Handsfree Not Working On Iphone 6

In this article, we will examine why the microphone does not work on the phone from Apple, we also touch on the topic of non-functioning speakers. We will give clear answers to questions with instructions and a detailed on how to fix the problems yourself.

Why does the microphone not work?

Why doesn’t the microphone work on my iPhone? The answer is not so simple, we will understand. With the popularity of iPhones, the number of complaints about the quality of the recording properties of a cheap gadget is growing. The manufacturer is not always to blame, usually on the iphone 7 plus the microphone does not work due to dirt and dust that accumulates on the mesh, as a result of careless operation by the user.

Handsfree Not Working On Iphone 6

Starting with models 4 and 4S, iPhone phones are equipped with several devices. This was done for the comfort of the user, the devices acquired active noise reduction systems. Now it is possible, without problems, to talk in a crowded or noisy place. A system of two recording devices intercepted the noise, processed it, amplifying the user’s voice, and transmitted sound to the device’s speaker. Thus greatly reducing the percentage of third-party noise. But you have to pay for comfort, with the increase in the number of mini recording devices in the iPhone, the number of user complaints has begun to increase that the microphone does not work in iphone 5.

  • Dust and dirt on the mesh covering the front speaker and microphone
  • Loop break
  • Software issues
  • The recent fall of the device into water, the oxidation of contacts and microcircuits

In 80% of cases, if the microphone on the phone does not work well, you need to contact the service center to replace the latter. Usually the cable breaks, or the contact on the board departs, and you have to change the entire assembly. There is nothing terrible, spare parts are not very expensive, the time it takes to replace a front microphone with an iPhone 6 takes no more than 30 minutes.

In the remaining 20% ​​of cases, you can try to reanimate the speaker and microphone on the iPhone on your own, but first you need to determine which of the microphones has stopped working.

Check performance

First, you need to understand if the person you are talking to does not hear you, or you don’t hear him. If you don’t hear you, the microphone does not work on the iphone 5s, if you don’t hear, the speaker does not work on 6. Now we find out which of the three or two speakers (depending on the phone model) does not work. This is done by firmware

  • To test the main microphone (located next to the charging connector) for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus, open the standard application “Voice recorder”. We start recording, say something on the phone, you don’t need to read the volume of War and Peace, three seconds is enough. Now we turn on the playback, if the voice is heard, then the recorder is working in the desired mode.
  • To test the top microphone (located next to the iSight camera), you need to open the “Camera” and switch to the “Video” mode, turn on the recording, again, 3-4 seconds will be enough. It plays the if there is no sound or it is very muffled, so the top microphone does not work.
  • You can check whether Siri understands you, if not, then the top microphone does not work.


If you find a problem when the microphone does not work well on your iPhone 6, it is recommended that you take a series of actions before going to the service center.

  1. Using a cotton swab, gently clean the holes on the recorders.
  2. We remove non-factory cases, films, stickers, other accessories from the iphone 7 case.
  3. We take out the headphones from the jack
  4. We take out the charger, if connected
  5. You can try to restart the iPhone, it happens that the problem goes away.
  6. Trying to install the iOs update
  7. When talking, pay attention to whether you’re covering the main microphone and iSight located near the camera on the back side with your hand.

After carrying out these procedures, the microphone on the iphone models 6, 6 plus, 5, 5s, 7, 7 plus, should come to life, if this does not happen, you still have to carry the iPhone to the service center, most likely it’s in the loop or in the chip.