Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement

Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement

Larger smartphones suffer damage more often than their compact counterparts. That is why replacing the glass of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is an ordinary activity for any service center. If this machine falls onto paving slabs or asphalt with the display facing down, then in many cases this leads to sad consequences. Fortunately, the device can always be repaired. for the highest quality repair you need to contact us.

Application for repair

We recommend that you first contact our manager. So you get the opportunity to carry out urgent repairs. The manager will schedule a time to visit when one of the specialists will be definitely free. The duration of the repair in this case will depend only on which part changes:

  • Replacing the display of the Galaxy S10 Plus is the easiest, it takes only one hour to complete this process.
  • Glass changes much longer, with your smartphone you have to leave for about a day.

Urgent screen glass replacement for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Minsk

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Repair is done by us according to factory standards. In particular, glass is changed with OCA films. It takes a long time to dry special glue, which is why glass replacement is so long. But then you can be sure that the glass will definitely not peel off. it will sit just like the native one.

Used Galaxy Screen Repair Parts

Our premises contain equipment used by Samsung itself. In this regard, it would be strange if we used Chinese components. No, instead, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus screen repair is carried out using original spare parts manufactured by a South Korean company.

In theory, on the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, it is quite possible to install a display created by the Chinese. But in this case, the client will immediately notice the difference. The fact is that Chinese companies still have not learned how to produce AMOLED screens. And the display, created using IPS technology, has less color gamut, and the battery life with it is noticeably reduced. Also, some alternative screen may cause problems with the operating system, because it is sharpened strictly under the AMOLED panel.

Warranty and original part

The conditions under which the Galaxy S10 Plus sensor is being replaced or any other repair is close to laboratory. We also remind you that factory equipment and South Korean components are used. All this allows us to impose a long guarantee on the work done. Its exact duration varies depending on the complexity of the work and the part that has been replaced. But even after replacing the glass, our client receives a guarantee for at least one month (and in most cases it reaches even three months).

The longest guarantee is received by the owners of the smartphone who wish to replace the entire display unit. in this case, the period varies from four months to six months. During this time, you can apply for a new replacement if you notice any artifacts (broken pixels or something like that).

We also provide a full range of repair services for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Minsk!