Funny And Interesting Turtles For Aquariums

Many aquarists want small turtles to live in their underwater kingdom. To do this, you need to have sufficient knowledge about these reptiles, as well as how to equip an aquarium and care for amazing creatures. You can find out all the details by reading this article.


Types of turtles are quite diverse. However, the most common among aquarists are red-eared, marsh, silt musky. Of these, the red-eared variety is especially popular.

Red-eared turtle

What is the reason for this situation? The fact is that this turtle is quite easy to care for, besides it has a very expressive color.

Trachemys grows very fast: in 5 years its shell reaches 30 cm in diameter. This funny creature has been living for at least 30 years, but for this it is necessary to ensure proper care for this turtle:

  • firstly, the red-eared adult will require an aquarium of at least 200 liters;
  • secondly, young turtles need to be fed every day, adults – three times a week;
  • thirdly, in winter the red-eared turtle needs to be heated by means of a special ultraviolet lamp.
Funny And Interesting Turtles For Aquariums

Marsh turtle

The next species is the marsh turtle. This is a domestic representative of reptiles. Caring for her requires, first of all, a special approach to nutrition. The fact is that this turtle is by nature a true predator. It follows from this that it cannot be fed only with plant foods, otherwise a small predator will lose its energy and become ill.

There is another important detail that involves the care of such a turtle: it should not be let out of the aquarium for a walk. The fact is that drafts in the apartment / house can cause serious harm to the health of the reptile.

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Silt Musk Turtle

Finally, let’s talk about another aquarium turtle – silt musk. Caring for this funny turtle is absolutely straightforward. In length, it does not exceed 10 cm, and its content is possible in an aquarium, the bottom area of ​​which is at least 150 sq. Cm. It is only important to ensure the correct height of the water level: it should not exceed 15 cm. Otherwise, the silt turtle will have difficulty floating to the surface. These reptiles eat in accordance with the general rules described above.

Cooking an aquarium

If you want to have a turtle, then consider, first of all, the following: turtles walk along the bottom of the aquarium, but they cannot breathe under water. Therefore, periodically any aquarium turtle pops up for inspiration. That is why it is important that the water level was not too high. Otherwise, such an inexperienced content of turtles will lead to their death.

Now let’s talk about other nuances that you also need to pay attention to. So, when choosing soil for turtles, you should stay on river sand with fine gravel. However, many types of aquarium turtles can do without soil at all.

You will also need to add several plants to the aquarium. Firstly, turtles eat them, and secondly, it will decorate the habitat.

To equip the correct aquarium for turtles, you need:

  1. provide a sufficiently large bottom area. At the same time, you should not go in cycles at a height. Almost all types of turtles can live in aquariums with a height of up to 20 cm;
  2. equip a small island. Although small aquarium turtles are constantly in the water, they sometimes tend to appear on the shore – to lay eggs. And for this they just need an island. Even if you do not intend to breed turtles, be sure to make such an island. Also install a lamp over it, then the turtles will have the opportunity to bask in an impromptu “sun”. This is very important, since aquatic turtles are cold-blooded, therefore, the degree of mobility depends on their body temperature.
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Feeding issues

Being in their natural habitat, many species of turtles eat various plants, fish, and mollusks. Aquarium turtles are quite difficult to feed exclusively with live food year-round. What then feed these turtles? You can give them a mixture of crushed clams, shrimp and fish. Periodically (but not too often) turtles can be fed small pieces of beef. True, in the summer it is still desirable to provide reptiles with live food. The best option would be snails: all turtles are happy to eat them.

But why feed the turtles with live food? It is all about the nature of these interesting reptiles. They give almost all their free time to hunting and food. Consequently, live food will satisfy the hunting needs of turtles. If they have no one to catch, then out of boredom they can practically stop moving. In addition, live food in sufficient quantities contains phosphorus and calcium, and these elements are extremely important for the shell of turtles.

You can still add coral sand to the ground, since its sand grains are also often eaten by turtles. Finally, for the fortress of the shell, you can also feed the turtles with eggshells.

In addition to live food, turtles have a need for plant foods: this is a necessary condition for the constant replenishment of vitamin reserves. What vegetable feed? You can give reptiles cabbage, lettuce, other greens.

If the turtles are properly kept, then they will need to be fed only once a day (with the exception of certain species). Consider only that they can take food for several hours.

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These are the features of aquarium turtles. They are very funny, their content will always be interesting. It is only necessary to take good care of them.

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