Galaxy s8 call recorder


  • 1 Micro USB connector
  • 1 headphone jack (3.5mm)

Operating system


  • Octa-core 10nm 64-bit processor (2.8 GHz max 1.7 GHz) 3
  • Octa-core 10nm 64-bit processor (2.7GHz max 1.7GHz) 3


Samsung Galaxy S8

Dimensions and weight 2

  • 145.9 x 71.9 x 3.0-9.0 mm
  • 161 g

Main camera


Galaxy S9. 3000 mAh, Galaxy S9. 3500 mAh

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Turn on RECORDING CALLS on Android 9 Samsung | S9 S8 Note 8 Note 9

How to activate the built-in call recording on Android 9.Android 8 for Samsung Galaxy devices (s10 s9 s8 note 8 note 9 A8 A30 A50 and others) with the One UI shell, without root rights, I will show in this video.
This method does not work yet on S10, 10e models, due to the fact that it is not yet possible to flash the combination file

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Thank you very much, I made myself on A8, firmware THL, everything works. Only the fingerprint scanner works worse, it does not always recognize fingers. Updates have already come, installed everything, the record did not fly off

Can I do this procedure on Samsung s10? If so how?

On THL, as they said, there is Samsung Pay, and there it is possible to bind Russian cards or only Thai ?

Thank! Like! Subscription!

I noticed that after this procedure, my phone began to discharge quickly

If you flash from SIM Thailand, then the firmware will appear when checking for an update or you need to download it yourself?

Bro help, I can not find the firmware taya with the fourth bootloader for g955fd

Is there a website with firmware where you can download it normally? Since the speed indicated is very good. small.

Everything worked out! Perfect instruction, thank you very much. In the realterm program, CTS, DSR and DCD squares were burning.

He friend can you make a video about this in english, or maybe translate this video.

Hey! In one of your videos you had Always on Display in the form of a speedometer, like a dashboard. Can’t tell me where to download?

Good afternoon, but there is a combination file for version N950FXXU6DSD3

Thanks, all worked well. Thank you for providing the combination file with the correct bootloader version. Following your instructions, I changed the region code to THL (Thailand) and it all worked. THL delivered it after it was experimentally revealed that in the Indian firmware, when the power button was pressed twice, the camera did not open, but a call to the rescue service was made. In the firmware of Thailand, everything works as it should. In general, I am very satisfied. Respect Kelumza.

I can not find the Combination file for A8 A730FXXU4CSB7

Knox is a board that will burn out when ROOT.

I bought Note 9 in Korea, updated to 9 androyd, call recording works like on 8 androyd. And by the way, there is even a radio on Note 9 in the Korean version, I was even surprised when I found a radio on this phone.

At the fourth step, when flashing the combination file, the Odin3 program gives an error. Those. in the window called “AP” the combinition file is not inserted and gives an error (md5 error binary is invalid). The name of the combination file itself is COMBINATION_FA70_G955FXXU4ARI1_CL12792727_CombineFile.tar.md5
Smartphone model. SM-G955FD
Loader. 4
The file combine was downloaded from here.
The version of the program Odin3, which was stitched 3.13.1
What should I do, what could be the problem?

At the 5th step, the realtherm lights up green cts dcd dsr whatever I do. phone s8 tell me what to do?

Help me find Combination file: for Galaxy Note 8 N950FXXU6DSD3

I installed the recording program, started on a new one and voila, everything works fine. Greetings from Huawei P30 from Germany

Model sm-n9600
Firmware available for South, North America and Hong Kong. In which country is conversation recording allowed? Tell me pliz

Can you please tell me whether or not Recording Viber and WhatsApp conversations in automatic mode is possible? Thanks in advance for your reply.

I have a 2017 A5 bootloader u9 where will I get the combination of 9 I climbed the Internet anywhere didn’t find help please find a combination for u9 bootloader Thank you

Author, you are incompetent.


Hello! I would be grateful for the answer to the question: is it possible to flash the 2019 A40 phone like this? And where to get files for it? And yet, the question is not: Samsung A 40 lacks the Always on display function, unlike other phones of the same series of the same, 2019 of the same year. Can this function be activated. Thank you in advance!

Can’t find the file Combination 4 Versions

I asked for it, everything is clear. Respect to the author. The video is not only very correct, everything is chewed up step by step. Also filmed professionally. The phone works with a bang after the firmware. Subscribe and like.

We can just go to the mark)

On the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the active help of Fox and a messenger

Wetnam XXV firmware everything worked out but at the same time downloaded from two links and both were successfully unzipped. Thank you very much Kelumza.

Samsung Pay will stop working after changing the region

Recording phone conversations on an Android phone. an introduction

Recording telephone conversations, when mostly classic mobile phones with a small display and keyboard and without any operating system were in use, was not a big problem.

It was enough for you to select the phone call or call yourself and press the corresponding button on the keyboard. the conversation was saved.

By the way, are you sure that your phone does not have a built-in function for recording telephone conversations. sometimes it is simply hidden. Here is an instruction on how to check it.

Of course, there were some limitations, primarily due to a very small memory cell. the time was strictly limited.

One recording could not last longer than a few tens of seconds. But overall it was enough.

Now smartphones have appeared and despite the fact that in many ways they should definitely make your life easier in terms of recording telephone conversations, it turned out on the contrary, everything became more complicated.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Where to Find Voice Recording Files / Folder

Now, for example, on Samsung Galaxy a3 or j5 with Android 5.1 or Android 6 OS, it is impossible to enable this function by built-in means (without intervention in the kernel).

Fortunately, there are apps that are capable of recording the signal from the speaker in a smartphone. Of all the available ones, I liked four. When testing, I paid attention to the following aspects:

  • Automatic recording of all calls and manual activation of recording.
  • On length limitation.
  • To adjust the sound parameters.
  • To save format.
  • On the opportunity to create your own name.

How to enable recording during a call on an Android phone

ATTENTION: a lot has changed since this article was written. You can find out about this on the video at the end of the recording.

How to turn on the recording of a conversation on the phone is one of the questions of the owners of mobile phones and smartphones, which is always up to date, and the answer cannot be found even on the Internet, more precisely, it does not always fully correspond to reality.

Around the topic of recording telephone conversations, many myths have accumulated. in the context of technical and legal ones, and there is even an opinion that no one can save telephone conversations without the consent of the interlocutor.

Can’t you really save a conversation without the caller’s permission? Let’s remember that before we record a telephone conversation you have with another person, you must take into account all aspects of this fact.

NOTE: on some Android smartphones, especially Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, honor, you can still enable automatic recording of a telephone conversation during a call (more on this below).

How to enable phone call recording with built-in Android tools

recently, this method was available to almost every smartphone. All you need to do is dial the subscriber’s number and press “Menu” on the right side or in the center of the screen.

Then press the “Record” button and “record the conversation”. To stop the recording function. in the “Menu” press “Stop”.

To play in the internal memory, find the “PhoneRecord” folder and find the file you need.

Today, especially in Samsung Galaxy phones, this option will not work, although smartphones with a factory release may initially support such a call function.

You should remember, however, that recording is illegal to some extent in most jurisdictions, which is why this feature has been removed to avoid legal issues.

How to activate it. To do this, you must get Root rights and install the Xposed Framework.

Then you need to edit the file: /system/csc/others.xml, adding the line below between the tags.

Apps enable call recording on Samsung Android

On the Play market you will find programs called “Call Recorder” from the developer “Appliqato”, “C Mobile”, “lovekara” and an application called “CallX. Call / Conversation Recorder” with a bunch of different settings.

Why not one program, but several. Because I am unable to analyze all Samsung Galaxy smartphones, let alone hundreds from other developers.

Therefore, it is better to try everything, check and leave one of the most effective ones. it is possible that some on your phone may not work at all. I checked this (it’s in the video below). it works fine.

Conclusion on recording a telephone conversation

Recording phone calls has not only technical aspects, but also important legal ones.

It is widely believed that from a legal point of view, we can record a telephone conversation only if we obtain consent from the subscriber.

This is not entirely true. If you do not record the conversations of other people, but only those who talk to you on the phone and do it for personal purposes, the law does not impose on you the obligation to inform the subscriber about the recording, without his consent.

galaxy, call, recorder

The only thing is that without the consent of the caller you should not publish or distribute the saved conversations. You can also watch the video instruction. the link to the application is in the signature on YouTube. Success.

Call Recording. Call Recorder

Description Call Recorder. Call Recorder

Record calls automatically. your new choice for recording phone calls.

Call recording automatically. It is a simple, smart call recorder automatically for all Android phones (such as Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 / S9 plus, S20, S10, Android Pie, Android 10, Android 11) that easily records both voices at any time.
Our application is available all over the world and helps thousands of users to record calls.

Easy to use, clear sound quality.
Automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls throughout the entire call in very good quality
Clear the recording of your own voice and that of the other person.
Recording files show contact names, easy to find the file you want.
Play recording file anytime, add notes and any platform
Set conversations as important, then save and save them in the Favorites tab.
Enable / disable call recording as needed. You can automatically record and save as many calls as you want.
Smart record file management: Quickly search for recorded files and automatically delete calls that are too long, too old, it doesn’t matter, and do not record short calls.

Other Main Features Call Recorder Free

Cloud backup
Automatically backup call records to save call logs to Google cloud hard drive.
APP Lock
Sets your entries to private mode
Easy to retrieve your password when you forget it.
Special list
Add numbers to a special list, set “default entries” to a “special list”.
You will only be able to record calls between these numbers.
For sharing and managing records
Share recordings for everyone via social apps
Delete, rename call records
Get all caller data from the record
Numerous audio formats and sources
Support AMR, WAV, AAC, MP3 for recording
Support auto, own voice, opponent voice, etc.
call recording formats coming soon
special features of automatic call recording
Fast lighting speed and smooth running
Easy to operate and use
Material user interface design
Display caller information on the home page
First voice recorder with unlimited call recording time
Less RAM consumption (voice recorder runs in the background).
Small size APK
Less power consumption

※ Note
If the app doesn’t work on your device, or you only hear your own voice when playing recordings, try changing the recording source in settings or using speaker mode.

This call recorder app works for free on the following phones.
Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9
Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note9, Note8
Samsung Galaxy A30, A20, A10.
Samsung Galaxy J7, J6, J2.
LG, Motorola, Sony Xperia c3 c5, HTC, Huawei, jio 4g voice, oppo mobile.

Some third-party applications prevent the recorder from working properly, so some of your calls will not be recorded. Usually, you need to add the recorder to its “white list”. Please close or uninstall all other recording applications.

https: //

Download Call Recorder for free. Call Recorder for Android in Russian from the official website.

© Call Free, Caller ID, Call Recorder by Call Team

Call recording

06 for Android

Using APKPure App

Fast, free and safe for your data!

The description of Call Recorder

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all phones support call recording, please don’t give us a bad rating if your phone doesn’t support it. If you have any questions please contact, we will try our best to serve you.

Idea the world’s best call recording tool.

【Main functions】
Call Recorder-Call Recorder
Automatic call recording in mp3 audio file format.

Blacklist-Call Blocker
Block annoying calls using call blacklist: telemarketing, spam and robocalls.
Requires READ_CALL_LOG permission to get a phone number and then determine whether to block a call based on that number.

Backup-Cloud Backup
Easily transferable to different devices. Data is never lost.

WI-FI-WI-FI Transfer
Easily stream audio files from Mac and PC under the same Wi-Fi. No USB! No data usage! Internet is not needed!

Voice Notes. Voice Notes
Speak voice note and rewrite it automatically.

Important: if you have made a subscription, deleting the application will not automatically stop your subscription.
How to cancel a subscription
1 On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store.
2 Make sure you are signed in to the correct Google account.
3 Tap Menu. Subscriptions.
4 Select the subscription you want to cancel.
5 Tap Unsubscribe.
6 Follow the instructions.

What happens after canceling a subscription
Even if you cancel your subscription, we will still store your previously saved data in the cloud.

Is recording calls on the Galaxy S9 real? Yes!

Of course it’s real. Especially if we talk about the Galaxy S9 intended for sale in those countries in which the recording of telephone conversations is not prohibited by law.

What are these countries? You can’t list everything, but for example, here are just some of them. Korea, Taiwan, Israel (in one word. Eurotest).

How to Enable Calls Recorder on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. S8 and S8

By the way, in Russia it is also allowed to record phone calls.

But Samsung for some reason decided the opposite. And he blocked this function for the “Russian” Galaxy S9. What for? Why? Generally incomprehensible.

In this regard, now the owners of the official Galaxy S9 need to somehow get out. How? Now we’ll tell you everything. Let’s go!

ACR call recording

Great app for the unassuming user.

  • Calls writes and saves.
  • On Galaxy S9 with exynos processor running.
  • There is a free version with minimal restrictions and ads.
  • The paid version is not expensive (85 rubles at the time of writing).
  • I want more functions.

Well, you never know what we want 🙂 In general, everything is “OK”.

Call Recorder for Galaxy S9

Now this is “closer to the topic.” If your Galaxy S9 does not write conversations out of the box, then this can always be corrected using special programs.

True, there are just a huge number of these same programs. Which one to choose? We took a couple of the most popular ones and checked if they work with the Samsung Galaxy S9.?

Informal ways

It will be difficult without special training. The warranty will expire. There is a chance to “ditch” the phone. In general, there is little pleasant.

On the other hand, since such options do exist, we simply have to mention them.

It will be useful for general development 🙂

So, if you want the native call recording function on the Galaxy S9, you can do this:

  • Make Root and change the CSC regional code.
  • Change the firmware to the one that has the option to record and save conversations.

Immediately we will upset you. we will not talk about this now (there are too many “nuances” and other “pitfalls” there).

Therefore, who knows how to change the firmware and the region can do it. Who does not know (or simply does not want). reads the next subtitle and writes conversations without any “dancing with tambourines”.

Call Recorder Boldbeast

Another very sensible application.

  • Everything works fine.
  • No ads.
  • A huge number of functions and settings.

Either a plus or a minus:

  • Unlike “ACR”, in the free version of Call Recorder Boldbeast the phone call recording starts only after pressing the button. It is impossible to save “everything and everything” automatically.
  • The full version costs 699 rubles (at the time of this writing).

The solution to the error “The call could not be recorded

When using these programs, you may encounter the error “Wi-Fi call will not be recorded”.

There are two solutions:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi completely (not very convenient).
  • Disable Wi-Fi network priority for calls (much better).

A little more detail about the second option or how to turn off “Calls over Wi-Fi”:

  • Open the standard “Phone” application (green tube).
  • Click on “Three dots” in the upper right corner.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • At the very bottom of the list is the Wi-Fi Calling option. Disable.

All. Your Galaxy S9 will now record calls even when connected to any Wi-Fi network. Victory!:)

How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy S8

Despite the large number of additional functions, modern smartphones continue to be used to make calls. And it’s not uncommon for users to need a call recording on the Samsung Galaxy S8. This will allow the owner of the device to present the MP3 file of the conversation as a weighty argument in the dispute, as well as simply to clarify certain details of the call.

There are several ways to record calls on Samsung Galaxy S8. The choice of a specific option depends on the firmware version and other factors affecting the functionality of the device. It is recommended that you study all the methods of recording a conversation at once in order to choose the most convenient.

Call recording through third-party applications

Despite the fact that each subsequent version of the firmware carries a lot of new functions, after the update, some smartphones work unstable. This happens when the user ignores the preparatory phase.

It happens that on the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, the pre-installed application for making calls does not have an audio fixing function. This happens from time to time and depends on the specific firmware version. In such a situation, you can bypass the limitation by installing third-party software. For example, Call Rec programs:

After completing the above steps, all calls will be automatically recorded. At the end of the conversation, you just need to agree or refuse to save the call.

How to Record Conversation on Samsung Galaxy S8 Built-in Tools

Here you need to press the “Record” button so that it is highlighted. This will be direct evidence that the conversation is being recorded. And it doesn’t matter if a person is talking through a conversational or multimedia speaker. In any case, recording is carried out at the system level.

Please note that the “Recording” button is not always displayed on the main screen of the call menu. Often it is necessary to activate it through the additional item “”. Therefore, it is recommended to check all the settings of the standard dialer.

How to find and play a recording of a conversation

After the user manages to record on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the question will arise about further listening to the conversation. To do this, you need to find a fixed call.

If phone conversations were recorded using built-in Samsung Galaxy S8 tools, you need to open the file explorer and move to the “Recorder” folder.

The next step is to open the “Call” directory, where any call recording made through a standard dialer will automatically go.

In this folder, you can see a list of MP3 files, named in no particular order. Sometimes the date of the recording is used as the name. To play a recorded call, open the corresponding file.

In addition, you can find the recording file through the standard “Music” application. Recorded calls will be displayed here along with songs saved in the memory of the Samsung Galaxy S8.

If there are no conversations in the audio player, it means that restrictions on the length or size of automatically added tracks are set in the settings of the “Music” application. The parameters can be changed, after which the MP3 files of the recording will start to be displayed. In addition, you can use any third-party audio player from Google Play to listen to the call.

Finally, in a situation where the CallRec application was used to record a conversation on the Samsung Galaxy S8, you need to search for the call file in the program itself. To do this, open it and navigate to the “All”, “Inbox”, “Outbox” or “Favorites” section, depending on the type of call.

If you use other software to fix the call, you should check the location of the files with the developer. But more often than not, the records automatically go to the interface of a third-party program or are located in its folder located in the internal storage of the smartphone.

2 min

Call recording is one of the most requested features of a smartphone, as in many cases it serves your safety and privacy.

Android 9.0 Pie did not have built-in call recording support. There are many other smartphone brands that do not have built-in call recording support and therefore have to rely on third-party apps to access this feature.

Also, the call recording function on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, including the Note 8, Note 9, Note 10, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and Galaxy S10 series, depends on the market you buy the phone from, as some people have reported that European models are not have call recording functions.

We have prepared a guide to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which includes phones such as Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus and other Galaxy devices and yes, this guide can also be used for other smartphones that lack built-in call recording function.

How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy?

How to enable call recording on Samsung Galaxy?

Now the system will automatically install the specified application or, if not, manually select the application and click “Install”.
Update the app.

Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The app will prompt users to accept four permissions, including Storage, Audio Recording, Call Control, and Contacts.

Click on ‘Continue’ under “WI-FI or Internet Calls”.

The app now automatically records all your calls.

Once you receive or make any calls, open the ACR app and the list will be available on your home screen.

Click on the list and then click on Play.

The application itself will record calls when you receive or make calls, which can be accessed simply in the application or by searching from the File Manager to look at all the records.

Recover Deleted / Lost Call Logs on Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8

Selena Comez Updated May 14, 2018

[Conclusion]: Have you accidentally deleted call logs on Samsung Galaxy S8 and are looking for Android call logs recovery to get deleted call logs back to your Samsung Galaxy S8? Read this guide to quickly recover deleted call logs from Galaxy S8 / S8 and even Samsung S9 in just a few easy steps.

Last night my old classmate called me while I was showing, then my little daughter deleted the phone call recording by pressing the delete button. I forget to save my phone number, how can I recover the call history from my Samsung Galaxy S8 phone? Thanks a lot. “- Keith

The latest advice from influential leader Evan Blass suggests that the ‘Edge’ branding that qualified the larger curved Galaxy S series variants may disappear, replacing the Galaxy S8 branding instead. The Samsung Galaxy S8 will ship with a 5.8-inch QHD-inch screen display, while the larger Galaxy S8 Plus will feature a 6.2-inch QHD display. Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) will be released worldwide with its advanced features. However, when you accidentally deleted data from Samsung Galaxy S8, for For example call logs, how to solve the problem of recovering call logs data?

Easy Steps to Recover Deleted Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy S8

Launch Android Data Recovery and Connect Samsung to Computer.
Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer. Launch it and then connect your Samsung phone to your computer with a USB cable.

For Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, please click OK and continue.

Select Deleted Files to Scan
Select the type of file you want to recover from Samsung. To restore your call history, simply click on “Call Logs.” Then click “Next”.

Scanning Data to Samsung
Click “Allow” on your device to allow the program to scan your phone and then you will see the following window.

Then the program will start analyzing the data on your device, it will take you a few minutes.

View and Recover Lost Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy S8
At this stage, you can view and mark the ones you want and click “Restore” to save the selected call logs to your computer.

Recover Deleted Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy S8

To completely solve Samsung S8 data recovery problem, highly recommend Call Logs Recovery for Samsung Galaxy S8. Android Data Recovery which is an amazing Android data recovery to recover deleted call logs from Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) effectively. Android Data Recovery is useful for users Android to recover lost / deleted call history, contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, documents and more from Samsung Galaxy S9, S9. S8, S8. S7, S7 Edge, S6, S5. S4, S3, Note 8, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Galaxy A9 / A7 / A5, etc. Almost all Android device models like Huawei (Mate 10 / P10), Google (Pixel, Nexus). LG, ZTE, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Motorola, HTC, Sony, etc.

Tips: All lost and deleted call logs on your phone will be recovered and saved as HTML file on computer.

How to Recover Deleted Call Logs from Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus)

Tips: What you can do to avoid losing your call history

When you talk about how to recover deleted call logs on Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, there is one more thing you can do after restore.

To avoid losing call records or other data such as contacts, text messages, photos, videos again, we strongly recommend that you back up your phone regularly next time.

Here are some simple yet easy-to-use data backup and recovery software available to you.

Option 1: Back up your Samsung phone with Transfer by Phone

Phone Transfer is an excellent data transfer software You are capable of backing up Samsung data to PC in one click.Once you run the program on your computer, your device will be automatically detected, after which you can find the main interface of the program, giving you four options, respectively. phone to phone, phone backup, restore from backups and delete old phone.

Option 2. Back up your Samsung phone via Android Manager

With Android Manager, you can transfer data between your computer and your Samsung Galaxy S8 / S7 / S6 / Note phone selectively or in batch, namely: photos, videos, music, applications, contacts, SMS. Or you can backup data to Galaxy mobile in one click. As a powerful data manager, you can also transfer iTunes media files to Samsung Android phone in compatible format.

Option 3. Back up your Samsung phone via Android Backup Restore

Android Backup & Restore. Android Toolkit that provides the ability to perform extensive backups of your phone data. From in-app data to photos and SMS for contacts and WhatsApp messages. with this option, you can backup all kinds of data and restore them according to your needs. What’s more, this tool allows you to recover data from broken Samsung phone with black screen, broken screen, frozen screen.

Recording calls using Truecaller

  • Download and install the Truecaller app (free in-app purchases) if you haven’t already. Once you’ve done that, launch the app and click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.

Now click on “Settings” and then “Call Recorder”.

Please note that call recording is a paid feature, but you have a 14-day trial period to test this feature. Click on the “Start” button to start your free trial.

The Truecaller app will now ask for specific permissions that you will need if you want the app to record calls. Once you grant these permissions, the app is ready to record calls.

After granting the required permissions, simply click the radio button next to Call Recorder and choose whether you want to manually record calls or turn on automatic recording for all calls.

If you want to listen to your recordings, you can find them in the Call Recordings section of the hamburger menu.

I tested this feature on my personal OnePlus 3 and it works really well. In fact, it was one of the best call recordings I have received using any third party application. Also, if you checked the list carefully, you will notice that the OnePlus 3 was not on it, and yet the feature worked flawlessly for me. Please note that this feature is not free. You can check it out using a 14-day free trial, after which you will have to pay £ 49 per month to keep using this feature.

Recording calls on Android with Truecaller

Although the Truecaller app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, the call recording service is currently only available on Android devices. Also, not all devices are supported equally, so you will have to test it on your personal device to see if this feature works as expected or not. You can find a list of supported and unsupported devices in the table below.

Supported Devices Unsupported devices
Samsung Galaxy S8, S9, S9 Nexus devices
Huawei P10 Plus Pixel devices
Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 All Android 7.1.1 devices
Oppo F1s Motorola g4
Oppo A57
(Automatic mode may be buggy)
Vivo 1713
LG g5
Samsung J7 6.0.1
Samsung J2
Samsung J7 MAX
Wileyfox swift 2
Intex Aqua Lions X1
OnePlus 2

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, and if your device is not on any of the lists, you will have to install the app and test it yourself. With that said, let’s see how we can use this feature:

How to record calls with Truecaller on Android

Ability to record calls on Android device. this is a feature that only a few smartphone manufacturers enable by default. Since call recording is prohibited in many countries, it does not allow manufacturers to enable this service by default. While I can understand why these laws exist, I cannot deny the fact that call recording is a very handy feature. I personally record all my work calls to make sure I never forget what was discussed. This is why I was so happy when Truecaller (free in-app purchases), which is the most popular callerID app in the world, started supporting call recording. If you didn’t know about this before, stay put and we’ll show you how you can record calls with Truecaller on your Android device:

Record calls on your Android device with Truecaller

As you can see, after you have configured the call recording with Truecaller, it works automatically and flawlessly. However, you will have to check if the service is working for your specific device or not. Once you’ve tested it, please share your device name and the working state of the feature in the comment section below. This will really help future readers as they will be able to check if their device is supported or not.

How to Record Incoming Calls with Google Voice on Samsung Galaxy S 10

Perhaps the easiest way to record a phone call on your Galaxy S10 is to use Google Voice. After setting up your Google Voice account and setting up the app on your phone, make sure call recording is turned on:

  • Launch the Google Voice app.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen and then click on “Settings”.
  • Enable “Incoming Call Options” by swiping to the right.

Now when you receive a call, you can record it automatically by pressing “4” in the dialer after the call is active. Press “4” again to stop recording.

How to Record a Conversation on Galaxy S10 Using the Call Recorder App

There are several call recording apps on the Google Play Store, such as Call Recorder, but they tend to be unreliable and often only record your end of a call. If you want to try this option, you may need to experiment with several applications.

How to Record Phone Conversation on Samsung Galaxy S 10. Multiple Ways

  • How to Record Incoming Calls with Google Voice on Samsung Galaxy S 10
  • How to Record a Conversation on Galaxy S10 Using the Call Recorder App
  • Additional conversation recorders on Samsung Galaxy
  • Turn on Call Recorder on Android 10 and 9 Samsung | S10 S9 S8 Note 8 Note 9 Note 10

Call recording is not the most popular feature on Samsung Galaxy S 10 smartphones, however, there are enough situations when we may need it. For example, you need to fill in some information and you don’t have a pen at hand. There are times when the recorded information serves as important evidence in resolving a controversial issue.

In this article, we will take a look at ways to record a phone call on Samsung Galaxy S 10 smartphones and other latest models.


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Additional conversation recorders on Samsung Galaxy

Of course, this is not a convenient option, but if you need to record a call on your Galaxy S10, you can try this:

  • On another device like iPhone or tablet, install an audio recording app like Rev Voice Recorder, or just use the built-in voice recording app associated with the device.
  • Start a conversation and put it on speakerphone.
  • If you have a second device, record the call using an audio recording app.

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