Get Name By Mobile Phone Number

How can I find out the name and surname of the owner by cell phone number and is it even possible to do this?

Theoretically, such an opportunity is provided by the operator himself, in addition, now there are a lot of services that own the database of numbers.


1. Official statement

All information about mobile subscribers is confidential, and employees cannot disclose it to third parties.

However, each person can apply to law enforcement agencies and demand to “break through” the number.

You need to prove that there is an important circumstance (threats, fraud, other criminal and administrative offenses), because of which you need to identify the owner of the cell phone.

Law enforcement agencies are required to make a request to the telecom operator, as a result of which you will be provided with the following information:

  • Name of the owner of the number;
  • Home address (last officially registered in the country);
  • Date of Birth.

The request can be processed within a month, and organizing it is quite difficult.

If you need to quickly determine the owner of the number, it is better to use the methods that are available online.

Fig. 1 Search for a SIM card holder

In different countries, this moment is regulated in its own way. For example, there is Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 05.25.2005 No. 328. You can familiarize yourself with it on the website consultant.Ru.

2. Free DB database

Data service is a free source of databases of popular mobile operators and Ukraine.

The database is not official and may contain outdated information.

Before installation, be sure to check the downloaded file with antivirus, because unverified users can upload archives and EXEs to the site.

Fig. 2 Free DB service home page RU

To get the database, follow these steps:

  • In the left part of the main window, select a mobile operator and click on the corresponding folder;
  • Wait for the new page to load and click on the Download button to start downloading the database of telephone numbers;
  • Install the database or open it using the archiver.

Remember, the activity of identifying the owner of a number is not legal, so all actions are only your responsibility.

3. My SMS Box service

My SMS Box is another popular service for determining the owner of a cell number.

On the site you can search for a specific phone number or only the first digits. It is very convenient if you forget some of the numbers, and you need to find the person as quickly as possible.

Fig. 3 The appearance and functionality of the site My SMS Box

The database contains only numbers of residents of the Russian Federation.

To start the search, enter the phone number in the international format in the text box and press the “Search” key.

The search will display:

  • Name of owner (may be hidden in some cases);
  • Type of number;
  • Operator;
  • Phone registration region.

The site has the function of sending free SMS messages to any number within Russia.

You can also search not by mobile, but by the range of numbers of a specific region of the country.

Fig. 4 Search result of one of the subscribers

4. Define a person using VK.COM or FACEBOOK.COM

You can find a person on the cell using the popular social networks Vkontakte and Facebook.

This method even allows you to search by foreign numbers, because the total number of unique users on two sites exceeds the mark of 1.5 billion accounts.

To “punch” a number through VK, follow these steps:

  • Go to the site and log out of your account.
  • Now click on the authorization key. Select the Forgot Password? Field.
  • Next, the page for resuming access to the account will appear, on which the text box for entering the phone will be located. Copy the desired number into the form and click OK.
  • Further, if the owner of the number has a page on Vkontakte, a page with a photo and username will appear.

This data is quite enough to find the person on the site and contact him.

Fig. 5 Definition of a person on a mobile using Vkontakte

Similarly, you can find the user on Facebook. Click on “Forgot your account?” in the upper right corner of the site and enter the number. Then look at the data about the user found.

Fig. 6 Facebook account number entry form

Then look at the data about the user found.

Fig. 7 Definition of a person through facebook

Other social networks work in the same way, and the principle of action is the same everywhere.

Get Name By Mobile Phone Number

How to find out the owner by phone number. This question is relevant for those who constantly suffer from annoying calls from unknown people. Most often, to solve an unpleasant situation, they call their operator in a contact center. In most cases, you can hear the refusal, because no one will disclose such information. But we will tell you how to find the owner of the phone number for free.

Internet number search

You can break a phone number by region through electronic boards. Property or real estate listings are especially popular in smaller cities. The network has data such as:

  • Settlement where the owner of the SIM card resides;
  • Name (sometimes just a name);
  • Cell phone number.

Video: Get Name By Mobile Phone Number

If houses or apartments were previously sold, their owners enter the database with the address. All this is available online, just enter a search query. It is recommended to use several search engines at once, since the information is not displayed in all algorithms.

For example, the old way to search for a mobile phone number is to drive a few digits into Google. Yandex is slightly inferior to him in search quality. Sometimes a domestic search engine will be more effective if you request specific human data. The lack of information in search engines means that a person either does not use the Internet, or uses other people’s data. The technique is excellent for collecting information about enterprises and companies.

Base of numbers

Advanced users of the Internet space are well versed in the question of how to find out to whom the mobile phone number is registered. There are dozens of services on the Internet that provide access to online databases. They store information about mobile and landline phone numbers. The main disadvantages of this method include:

  • Navigation does not function well, or is difficult to understand;
  • Some of the data is in the public domain, and partly needs to be paid;
  • Over time, the base loses its relevance.

Most services have beautiful sites, but this does not mean that you can find information on them. Some of them repeat each other.

Another minus. Immediately after opening the page, a pop-up window appears, asking to pay for access to the resource using an SMS message. Involuntarily, the thought creeps in. Even if access is obtained, this does not mean that the data presented is true and not out of date.

Open databases can provide information ten years ago. The network also provides databases for downloading (they are free and for making a fee to the owners). But there is no guarantee that the data is current. It is not uncommon when scammers act as sellers.

Free db

Free DB service is free. It presents data on popular Russian and Ukrainian mobile operators. In them you can find out the name of the owner, breaking it by phone number. As in the previous version, the data may be outdated.

Please note, before installing the program on your computer or tablet, you must definitely check it with an antivirus. Unverified users upload archives to the site. To get the database, you should perform a number of steps:

  1. Select a mobile operator and click on the appropriate section (folder).
  2. Wait for the new page to load, click “Download”. This will begin loading the database.
  3. Install the downloaded file and open it through the archiver.

It is important to consider that such activity is not in the legal field. All actions are the responsibility of the person himself.

My sms box

My SMS Box service helps to break through a phone number to find out its owner. The program searches for a specific number or its first digits. This is convenient for those who definitely cannot reproduce the data, and there is a limited time to search.

The database contains only Russian numbers. To start the search, enter the phone in the text box. It must be remembered that all numbers are recorded in an international format. Next, the “Find” key is pressed. The search displays the following data:

  • Name of the owner of the SIM card;
  • Type of number;
  • Selected mobile operator
  • The region in which the telephone was registered.

The site also offers to send free SMS to any numbers (within the territory of the Russian Federation). There is access to search not only by mobile phone number, but also in general within the regional range.

Law enforcement statement

At the request of an individual, mobile operators are not required to provide the requested information, since the privacy of subscribers is protected by law. Disclosure of information to third parties is responsible under the current law. Each person has the right to appeal to law enforcement agencies. Upon request, the room “breaks through.” Important circumstances must necessarily be proved that form the basis of an administrative or criminal case. So you can determine the owner of the SIM card.

Law enforcement authorities send a request to the address of the mobile operator. Most often, the following information is provided:

  • Name of the owner of the phone number;
  • His address of residence or registration;
  • Date of Birth.

Request processing takes no more than a month. This method is not fast, so if you need to know the personal data of a person in a few days, it is better to look for other options.

Social networks

One of the most affordable ways is to use the social networks Facebook and Vkontakte. It is also possible to break the phone number on the network with a foreign code. On two sites, the total number of users is more than one and a half billion people.

You can find out the owner through social networks as follows:

  1. As soon as the site has loaded, you need to exit your own account.
  2. Next, the authorization key is pressed, and a field called “Forgot your password?” Is selected.
  3. After that, a page appears on which you can resume access to your account. A text box will appear to enter the phone number. The number must be copied to a special form, then confirm your action by clicking OK.
  4. If the owner has an account in social networks, then his photo and personal page will be displayed.

Such data will be enough to independently get in touch with a person. In a similar way, data is searched for users of the Facebook network. On the site, click “Forgot your account?”, Enter the number. User data appears.

Google Number Search

To apply this method, you will need an understanding of how search engines work. With the usual introduction of a number into the search line, the results will lead to unknown sites where there is a similar combination of numbers. Often there is information that has nothing to do with the search for the requested number.

To avoid such a trap, you need to act according to a special instruction:

  1. The search query is executed using quotation marks. They are placed at the beginning and at the end. For example, “123456789”. Google will only issue pages with this sequence of numbers.
  2. Google sometimes shows results with a specific mobile phone number and its owner.
  3. If results are displayed that contain just a digital series, you should ignore them.

No need to despair if this method did not help. You can always return to the search through social networks or, if the situation has gone too far (threats by phone), it is recommended to write a statement to law enforcement agencies.

Call a stranger

Calling a stranger is the easiest way. The only negative is that at the other end of the wire no one can answer the call. Attackers also often use other people’s SIM cards, so the interlocutor does not confirm the call from the specified phone number.

SIM cards of organizations or enterprises have their own answering machine. If the secretary picks up the phone, you can always ask the person to introduce themselves. Most effective is to call an unfamiliar number from the phone of friends or relatives. So much more likely that the call will be answered. One has to be careful here: sometimes money is withdrawn from the account (this is a trap).

How else to find out the owner

Through city reference services, you can only find the home phone number of its owner through the name. If the name, surname and phone number of a person is known, then the operator can inform the owner’s place of residence.

When calls from an unfamiliar number are too annoying, a statement is written to the police. Hooliganism is indicated as a reason.

Please note that phone number searches may vary by region and country of residence. For example, in Belarus and Russia, a SIM card is purchased exclusively by passport. So it’s much easier to find the requested person. But in Ukraine, you do not need to present documents for the purchase of a SIM card.

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If you read this, then it was interesting for you, so please subscribe to our channel on Yandex.Zen, well, for one put like (thumbs up) for your work. Thank!