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To date, many users of the Android system are faced with the need to obtain a Root-right for full work with the gadget. We will consider what they are a ROOT right and what opportunities they provide for the user, which programs will interact with software without factory restrictions, and also answer the main questions regarding the use of ROOT.

Translated from English “Root”. Root. Within the framework of IT technologies, the term symbolizes the root of the system, the main node to ensure the work of software software, tablets and other things. In simple words, the Root-right is the special capabilities of the device to control the device, for example, a smartphone. They allow you to interact with the gadget and its functionality on behalf of the developer. What is it for? The entrance to the system on behalf of the administrator helps to fully control the processes, perform work with system files, regulate the functioning of programs, etc.

Be sure to back up your device before receiving Root rights.

There are two ways to ruin Android using Kingo Root. Using a computer and without it. We will consider both separately.

Attention: you do operations with a device at your own peril and risk. The author is not responsible for the possible consequences when performing instructions described in this article. In addition, a hacking Android means a guarantee loss. Rute your gadget, unless you are sure of your actions.

How to get a Root.Right on Android

There is no universal recipe for all Android devices. Therefore, everything will have to be sorted out on your own. Fortunately, the community of users of the 4PDA forum creates detailed instructions for all more or less popular smartphone models. You just need to find the corresponding for your Android. The algorithm is approximately as follows:

Register on the 4pda. Without this, you can’t download files, firmware and utilities from there.

Find the topic devoted to your device. Be careful in writing the name of the model and make sure that you do not confuse your phone with its modification. For example, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is not the same as Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s.

Unlock the bootloader (bootloader). First find the instructions for unlocking the bootloader for your model. To do this, read the headlines in the theme of the theme on the 4pda. Users make them out of what is the same, so the desired algorithm can be found in the section “Instructions”, “firmware” or in a separate paragraph “unlocking the bootloader”. You can use Google by drawing up SITE: https: // 4pda.Ru/ unlocking the bootloader “Model of your phone”.

If you can’t find the right manual yourself. These are a few official Bootloader unlock instructions for popular smartphone manufacturers:

root, rights, android, computer

You may have to wait for some time. For example, Xiaomi devices sometimes receive approval for unlocking up to 1,440 hours. And sometimes this happens instantly. In general, be prepared for everything.

Install the custom recovery. The most popular. Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP). You can find a suitable TWRP image and instructions for installing it in the 4PDA topic dedicated to your device. To install it will be needed by a USB cable.

Install the ROOT unlock application. The most advanced and popular. Magisk. It is suitable for devices with Android 5.0 and newer. Find the Magisk installation manual in your device on your 4PDA device. In most cases, it boils down to download magisk from here. Place the ZIP arch in memory of the smartphone and install it through TWRP. Reboot and install Magisk Manager, which allows you to manage Root rights through a convenient graphic integration.

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Perform actions, clearly following the instructions with 4PDA, and you will succeed.

Installation Root Rights through PC

First you need to do several actions on your smartphone.

You need to connect the device in USB debugging mode.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

root, rights, android, computer

1 you need to go to the settings menu on your device and find the “Special Opportunities” item. And already there to choose “for developers”.

2 you need to find the item “Debugging by USB”. There, switch the lever on inclusive, then a window will appear in which you need to confirm the action.

Next step, you need to allow you to install applications from unknown sources.

By default, this is prohibited and can be installed only from Google Play.

In turn, you need to perform the following actions:

Now the device is ready to rute, consider the main methods and programs.

Get Root Rights on Android without a computer

With this application, you can very simply get Root rights on your devices that work on the Android operating system.

How to Root Android Phone without Computer PC | Root all Android Phone Without PC Latest (FREE)

A simple and convenient application with which you can easily get the rights of a super.User on your device.

How to quickly and safely get a Root access on Android? Use the Kingo Root application!

Multifunctional tool for obtaining a ROOT-right.

Got a Root-right, but do not know how to use them correctly? Install this program to protect your device from unauthorized access!

You need to quickly, simply and with a high degree of probability of getting a ROOT access on your device? Do it using Dingdong Root!

They had long wanted to install a Root-right on their mobile device operating on the Android OS? This program will help you with this!

Want to quickly get a ROOT access on your mobile device? This application is one of the most convenient!

Not sure if the Root-right is installed on your device? With this application, you will very quickly find out this.

Some programs or games require a Root-right on the device, so many users are concerned about their receipt. The main difference between this program and other similar applications is simplicity and ease of use, because even a schoolboy can easily

Sometimes, during the routing of a phone or tablet, there are problems that make it impossible to obtain the rights of a super.Player. In this case, it is advisable to install the proposed application with which you can clean the traces of other programs to obtain a ROOT-right.

Receiving a Root-right, you can get unlimited access to the possibilities of a gadget under the control of Android. By installing this application, you can get not only temporary, but also the permanent rights of a super.User.

When you need to get a Root-right on a mobile device that works under the control of Android OS, users do not choose for a long time, but immediately download 360 ROOT. The program will do everything for you. You just need to install it on your smartphone or tablet and press the button

Here is a popular program for ruting mobile devices running Android OS. With her, you can become a super.User in a couple of clicks.

Everyone knows that the rights of a super.User open many important advantages to owners of mobile devices. However, they often need to get a PC connection, which is not always convenient.

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Root access without Rooting

Using this universal program, the user can get a Root-right on his mobile device or tablet on the Android platform. The Russian.Language application integration and convenient tips will make this process more convenient and simple.

Looking for a way to irrevocably delete Root-right on a mobile device? With this application you can get rid of the rights of the super-user in one click!


It supports more Android smartphones 100,000, including Sony, LG, Samsung, Google, One Plus, Huawei and HTC phones. It offers ruting tools for both Windows and android, as well as root functionality in one click. This application is very easy to use and one of the most popular and has received many good reviews from its users. You just need to download it and press the Ruta button to immediately get a ROOT right to your phone. You can download the application on this page: https: // kingrootapp.Net/.

  • Very easy to use.
  • High speed rooting.
  • Support for all Android OS.
  • For free.
  • Available versions for PC and APK.

General information:

Magisk Manager. Powerful software for obtaining Root rights on Android with wide additional capabilities. Today, is one of the most reliable means among analogues, as it does not make modifications to the system section. Has the highest percentage of successfully obtained rights superpowers among analogues.

It supports a huge list of Android gadgets, including: new generations of Sony Xperia Z, Asus Zenfone, Google Pixel, Xiaomi Mi/Redmi, ZTE Blade, CoolPad Cool, Lenovo K, S-Series and many others. Knows how to hide Root and unlocked Bootloader from any applications and services. Contains its own market with an extensive amount of content that is absent on the official Play Store.

Magisk is stitched through a custom recovery, for the correct work you need to unlock the bootloader and the installation of TWRP Recovery.

  • Hacking of various Android toys;
  • Built.In hint for beginners;
  • Full access to hidden root folders;
  • Encryption of personal data from online services;
  • You do not need Super SU to manage the ROOT rights;
  • Allows you to obtain OTA-renewal of stock firmware by removing and re-installation of the script;
  • A lot of relevant Magisk information on different forums, in particular, live branches on XDA, 4PDA with detailed guidelines to solve problems with ruts for different gadgets.

Kingo Root. A universal program for obtaining Root rights on Android and PC. If you use a regular computer or laptop, connect a smartphone to it and go to the Root Master integust, then select the required option.

If you are going to ruin the device as part of the Android operating system, download and open the agricultural file, then press the Start key. You can also get a Root through a computer program. To do this, the device will need to be connected via cable.

Kingo Android Root. Probably the easiest way to get Root is right, but it is not without shortcomings. In particular, there is no client for Linux, the probability of obtaining ROOT is average, t.To. Universal application for different devices and versions of Android.

  • Creates backups;
  • Built.In file manager;
  • Installation of emulators and drivers;
  • Blocking advertising and malicious software;
  • Can change and delete standard Android programs.

Kingroot will help to quickly get Root android rights. At the moment, software supports more than 10,000 different models of smartphones and tablets. Among the useful functions, you will find the built.In means of saving the battery charge and automobile control.

Step.By.Step installation instructions:

  • We charge the gadget by at least 30%;
  • We connect the Internet;
  • We go to the settings and allow downloading applications in the paragraph “Unknown Sources”;
  • Disconnect the antivirus and run the APK file;
  • In the Kinrut Kinrut Inte Wee, click the Get button;
  • It remains to wait for the notification of the completion of ruting;
  • The last step is to reboot the phone (confirm the operation with a box), then download from the Kinguser Play Market (if you are not installed yourself) and you can delete Kinrut.
  • Conveniently use;
  • Data backup;
  • Makes Root by pressing one key;
  • Access to various files, folders and services;
  • Stopping unnecessary processes loading RAM.
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Framarot was created to obtain a superpower rights on Android mobile devices. Installed as a conventional APK, contains several exploits. The tool is quite old, works well on Android 4. 7, but with more new devices it can be incompatible.

If you were not able to ruin the device using one exploit, try others. The result is easy to check using the Root Checker application (Fremash sometimes does not specifically display the status). Differs in a useful option for the change of changes. Knows how to scan internal memory and SD card.

  • Creation of backup copies;
  • Uploads Superuser or Supersu;
  • Providing complete technical information;
  • The latest version of Frematy supports Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Baidu Root will not require users of any complex settings. Before starting the rowing process, offers the useful function of Backup, which can be useful in case of any malfunctions and errors of the Root application.

Includes pre-installed security control options of the gadget, including the IP address change and port numbers when connecting to the Internet.

  • Easy to configure and verify Root rights;
  • Russian.Speaking localization of the main window;
  • RAM cleaning and reducing the load on the processor;
  • To launch ruting, just press one button.

360 Root-a simple and convenient software for using, with which you can get a Root-right on Android, starting from version 2.2. Can be installed on a personal computer or mobile phone.

It is worth noting the presence of an advanced deinstal of games and utilities, which cannot be erased by conventional means. Knows how to remove advertising inscriptions in browsers. There are tools to control auto.Loading.

  • Creation of screenshots;
  • Support of about 10 thousand android gadget models;
  • Access control to service services;
  • Release of internal memory and microSD maps;
  • Blocks firmware that requires updating in the “air” mode.

Vroot (Iroot) ruins a variety of tablets and smartphones based on the Green Robot, from the Gingerbread assembly to Kitkat. Can boast of high speed. The Super user automatically loads, by the way, it is possible to substitute its Chinese with a Russian.Speaking version. To get a ROOT Rights on Android, you just need to start the process by clicking on the green key Unlock.

  • Compatibility with Windows and Mac OS;
  • Launches the default ADB mode;
  • The presence of functional hacker buttons;
  • To work with software, you will not have to connect to the network;
  • Provides unlimited access from the administrator account account.

Rom Manager

Rom Manager on Android. Special software recommended by advanced users. With it, you can quickly check the available updates of the firmware for mobile devices, as well as install them, as well as make a backup copy of the current firmware.

Root Explorer on Android phone and tablet-unsurpassed file manager for users with ROOT laws. Get quick access to the entire file system, including a folder with difficult data, your Android device.

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