Hard Reboot Macbook Air

How to force close a program on Mac

Forced program termination on Mac It is carried out in two ways: either using the Command Alt Escape combination (analogous to Control Alt Delete; a window with a list of running applications will appear on the screen) or via the Dock. In the second case, it is enough to left-click on the application icon, press the Option (Alt) key and select “Force Force Finish”.

Hard Reboot Macbook Air

Now you know how close the program on MacBook or Aimake if she stopped responding. But how close the MacBook app, which works in the background and does not appear in the list of running programs? Take the iStat Menus utility as an example:

In order to “kill” the background process, just open the “System Monitoring” utility, double-click on the desired application and click on the “Finish” key. Be careful and do not “kill” really important processes!

Hard reset MacBook

Despite the overall stability of the system, even Apple computers may freeze during the execution of non-standard commands, lack of hardware resources, or due to a normal software failure. Of course, on a Mac this does not happen so often as to seriously affect performance, however, each user must be prepared to solve a problem when it becomes difficult to avoid it.

Hard reset MacBook Pro and Air

Classic MacBooks with a physical panel of function keys (this, however, applies to modern models without Touch Bar) allow you to reboot the system by holding down the power key. Please note that just pressing a key will put the computer into standby mode. After the laptop is turned off, you can perform a “clean” boot or go to the recovery section.

For users of early devices with a hard disk: if the computer freezes constantly regardless of the task being performed (most often when copying data or entering sleep mode), the problem may be a HDD malfunction. In this case, getting rid of freezes will help only a complete replacement of the MacBook hard drive, since a drive malfunction can lead to the loss of personal data.

Hard Reboot MacBook, equipped with the Touch Bar instead of the usual keys, can be performed using the Touch ID button. You need to hold and hold the key until the computer restarts. But there is one trick: to re-enable the device, you must close and open the cover.

Hard reset Mac mini and iMac

In the case of desktop Macs, the situation is similar, but the power key is not on the keyboard, but on the back of the case. It is easy to find: the desired button “sits” in the lower left or right corner in the case of Mac mini and iMac, respectively.

Important: Do not abuse hard reboot. this can lead to software and even hardware malfunctions.

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