Galaxy S10e Change Screen Resolution

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Samsung Galaxy S10 is a frameless smartphone with powerful components and artificial intelligence working to optimize user time.

Nothing extra

A frameless display occupies the entire front surface of the device. Only the front camera is built into the screen thanks to high-precision laser cutting and takes up the minimum necessary space without distracting from using the device.

In this model, a fingerprint scanner is located under the display. Now with one touch it is possible to unlock the phone and immediately get to work.

The Dynamic AMOLED immersive screen has a brightness of 1200 nits and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000: 1, which allows you to watch movies and photos in high quality in varying degrees of illumination. A complete immersion in what is happening will provide the sound part developed by AKG. Stereo speakers produce three-dimensional clear sound.

Coating the display reduces exposure to harmful blue light by 42%.


A powerful 8-core processor and 8 GB of RAM reduce power consumption by quickly completing tasks. The smartphone has a built-in 128 GB storage medium for storing your data. You can increase the amount of memory by installing a microSD card up to 512 GB.

The cooling system, created on the basis of the evaporation chamber, protects the device from overheating during games. Artificial intelligence controls the distribution of resources, and an optimized graphics processor displays complex three-dimensional graphics without loss in performance.

Staying in touch

The gadget works immediately with two SIM cards of the NanoSIM format, but if you need only one card, then use the second slot for an additional flash card to increase the amount of memory.

Support for Wi-Fi 6 provides a high speed Internet connection. If there is no Wi-Fi network, use a 4G-capable network with a data transfer rate of up to 2 Gb / s. The device also supports earlier standards.


IP68 rated protection system completely protects the device from dust penetration. You can immerse a smartphone in water at a depth of one and a half meters for half an hour.

Samsung Knox security system allows you to store corporate data on the device without worrying about information leakage. With the push of a button, the interface instantly switches from personal to working, in which all data is encrypted.

The security system has several ways to recognize the user:

  • ultrasound fingerprint scanner;
  • face recognition system;
  • password;
  • repetition of a unique pattern.

Help from Artificial Intelligence

The smart assistant Bixby helps in managing the smartphone. One of his priorities is to optimize the use of battery power. Bixby adjusts to the user’s daily routine and turns off unnecessary programs to conserve battery power. Programs that are used daily, at approximately the same time, will be loaded at the right time for quick opening.

The smartphone itself controls the brightness of the screen depending on the time of day. If the user falls asleep, the smartphone will go into standby mode so as not to waste energy.

In addition to optimizing the work of the smartphone, the assistant helps to make a plan for the day, makes calls, sends SMS, sets up the music player and controls compatible devices.

Galaxy S10e Change Screen Resolution

Bixby can translate signboards, transport schedules, restaurant menus and other printed labels from a foreign language. To translate, you just need to point the camera at the desired text. The assistant can provide information about any subject you are interested in if you photograph it.

Four cameras in one device

At the disposal of the Galaxy S10. three rear cameras. An ultra-wide 16 MP camera has a wide viewing angle of 123 °, thanks to which panoramic images contain a large number of details. The presence of wide-angle and telephoto cameras allows you to shoot in double optical zoom. A double aperture will help to take clear and bright pictures, regardless of the light.

The built-in neural network can recognize up to thirty typical photo scenes and selects the appropriate settings for each. In addition, based on an analysis of more than one hundred million professional images, artificial intelligence will give tips on building the right composition when photographing.

When shooting, the image is stabilized, adding smoothness to movement and increasing image clarity. Colors are as close to reality as possible thanks to dynamically displayed tone, rich color reproduction and advanced HDR contrast. Slow motion takes place at a frequency of 960 frames per second.

The front camera is equipped with touch-sensitive autofocus technology, which will make the selfie clear even when you are moving, or in a room with dim lighting. To create the desired mood in the picture, you can adjust the depth of the picture and add artistic effects. Shooting with the front camera takes place in 4K UHD resolution, providing high definition images.

Artificial intelligence will process your portrait photo to create a personal AR emoji that will have your unique features. In addition, a wide range of personalization is available through the addition of clothing and accessories.

Simple system

The device runs on the Android operating system with the One-UI interface. The interface was developed by Samsung specialists with an emphasis on optimizing information received from the screen. Ease of use provides intuitive navigation.