The standard is widely used in modern smartphones, players, PCs Used in professional pop equipment: microphones, professional studio headphones

Failure of headphones can be :

Start with the first option, gently wipe the plug if it is dirty or has dust on it.

In the case of a damaged headphone cable. you will immediately notice a break in the insulation of the headphone. In such cases you can repair, clean the wires, connect and insulate (give for repair) or buy new headphones/cable.

If you have cleaned the plug and checked for damaged wires and did not find it, the problem is inside the headphones in 80% of cases it is not repairable, although in any case if the headphones are from the expensive segment, contact the service center.

How to remove the headset icon on your phone

Due to a variety of reasons that lead to the problem, you can not get around to one method of troubleshooting. Have to consider a number of methods that can fix the error.

Restarting the device

The vast majority of problems related to the operation of the device is solved by rebooting the smartphone. If the faulty headset recognition was an isolated failure, after turning off and turning on the gadget again the icon in the system tray will disappear.

Even if after rebooting the smartphone the problem disappears, the error can still occur in the future. In this case it is recommended to consider a few more options.

Clean and dry the connector

In examining the possible causes of the problem it was not accidentally mentioned that the connector may be clogged. The dirt may not even be visible from the outside, but there may have been accumulated dust inside the port for several months of using your smartphone.

Use a toothpick or other small object to clean the plug. Do not use any metal needles or other tools that might come into contact with the connectors.

A slightly different instruction applies if the problems occurred after contact of the smartphone with liquid. Place the wet device on a dry, terry towel-like pad. It is necessary to turn off the device and wait a few hours until its case is completely dry. While drying do not shake the gadget or use a hair dryer. All this can adversely affect the further performance of the phone.

You can see how to clean the plug visually in the video. Use it if you’re in doubt about how to properly remove the remaining dirt and dust from a clogged port.

Clean with a special agent

Sometimes the accumulated dust particles are so thick that you cannot do without a toothpick. In such a situation you should turn to the help of special means. In addition, dispersion liquid not only dissolves dense dirt, but also removes plaque from the contacts of the connector.

You can buy a cleaner for the connector at an electronics store. Then pour the liquid into a syringe and pour it through the needle into the clogged port. Then you only need to clean the jack again with a toothpick or cotton swab.

Resetting the Radio app

The error occurs not only because of mechanical damages and clogs, but also because of software malfunctions. The most common of them. the incorrect operation of the application “Radio”. Sometimes the headset is recognized even if the headset is not connected to the phone. To solve the problem you need to reset the program data:

Please note that after resetting the data the saved radio stations will be deleted.

In addition to resetting the data, it is worth taking care of deleting the cache. The operation is also performed by means of the phone settings. After that, the headset icon will disappear from the device screen once and for all. Next time it appears only when the user decides to plug in the headphones.

Key combination

People who use a corded headset often say that the headphone icon disappears after pressing the accessory’s power button. The problem is solved as follows:

Next you will notice how the annoying icon disappears from the system tray. If it continues to make itself felt. try lowering the volume to the minimum before removing the accessory.

Cleaning your smartphone from viruses

Most phone problems are caused by viruses. Malware interferes with the operation of the device, disrupting standard processes. The smartphone begins to determine the headphones incorrectly when they are disconnected.

In this case it is possible to eliminate problems by means of anti-virus. It can be software from any known developer, including Kaspersky, Dr. Web or Avast. Download the utility you like through the app store, and then run the scan. During the system test, the antivirus will show what malware it has found and offer to delete the problem files.

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It is also not necessary to download an additional application to eliminate viruses. Often the function is implemented by the built-in means of the device. In particular, many models are pre-installed with the “Security” program. It is an exact copy of third-party antivirus and does its job very well.

Connecting another headset

Sometimes troubleshooting occurs when the simplest methods are used. In particular, experienced users say that the intrusive icon disappears immediately after connecting other headphones. The owner of the smartphone, which faced the problem, should insert another headset into the jack and then remove it.

Often the operation has to be repeated several times. But in the end the problem is solved and the icon does not appear anymore. If the error is still not corrected, you can use the final method.


In case you are 100% sure that the problem is not caused by mechanical defects it is worth resorting to radical methods of solving the systemic faults. Better than any antivirus helps a full-fledged reset of your smartphone.

If you plug using USB-C headset

It’s commonplace today, especially when the ability to connect via jack 3 is gone.5mm. For this case, we extend all previous tests, which are equally true for headphone connections under this standard. However, we have to add some specific connections via USB-C:

Cell phone compatible with USB-C digital audio

If nothing happens when you connect the headphones USB-C, we will need to check that the device uses digital audio USB-C. For this we will only need to read the specifications of our cell phone or directly from the manufacturer. When it comes to audio streaming, there is no universal Class 3 audio device integration (USB ADC 3.0), which reduces the functionality of USB-C headphones.

Activate the option from your cell phone

As opposed to the connector 3.5 mm, which is detected automatically, there are cell phones to which we have to “Notify” that we connected the headphones via USB-C. To do this, we need to activate the option of sound through the USB-C port. It’s best to enter USB in the search field of the settings menu, as the path may vary slightly from model to model.

Disable USB routing

The option “Disable USB Audio Routing” is used to mute or unmute external headphones connected via USB-C. If the box is checked for any reason, it will undoubtedly be the cause of the problem. Also, this is an option that is not in plain sight, so it’s normal for many users to go crazy before finding this option. To check this, we will need to go into Settings / System and repeatedly click on “Build Number”. Now the options for developers will be activated, and we’ll go down until we see the box. If it is activated, we will have to turn it off and try again. If we already have developer options activated, we can skip the previous step or search directly for “routing” in the search box in the “Settings” menu.

Where to start?

It does not matter what operating system is installed on the device. iOS (iPad / iPhone) or Android. The most important thing is not to succumb to panic emotions. Often, you can eliminate the defect at home, without resorting to specialists.

Think hard about when the sound goes out? Recall your last actions with the smartphone. It has not fallen and no liquids have entered it (water, sweet drinks)? Maybe someone else has used the device (acquaintances, children)?

If the above effects are excluded, you need to check the correct audio settings. For example, for the “iPad” it is possible that the switch on the side mutes the sound. It is worth looking at the parameters to refute or confirm this version.

Or maybe the volume is just set to “0”. It happens, too. In general, go through all options related to sound. If properly configured, the problem is hardware.

Fails to recognize headphones due to hardware failures

Unlike “glitches” of the Android system itself or applications, hardware problems rarely occur “out of nowhere”. As a rule, this is a consequence of careless handling with the phone or tablet. Drops, bumps, water, dust and dirt in the jack 3.5mm Jack. all this is the source of missing sound in headphones. Among the major breakdowns, the most common are:

  • The incompatibility of headsets and gadgets. Some manufacturers, fighting the dominance of competitors, make cunning, changing the “plus” on the connector “minus”. Thus, only “native” headphones can be connected to this gadget. This feature limits the purchase through Aliexpress and other online stores: you will have to check the headset in place every time.
  • There is no contact in jack 3.5mm Jack. The cause of the problem is banal: dirt, dust, in the worst case. water, which can spoil not only the headphone jack, but the entire phone. If it is a matter of trivial dirt, the connector can be cleaned, but it is advisable not to do it with your own hands without proper experience. Lack of contact is sometimes caused by damaged jack, then it must be replaced in the service center.
  • Breakage of audio codec. Each smartphone and tablet has a small chip that converts the digital signal to analog and vice versa. If the sound is lost not only in headphones, but there are also problems with microphone, communication, speaker. probably the problem is in the audio codec. The problem often occurs after drops and bumps on hard surfaces.
  • Finally, check the headset itself. Wires or plug. the most trivial source of the problem when Android does not see the headphones. If other headphones will work fine. it’s obviously not your phone.
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Hardware problems are more complicated and not so easy to solve. To replace the jack, audio codec will have to open the phone, re-solder pins, install a new part. So, always “suspect” the headset to begin with. they belong to the consumables, respectively, they break more often than the phones and tablets themselves.

Headphones do not work on your laptop or computer

Well, we are done with mobile devices, now let’s move on to “bigger” devices.

I will start with one very frequent problem. there is no sound when you plug headphones on the front of the system unit. It’s very simple to solve:

  • The front output is trivial not connected at the system level. To do this you need to open the sound configuration program (in my case it is the Realtek HD manager. there is its icon in the tray). In the settings there is an option of front panel output connection. put a tick and press OK. After that the sound will appear.
  • If this does not happen, you can try changing the default device in the sound settings. To do this, go to the control panel and in the section “Sound” change the default device to another.
  • Finally, it is possible that the front connector is not connected to the motherboard. To connect it, you need to disassemble the system unit.

The front panel is taken care of. Now we move on to other possible problems.

  • If you made sure that the headphones work on another device, but they do not produce any sound on the computer, then the problem is definitely with the PC. In this case I recommend to update drivers. I had a situation when they just disappeared or turned off. I do not know what is the reason for this, but it is a fact, and it happened in Windows XP, as well as in Windows 7 (I hope that on the 8th version of the operating system this problem has been solved after all). As usual we only download drivers from the official site.
  • What else? Also have a look at the sound level in your system. It’s possible that it’s just been shorted and that’s where the problem lies. Add sound with a tray icon or through the control panel.

In general, friends, it is worth trying to reanimate the sound, because often the headphones are in working condition, and the problem is related to the system. There is always a chance.

One of the few failures, where the reason why Android does not see the headphones can serve equally as physical damage, and software errors.

Software failure

Phone does not see the headphones due to software glitches in the mobile device. This can occur, for example, due to some viruses in your smartphone, the lack of RAM or other problems.

To solve the described problem it is recommended to reboot your mobile device. If rebooting did not help, reset to factory settings.

  • Open the settings menu on the phone.
  • Go to the section called “Recovery”.
  • In this section press the button: “Reset to defaults”.
  • After this option, all data stored in the phone will be irretrievably deleted. So before you start resetting you need to make a backup of your phone data.

In the case where the user could not independently get rid of software glitches in the smartphone, it is worth to turn to the service center.

Recommendations for choosing headphones for your phone

Many phones, such as Lenevo, Xiaomi, Samsung, have in their kit headphones. But, unfortunately, they are rarely of the quality that would suit the picky user. So music lovers are forced to pick up this accessory for your phone separately.

Buying an earphone headset for your cell phone, you need to determine what purpose it will serve.

  • If your smartphone is mainly used for long conversations, then wireless accessories with a built-in microphone are best. So, the hands will remain free for many other things. But when you try to listen to music through them, you can be disappointed, especially if you are talking about inexpensive earmolds.
  • You only need wired devices to listen to your favorite music. Otherwise you can forget about deep bass: your ears will fill only high frequencies, and the louder they sound, the worse in the overall picture will be listening effect.
  • It is generally recognized that the best headphones are monitor headphones, but they are not good for city travel because they are too uncomfortable. Vacuum ear plugs are an acceptable option. They fit well in your ears and the sound quality is good. But the maximum sound insulation, which is a plus for many, is rather a minus in street conditions for road users: the inability to hear, for example, the warning car horn, cyclists are not recommended to use this accessory.

With all of the above in mind, many people go for the small over-the-ear headphones. It is something average in all respects: the accessory is very comfortable for the ears and the whole head (especially the models with the neckband), soundproofing is top-notch, but at the same time allows loud street sounds to penetrate, which is important when walking around town.

Tip! For those who are intolerant of wires, you can choose models for sports with wireless Bluetooth technology. If you do not skimp on quality, you can find among these models, which meet all the high requirements. It’s a good idea to know how to choose the right device for your phone.

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