Hangs Zte Blade A601 Phone

Does the ZTE tablet or smartphone freeze and do not respond to any actions? On this page you will find instructions on how to get ZTE and similar Android devices out of freeze. There are several simple ways to force a reboot of hung phones and tablets on the Android operating system, I hope one of the options will help you bring your gadget back to life. Why do ZTE smartphones freeze? The reasons for all may be different, for example, for some the phone freezes for no apparent reason, for others the smartphone freezes during or after charging, for the third during an incoming or outgoing call, for the fourth when working with applications and games, or when performing a gadget another tasks. So that you would not be offended by your smartphone or tablet that it is hard hanging, I can say that almost all the new products and even the most famous brands like Samsung hang.

Hangs Zte Blade A601 Phone

For many, freezing occurs after a certain time of use, and it happens that a new smartphone freezes after which the screen may not respond to touch, the phone buttons do not work, when it freezes, the smartphone starts to get very hot or does not show any signs of life. The easiest way to restart a stuck smartphone is to remove the battery and insert and turn it on again, but this is if the battery is removable. But what if the battery on the hanging phone is non-removable and the device does not respond to any actions? Do not be nervous, try to disassemble the phone, remove the battery or disconnect the terminals, just do not immediately run to the service center and take the phone in for repair spending your money and time, first try to force reboot using one of the following methods.

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The first way to reboot is the easiest and is suitable for almost all freezing Android.
On a frozen ZTE smartphone or other device, press and hold the button "On / off" approximately 10 to 20 seconds. In most cases, 10. 20 seconds is enough to get the smartphone out of a hard hang, but if the ZTE does not hang, then try again, but hold the button for longer than 1 minute. Sometimes the first time fails and, if necessary, you can perform this procedure several times.

If the first method did not help, then try the second method, which is more suitable for Samsung smartphones and tablets that are stuck, and maybe it will also suit your device.
Press and hold the button at the same time "On / off" and button "volume control" on both sides from 10 to 20 seconds, after which the frozen smartphone should reboot and start working in normal mode. If your ZTE does not sag, then try again, but hold these buttons for longer, possibly up to 1 minute.