Gopro 6 Firmware Update

Manually updating a GoPro software often raises questions for most users, although this method is no more complicated than updating via a mobile device or through Quik Dekstop. A manual update may help if:

  • It is impossible or not to update the camera in other ways;
  • The standard update installation process was violated through a mobile device or through the Quik Desktop program (for example, the cable was disconnected before the installation was completed). At the same time, the camera may display notifications about incorrect installation of the firmware and refuse to work in normal mode;
  • You need to reinstall the same firmware version that is currently installed in the camera. This method, along with a factory reset, is used when the device does not work correctly, when it is necessary to determine the cause of freezes and errors. If reinstalling the firmware in manual mode does not help, the problem is most likely hardware, and GoPro should be taken to a service center.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, make sure that you have completed the following requirements:

  1. You need a clean (formatted) MircoSD format memory card that your camera recognizes;
  2. A card reader or an SD card slot integrated into the computer is required. It will be required to connect a memory card to the computer to download update files;
  3. GoPro must be charged at least 75%.

The upgrade process for the different GoPro cameras is identical, so this article provides a step-by-step description of the upgrade process for only one model: HERO5 Black.

Step 1: follow this link and select your camera model;

Gopro 6 Firmware Update

Step 2: click Update your camera manually;

Step 3: fill in the registration information and click Next Step. If you do not know where the serial number is located on the device, this article will help you;

Step 4: then you will go to the page with instructions for updating and a link to download the firmware. Click Download Update and select the folder on your computer’s hard drive where you want to save the archive with update files;

Step 5: Unzip the downloaded archive into a folder called UPDATE. Inside a folder there can be 2-4 files, you do not need to run, move and rename them;

Step 6: remove the formatted MircoSD card from the camera and insert it into the computer using the SD adapter or card reader;

Step 7: drag the Update folder onto the memory card. The archive does not need to be dragged. the camera will not detect it;

Step 8: Make sure your GoPro is turned off. Insert the MircoSD card into the charged camera and turn on the device. If everything is done according to this instruction, GoPro will automatically start the update process. At the same time, the device can spontaneously turn off, turn on and emit sound signals. this is normal. Just wait for the process to finish;

Step 9: GoPro now has the latest firmware installed. Congratulations!

In case you have problems with any of the stages, contact the technical support department by writing a chat on our website or by calling 8 495 481 4953 for Moscow or 8 800 777 1753 for regions (the call is free). We will certainly help you!