Glass Replacement Apple iPad 2017

Glass Replacement Apple iPad 2017

High functionality and reliability of Apple technology is well-deserved popularity among users. The company is constantly modifying the system, surprising with an even thinner body. However, this “coin” has a negative side. Beat, fall end with a broken screen. Given the design features, replacing the iPad 2017 glass can only be done in the workshop. Depending on the model and the degree of damage, the master will offer different solutions, and, therefore, the cost of repair is also very different.

If the glass / display breaks

When is glass replacement required? The presence of cracks, chips is not always an indication for replacing the apple iPad 2017 glass. Firstly, if the sensor is not damaged, the phone responds to touch, only the upper part is subject to repair. Secondly, if the gadget is functioning properly, repairs can be delayed. Of course, provided that its unpresentable appearance does not bother.
It should be noted that the possibility of repair depends on the “age” of the device. Prior to the iPad 2017 Air 2, manufacturers offered displays with the ability to upgrade only one component. From Air 2 and above, only glass can not be dispensed with. It is firmly connected to the matrix, you will have to change the display along with the touchscreen. You can replace glass on the iPad 2017 and regions on the iPad 2017 2017 and 2018 release.

For those whose phone is in the ranks of the owners of new, but time-tested and falling models, consider the repair procedure. We strongly do not recommend repeating these steps at home or trusting them to lay people. Remember how much you had to pay for an expensive model. Replacing the glass on the phones of apple iPad 2017 with the hands of a specialist will in any case be cheaper. Illiterate intervention often ends in big problems, leading to higher cost of work.

A quick guide to replacing the iPad 2017 glass used by the masters of Moscow:
remove the display (on some models, for example, 4, 4S you have to disassemble the phone completely);
carefully remove splinters;
with a solvent, clean the touchscreen display of adhesive residue;
check again for the absence of fragments (you can use a magnifying glass);
apply a layer of special glue to the display;
install a new glass, press it to remove bubbles.

Then it is necessary to dry the glue thoroughly using a fan or a special lamp. Carefully removing the remaining glue, proceed to assemble the phone.

Change or not change?

Replacing the iPad 2017 glass is one of the expensive procedures. Therefore, the question is completely non-territorial. To answer it, we will try to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
the procedure will require a minimum of effort, save time on a second trip to the workshop;
will be cheaper;
if successful, you can do it yourself.
too likely to break another component, especially in the absence of experience;
after re-sticking under the influence of high temperatures, the glue may leak, sometimes the touchscreen refuses or the phone does not turn on;
display quality, its service life is reduced.
In addition, a substandard part may get caught, and this will immediately affect the result. After such a repair, no master can guarantee the trouble-free operation of the gadget.

Eliminate hardware reasons

The need to replace the touch glass on the iPad 2017 is a common reason for contacting the service. The manufacturer enlarges the screen to improve the picture. Therefore, when dropped, even a small blow will cause damage. The reason for the breakdown is:
ingress of water into the body;
disconnecting the loop;
system board failure.
Outwardly, these damages manifest themselves in the absence of a reaction to touch, spontaneous on-off, the screen remains black, extraneous fragments appear on it. To establish the cause, you need diagnostics.

A broken screen spoils the appearance of the gadget, it becomes the reason that there is no image or it is incorrect, poor contact with the touchscreen. Replacing the iPad 2017 glass will eliminate these and other problems. The main thing is to entrust it to a professional, then you can guarantee high-quality and reliable operation of the device.